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Part 20: THE HERO !!

Silverport Town is at the foot of a big icy mountain.

We know there's a legendary Pokemon named Lanthan... I wonder if the two are related...?

Silverport is ostensibly a pitstop, but this entire update is in it because it has one of the dumber parts of the game.

...Porkyus, what kind of shenanigans do you get into?

We got Hidden Power 13 updates ago. And just now we find the NPC who tells us the type. To contrast, in OR/AS and S&M, they're in the same building.

The bulk of this update has to do with this.

Larkspur is a poisonous flower. This is your first hint that Larkspur is evil.

PU-Larkspurr Lab.ogg

Your second hint is that the music for his lab is a remix of the Team Rocket hideout music from RBY. The third hint is that it's an EDM remix.

(There's no way to do that in any Pokemon game)

The fourth hint is that his workers talk about extremely suspicious things.

The fifth hint is that Dr. Larkspur himself is one rude dude!

Who, for no reason, tells people about at least one of his misdeeds.

The Owten the room hollers about how, shockingly, these people are evil.

Talking to the Owten locks us into the sidequest here. We could gingerly step away and go about our merry day, but then we'd miss the reward.

He tries to buy the PST off of us with BRIBES but lets us go for some reason.

Then mutters evilly after we leave the room.

There's Obvious Thugs here. So obvious they literally use Team Rocket thug sprites. Yes I can stand next to this guy, but he's not programmed to chat.

We have to obliviously walk between them to get anywhere, since they're blocking the way to Snowpoint.

Wait, Snowbank. That's the Uranium one.

Unlike every other encounter with thugs and ne'er-do-wells, these thugs hastily take Dick Solomon's Pokemon.

You'd think other criminal enterprises would think of this, but no.

Yeah like acknowledging Maria's underleveled Felunge, having just these thugs have the bright idea of actually preventing the protagonist from using his tamed backhoe dragon is... kinda...

Now we're in jail, the jail that Larkspur has, because he is evil.

He further comments on thugs stealing Dick Solomon's balls just to compound it.

And for no reason he gives away his evil plan, based on his evil checkbook being in the red, evilly.

Also he's in debt to the mafia.

He brings this up, but it doesn't matter because his plan now is reverse-engineering the PST.

He blatantly states the illegal actions he wishes to perform and is performing then says he'll let Dick Solomon go once some of those illegal actions are finished.

This whole thing is kinda dumb.





One of Larkspur's underlings notices he's kinda doing fucked up things and decides to aid us.

That obvious weakness in the wall? It's the way out! Wow!

Oh and the password is that number that keeps recurring all the time, forever.

It breaks down way too easily and it leads to a different hall of cells.

Remember Garlikid from way back when? He's been caught here too!



okay let's actually put in 092.

The console for unlocking cages also has a catalog of Larkspur's crimes.

Because we needed this information here (we don't).

These are the same reports as at Epsilon, but not missing most of it.

So we get things like 092 shouldn't be able to think, but it thunk.

Either this doctor's name is censored, or this doctor is more than twice as naughty as a normal pornomancer.

Someone leaked 092 is happening and this is a problem because this is being done illegitimately instead of through proper channels.

And that is why the reactor blew up in the backstory, it was a cover-up.

Larkspur has his own notes to add, which are mostly the same things as before but stated more sinister and signed in his name as incriminating evidence.

Specifically, he fears the the international police.

And Larkspur personally is why the reactor blew up in the backstory. Despite reading exactly this, Dick Solomon will at no point indicate that he has this information.

Christ. Let's just open up the cells.

Since thugs took our guys, Garlikid is gonna be our buddy for a bit.

Surprise, Garlikid is actually the ultimate lifeform!

Yeah no shit, ripping a jail cell in half is nothing to this guy.

There's a few trainers standing guard.

Garlikid brutalizies these things with zero effort.

Garlikid is Grass/Fighting and comes with a rigorous set of power moves, including Fighting's priority move.


Having STABs on Drain Punch and Giga Drain mean it cannot be killed by man, beast, nor deva at neither night nor day.

And Dick Solomon's stuff is just there on the table.

Garlikid leaves our party at this point, but I have Rocket Man back so same difference.

Uh oh!

At some point or other Garlikid apparently destroyed his attempts to copy the PST.

Unlike before when used thugs, Larkspur is gonna throw down the old-fashioned way.

Hint #6 he's evil: male-pattern baldness.

Rocket Man gets a Swords Dance off as Tanscure sucks, so let's marvel at the things it's OHKOing.

Chupacho's evolved form is a luchadore chupacabra. As luchadores are known for their agile high-flying moves, Luchabra's actually pretty slow and bulky.

Ratsy's evolved form makes it even mroe punk.

Linkite's evolved form dives face-first into the edge. It's got some black mist pouring out of the substitute doll, which has a straitjacket on now, and the pokeball has spikes because it's a flail.

Too edgy for you, GRANDMA.

Larkspur, defeated, immediately escapes. Despite having confirmed he's why Dick Solomon's mom is gone, we do nothing.

Garlikid speaks up now that we have the PST and have defeated Larkspur.

He decides to join Good Human Hokage Dick Solomon.

If this isn't what his design is based on, it is now.

The Garlikid that joins after defeating Larkspur is a different specimen than the one that helps us break out. Still way too fast with too good of offensive stats with the widest movepool. And it's level 50! Garlikid is just a free Best Guy.

I don't use him any, because I like the Best Guys I raise myself.

By the way, since this whole thing was optional and the only point was to get Garlikid, at no point will anyone acknowledge we did this or obtained the information we have.