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Part 29: The Gates

Once all the cutscenes after defeating CURIE are done, we're just sitting on a table next to a guy who calls us really cool.

Because we beat the bad guy, you see.

bitch dont you shout undertale memes at-

Oh right

my last save was before the timed segment

Cameron's woken up from his coma right in time for him to congratulate Hero of Tandor Ninja Ranger Good Human Hokage Dick Solomon.

I mean the bad guy escaped and hasn't been conclusively captured and seemed to have a backup plan by their last mutterings but we've totally triumphed completely.

Cameron blabs some shit about Uranye's forms and how we beat it out of Powerful Form to Not Very Strong Form.

Theo's staying by his dad's side since, you know, he thought he was dead and then he almost immediately went into a coma and also he's an interpol agent named Stormbringer?

We have eight badges, after all, can't let this game end without going through the official Best Creature-Haver confirmation.

Downstairs, Bamb'o and Cypress are revealing another power of Hazma. It can make Nuclear Pokemon not so murderous.

Also that Hazma has tentacles, that thankfully only exist here, though the new devs want to add them to the sprite.

It'll suck if they do.

Hazma is perfect as is, why change it?

We can take rad guys here to finally get them over that whole rad thing.

Hooray! I succeeded at winning the mission!

Freemant is no longer rad, but he's still half-nuclear, with all the bonuses and penalties that come with that.

Fuzzybutt and Spoopyboot didn't get enough work during the power plant missions, and I am in love with this fucking Syrentide jesus. I should've used Zapmander more, but apparently I just have to run a fairy instead of something that's way too damn good.

With eight badges and no plot left, we're finally free to proceed.

PU-Victory Road.ogg

This track is completely ridiculous, and I love it for that very reason. Uranium goes all out with its Victory Road, and that's something I like in my VIctory Roads. I'd not have a thing to complain about if there were a free heal somewhere in it, as it is really easy to run out of PP when there are so, so many trainers.

Well for starters it has things not available before now. This is another psudeo-legendary, and the least notable of the three.

Victory Road's trainers are split between type specialists and generalists. Elsa here has three ice-types.

Get it, Elsa, Ice.

Most Victory Road trainers have defined movesets that end up being exactly the same as the default level-up moves, which is baffling. One trainer has leftovers while the rest have no items, so weird.

Wild Garaewl show up in the grass, and Tracton in the caves. I don't get why these things are any level below 55.

Like we give a shit about weather moves. Only weather-setting abilities matter. Speaking of, Cassnail's hidden ability is Sand Stream, which helps it with being the only good tank in Uranium.

Weirder still to get Thunder Wave only now. What's down the ledge?


There's also places to surf. I really like this outdoor section, it's got a lot of secrets but if you just follow the trainers it leads to the next part pretty easily.

One last mega stone. Mega Whimsicott has Regenerator which pairs with Giga Drain to make it a real punk to take down.

Maybe it's just the appearance here that sells me on this screen.

Jerbolta's ability gives it +1 when it matters but it wastes it on a Hyper Fang.

Fuck my life, a OHKO move and it lands?

The statues are a bit chintzy but I'll let that slide.

The caves are only two screens but they're pretty twisty and have quite a few goodies and trainers.

Wait what did he say up there? Oh fuck me.

Laissure is the final form of Sheebit, a weird-lookin' bunny if you ask me. But its Earthquake is legit.

Or it would be if Spoopyboot didn't levitate.

Finally, the Earthquake TM. So many Pokemon love having Earthquake and only now do most get it. Fuzzybutt uses it, for example, as Ice+Ground has ridiculous coverage. Only a few bug/somethings resist it, and with Dragon Claw it's perfect neutral hits.

Besides the dumb name, this guy has two new friends.

Devimp, the third of the psudeo-legends, and literal imp,

and Fallengel, its middle stage, and amoral killer.

Mercury is the halfway point, and he is a gigantic motherfucker with six Pokemon. If the free heal were near him, it'd be perfectly placed.

I've mentioned Quiver Dance in passing, but here it is. It boosts three stats at once, getting an offensive and defensive boost while also becoming faster. You know how Seikamater has five STABs, is tough as hell, and is somewhat slow? Let's make those first two worse while removing its one weakness!

Would these ninjas be the true strongest ones, since they had to defeat their rulers to get the zen badge?

This bridge is a nice change of scenery, though I question the cloud filter.

Oh it's Sr. Goldkorn again, back from route 4. Is that pokeball on a watch chain?

The last part of Victory Road is the lava chamber! Because what's better than a volcano?

Dragon tamers are just a light snack to Porkyus.

By the way, Porkyus is the one boss Mermaid in Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen. A lot of my nicknames are nerd jokes but this one is special.

Wild Devimp are in the lava chamber, if you want one of your own forty levels below what it should be.


Why the hell are there two nearly identical Daft Punk pokemon?

Elmer went to the HERO evolution, so here's the DARK one, Oblivicorn.

I'm out of Shadow The Hedgehog jokes.

Also also here is Antarki finally.

Hey, listen! Ghost/Fire with Prankster and a 125 base special attack is some sort of fucking war crime! Z-target this one for the ban list!

Lava chamber has multi-layer strength puzzles involving dropping boulders down holes. God forbid we go five steps without a strength puzzle.

Flamethrower being this late in the game is the entire reason Superfly evolved from a Smore, by the way. I already had Thunderbolt and Surf by then.

There's an almost 1:1 overlap of special-focused Dragons who learn Dragon Pulse and those that get it by level anyway. Lavent is the only one who doesn't, and I don't know why you'd want anything other than Draco Meteor.

In general, why would you want anything other than Draco Meteor?

It was once a Chekov's gun for how I was going to cheese Kaito, but I bet you didn't know it was a Chekov's gun for getting a second copy of a TM twice!!

But that's in the past, we're at the championship site, where the strongest in Tandor fight it out to learn who is the strongest...