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Part 32: Apocalypse Now and Then

Finally, having finally defeated all eight opponents, I'm ready to finally progress, finally.

The championship match takes place in the mouth of an active volcano, like, large amounts of bubbling lava.


What do I call molten rock when jackoffs make a battle arena right above it?

It's also against Theo, obviously.

Theo's character arc isn't the best, but it's not awful.

It's nice he takes this moment of self-reflection, mirroring in a sense how impatient he was for the first ba-

Wait no this isn't about Theo at all the dumb parts of Uranium are happening.


From the depths of the volcano a giant beast emerges!

And he asks me to google what I call molten rocks, I think?

It's a legendary Pokemon! And it's radioactive! That can't be good!

From Dick Solomon's pocket I guess the hazard suit says hey I'm important

Luckily Actan will wait patiently for Dick Solomon to get into the hazard suit, while the others run off to evacuate civilians.

OST: PU-LegendaryBattle.ogg

Something about this one isn't clicking to me.

OFSelects: Kanye West - POWER

Motherfucker we rollin'.

Actan is level 80 and has intimidate.

Doesn't help with its x4 fire weakness. It's Nuclear/Steel.

Damn son that evacuation must've taken like five seconds, we were still in the +2 priority bracket.

We brought Vaeryn to blah blah blah

Why can't we just have that happen, it's not like Acolyte is a bit too much for Hero of Tandor Ninja Ranger Good Human Hokage Dick Solomon's titles, or that it can be any kind of telepathy.

Actan sheds off its edgy palette and goes back to normal.

You know that whole declaring the villain defeated for good thing?

I may have been a bit hasty at declaring that.

We didn't need to catch it in the first place, one-shotting it was enough.

No matter who you dump, it's put in front. It's good to get a super-tough steel-type now, because...

I think we fucked up, royally.

The screen gets a second filter and the person I like the least appears!

CURIE continues to be CURIE.

Most of these screenshots are just me wanting to confirm these lines are indeed here.

I worried for a second this would be "we don't want to figure out our own story so we just insist you can't understand it."

No it's "it's just SO TRAGIC"

I think after this Kellyn says something defiant.

Because CURIE cannot turn down the edge.

Urayne's been having a light snack.

And is going to become Safer Sephiroth, I guess.

Dick Solomon still stands strong because fuck this melodramatic crone.

Everyone else has to run away because we're the only one with a super-advanced radiation suit.

CURIE of course has to make it as dismal and edgy as possible.

Seriously what the heck

Will you shut up already and begin the boss battle

Oh my god finally

The screen turns... uh... a solid neon green?

That one's new.

Oh my god they're still going

Looks goofy.

Actan is up in front and has a super-strong signature move. How can we lose?

are you really

you really did

Battle music is the same as last time.

OFSelects: Sheldon Allman - Radioactive Mama


It places a permanent fallout weather condition.

Anyway, the game gives us a legendary steel-type t-


Oh my god

Gamma Urayne has 154 base special attack. Between that and its level, that puts its special attack at too much. In fact, Gamma Urayne's stats are too much. 122/130/116/154/104/132 for a base stat total of 758.

But I have a secret weapon.

Urayne has three Nuclear moves and Overheat. Top Boy is immune to nuclear damage due to its ability, Lead Skin.

So three of its attacks just do nothing.

I have the opportunity to set up defensive moves for Overheat.

Top Boy has Protect/Substitute/Light Screen/Recover. He cannot fall.

Even then, the first Overheat that hit him would be halved thanks to the berry.

I couldn't have Leftovers and the berry, and items are lame. Top Boy will instead be self-sufficient.

Of course, Urayne's special attack bottoms out, and it can't even break the sub anymore. It only has 5 Overheats.

Weird move that has an invulnerable turn then a damage turn. 100 power for a nuclear move is a lot, but Urayne already has Atomic Punch for a signature move.

All it does really is postpone the inevatable by 5 turns.

When a Pokemon can't use any of its moves, say because they're all out of PP, it starts Struggling. Struggle has a lot of weird qualities but there's only one we carea bout here:

It deals 1/4th of the user's max HP in damage each time it hits.

So four struggles...

And I win.

CURIE lost the arbok somewhere I guess.

Yeah I know.

And that was the final boss! A more extreme glass cannon than last time we fought Urayne!

Next time: the sympathetic backstory that makes us feel sorry for CURIE and Urayne.