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by Orange Fluffy Sheep


I guess I thought that Zapmander was too aggressively and openly good? JohnRomero is our surf guy now.

Off of Route 3 is one of these buildings calling itself a tent. There was also one in Legen Town, but,

This one trains attack so it's the first one I use.

You get attack EVs based on the score from trying to hit the bar in the middle. I'm bad at it, and playing at 60 FPS instead of its native 40 isn't helping.

Comet Cave.

As soon as we go in here this crazy lady butts up and runs past us.

The real use of this item is to give it to Gligar. It evolves on leveling up at night while holding this!

Anyway there's two fossils and we know there's a guy in Rochfale who can revive them.

I mean I don't blame you for forgetting, if you forgot.

Oh nooooooo! Drilgann has Rock Slide!!

Anyway Indiana (geddit (it's a dumb joke)) is not very good at Pokemon.

We get one of the two fossils. I take the one that's coated in fuzz. Ew.

She clings to the other one and memes at me.

It is no trouble at all to revive this thing!

It's an electric/rock sloth.

And it has a new ability that turns normal moves into electric moves, and boosts their power by 30%! So a max-power Return has, like, 132 power, compared to Wild Charge.

I say new, because this was done before Sun & Moon introduced Galvanize, which does the exact same thing.

It's on an Electric/Rock thing.

Coincidence... or conspiracy?

Surfing east from Route 5 is the way to East Tandor, and the 6th gym.

Almost immediately we're ambushed by ninjas.

That's what's happening.

I never joke.

Original: PU-NinjaBattle.ogg

It's a remix of the Ruby & Sapphire elite four battle music. I had a better idea.

OFSelects: Lightning Bolt - Assassins

The real joy of this LP is that it is a perfect excuse to introduce people to Lightning Bolt!

But Frynai without high-power moves aren't really threatening.

Even with a lame electric move, Gooey is still more than enough to plow through any water-types that dare to cross it.

The ninja leave... with a warning!

Fishermen and siwmmers, with way too many water-types. The random encounters are... more water-types! Brailip, Tubjaw, and Frynai.

Oh it's the move Gooey already used.

Pff, like they-

Oh they're already here.

Oh whew I was worried, Gooey only had one busted-ass STAB move.

These ninja are only mildly harder than the first.

These four guys are named after the ninja ranks in Naruto.

I hate that I know that, I must spread the suffering.

It's like Bloodlust, but an item!

It's weird that I'm describing an official item in terms of something Uranium created.

I know these tents are run by ninja but the ninja we're fighting are a different ninja faction.

Oh no, we've been cornered by the ninja!

And their boss, Hokage, is here!

I have no idea why surfing ninja is a thing but it's just so abjectly weird I can't complain.

Hokage uses the same sprite as his followers. Lame!

Gooey spends its first turn setting up harsh sunlight. This activates its Chlorophyll ability, doubling it's speed. From there, it can thunderbolt wildly.

Gyarados is famous for its x4 electric weakness.

Tubareel is Tubjaw's evolved form. It does not grow a resistance to Thunderbolt.

Oh hey an eeveelution. Oh hey it's the one that dies to Thunderbolt.

Hokage's last Pokemon is his own Daikatuna. Daikatuna is weak to electric and has low special defense re. Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt spam can solve a lot of problems.

Just so weird.

Hokage Dick Solomon. That's all I shall ever call him.

A second electric TM, on this route? Charge Beam is a weird gimmicky move that's kinda bad but has a pretty good chance of raising special attack a stage. It's better to stick with something that consistently works, like Thunderbolt.

That guy is a free heal, which is good when there's an ocean between here and a Pokemon center. And up the stairs is Route 13.

PU-Route 13.ogg

Another Mother 3 song.

Another Eevee thing. Espeon is a fast special attacker and- what happened to its tail!?

Route 13 has wild Tanscure.

That and the Eshouten make it surprisingly good for EXP.

It also has these fighting/fairy rabbits.

Oh heck yes, to pair with its dragon move is finally a steel move. And a 30% flinch chance is great when MEGAWEAPON is fast as piss.

I wanted a Spritzee but Rocket Man hits too hard.

I do get an Eevee of my own. As some of you have speculated, with a new type, Uranium does indeed have a new evolution.

It requires leveling it up with a nuclear-type in the party, so he himself becomes rad.

Hail to the king, baby!

Duke Nukem has his own ability that changes normal moves, but it turns them Nuclear, which is super-effective against all types but Steel and Nuclear. Normally Nuclear moves are held back by their low power. Duke Nukem is taking that 132 and making it x4 effective against a ton of the Tandor Pokedex.

And despite becoming Nuclear, he's not rad (three eyes ruin the effect of sunglasses) so he listens to orders without fail.

Despite his lackluster attack stat, Return is gonna wreck things just off of being so super effective.

But, I want to do something with that special attack stat...