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Part 27: I Love You Even Though You're A Zombie Now

Nothing is very clear that to proceed you're going back to the dock. I guess since it was the previous time you went from Bealbeach to Vinoville, maybe?

There's a reason Pokemon games have constant and aggressive directions, especially when it involves backtracking.

This guy does not explain the mission.

So I guess we take the luxury cruise to danger?

Kellyn may be hospitalized but that won't prevent him from spewing endless dialogue over the nuclear event music!

No other track plays outside of battle for the rest of the update.

He gives us Nuclear Balls, a totally redundant type of Poke Ball that catches things that were in Quick Balls last turn, keep up gramps.

Turns out standing in front of a major source of radiation is bad without protection.

There's only one, the rest will have to be like that NPC and look like characters from STALKER or something.

Arbitrary reference to the magma/aqua suit from OR/AS? Sure.

"My 13-year-old son, who is somehow as large as I am."

He reiterates our mission! This happens a lot!

By the way, if you die in the video game, you die in real life. Pack plenty of Revives.

Oh good they have stylers that overcome homicidal rage I was worried (I wasn't worried).

Pro: each of the gender options have their own hazard suit sprites.

Con: Can't run while in the suit, making this take longer.

Don't worry, Theo! You can go join some sort of post-apocalyptic setting once you're done here.

And so we exit the boat.


And so...


And so we exit the boat.

Wait, this actually is the post-apocalyptic setting. You fit right in!

Route 8 was pretty open and had multiple paths, but radiation-induced giant boulders force one way through the map.

This is fine, what would you do with the rest of the map?

The wild Pokemon are all high level Nuclear forms. No nuclear Misdreavuses or Cottonees. Shame, I'd like a radioactive cherry blossom.

Nuclear pokemon battle music got a replacement recently, too!

OFSelects: Daughters: Recorded Inside A Pyramid

You know what would be cooler? Running.

Uh, Theo, I think that's a tiny man in a hazmat suit.

But suddenly we are beset by a nuclear horde!

They're functionally trainers, with a script giving them the unique entry lines and no pokeball animation.

Pro: Even these sprites are unique for all three gender options.

Con: Theo doesn't have his gas mask, nothing at all is said about how the Pokemon survive this radiation given that, well, irridation caused our current opponents.

Nuclear Hordes are trainers even down to the weird-ass switching.

They're also okay experience, but not enough.

It's never enough.

It's almost like they're trainers, or something.

Actually this is to surmise that CURIE knows we're here and trying to get at them.

Thanks for the PST, I could never have lived without knowing what radioactive puppers were saying exactly.

More Halfli berries. They make Natural Gift a 60-power Nuclear attack, which is a scary prospect honestly. No grass-type has a real hard check, and it might just dunk a dual-type thing at random.

It's running into a grove of some sort!

The tiny spot has been completely cleaned.

There's a race of aliens in Xenoblade Chronicles X that basically eat pollution. I'd refer to them, but no one would get it because I'm the only person weird enough to have enjoyed that and also look at Pokemon Uranium.

They have the same cry as Barewl. I never did post that, did I?

It is the greatest sound effect in the world.

Hazma is a tiny armless dinosaur in a hazmat suit.

It is the most beautiful creature on God's Arceus's green Earth.

It is, without a doubt, the Top Boy.

Of course you tell people about this magnificent lifeform!

Also it eats radiation, which may be helpful and important in restoring places impacted by radioactive disasters.

Alas, we must defeat the bad guy instead of admiring Hazma all day.

Spoopyboot is actually tagging along, because fuck it, I have a Navighast and I want to use it! Navighast is fighting/ghost with Levitate, which is mighty but not unsolvable, and its stats are big but they're allocated just weirdly enough that it isn't some over-tuned asshole. I like it.

I understand the sprite is kinda hard to see, so she looks like this:

Hammer Arm is the move we use and never because we want to. It's only when something doesn't have a better option that we finally just accept this garbage, which happens surprisingly often. Spoopyboot knows Drain Punch, so she's not in that boat.

While Nuclear Slash is the main physical Nuclear move, Radioacid is the special one. The 30% burn rate did a lot of work for Scald and Lava Plume, but it doesn't really jive with how Nuclear-types work.

Finally I can bust out the single least balanced thing in Pokemon Uranium: Mega Inflagetah.

175 base speed, putting it above itself as the fastest thing in Uranium and only 5 below Deoxys-speed in terms of canon Pokemon. With no EV investment, it sits at the equivalent of base 117 at max. It can't not outspeed ostensibly fast things like Floatzel, and with minimal resources would go ahead of Alakazam and Dugtrio.

Base attack got a significant bump, up to 145. Its ability is still Acceleration, so it still wrecks the entire universe with Flame Impact. Oh, but it got a little buff to both defenses, so it's harder to stop as well. Why did one of the already-strongest things in the game get a mega evolution that makes it just that much better?

And it looks dumb, too!

Dark-type quick attack. Not as mighty as Sucker Punch, but not conditional.

It's a thing!

We've finally reached Power Plant Omicrom. Theo is feeling the effects of reaching Ground Zero.

It uses the same front as Epsilon, the other power plant that exploded.

Kellyn is all "no theo you will totally die from radiation poisoning"

And Theo just don't wanna leave his homie behind.

Dude, I feel ya, but only one of us is in a supersuit.

Suddenly the radio cuts out.

And the suit's computer voice (which it has btw) says there's a spike, which means-

It then glows or something, which is this game's universal sign that Urayne's doing something nasty.

And all goes dark!!!