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Part 35: Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated

Several things are open at Victory Road, since it has several waterfalls.

First is this one in a cave, indicated by this early shot of the pop-up for the climbing pick that makes it look off-center.

There's a garden with two people here, asking for help with the flo-

Or maybe a double battle. Sure.

Despite having the same class name, internally Sol and Adam are different classes. A trainer's sprite is determined by class in Pokemon Essentials.

So if I set Tiko to Apocalypse, he'd appear as CURIE. Kinda fitting with that Inflagetah. Class determines battle music, as well. These two both individually have EliteBattle.ogg, the music from the championship. So did Adam. It also determines the payout and relative skill of the AI.

Anyway this is a double battle, and I have the advantage re. scarfed Nucleon and Mega Electruxo.

Not that the two don't try. They are indeed two seperate trainers and each get their own mega evolution.

shut the fuck up sol i swear to god

Anyway we finally have the watering can and can grow berries with any efficiency.

This pond isn't just decorative! For example, it doesn't jive with the surfboard animation!

Oh and another waterfall.

It leads to Acty's lair.

It's level 80 like before, but it's not nuclear. Actan's regular typing is steel/dark.

Duke Nukem blasts apart into chunks. It doesn't really do much, intimidate and steel-type and all.

Zapmander has a x4 steel resistance, making Metal Cruncher a tickle.

And Static kicks in.

Goddamn I'm so sorry I ever fooled around with that harlot Porkyus, you're the only broken-ass mega-evolving water-type for me, Zapmander.

Actan's a little less fat than his bro, but not enough to stop Heavy Balls from absorbing it.

It's a squirrel.

If you squint.

25 left to go. But at 175 we hit the penultimate reward.

This makes more babies happen. The finer math requires understanding the mod256 calls the game makes and it's all rather fruitless and not very entertaining compared to "makes more babies happen".

I also have a Lavent, with Magma Armor, for making eggs hatch twice.

And Duplicat can fuck anything that can fuck, as it has Ditto's omnisexual powers.

Basically this is a lot of pre-evolutions and branching evolutions resolved. Not as bad as X/Y's pokedex. Whew.

For the next few, we're going to have to do something weird.

For unclear reasons, Pokemon Uranium has mystery gifts! This includes Spritzee's two evolution items!

Well, I've put it off long enough, but Uranium has five trade evolutions. I got one off of the GTS, but the other four we'll have to enter the maelstrom.

I mean the game doesn't become inactive in the background (this is 38% of my file's time) so I don't know what the heck.

Uh, here's the lobby. Since you're on a computer to even be playing this you can just hit up someone on twitter DMs or whatever to send your ID and receive one.

Considering how close these are sequentially, I... I am not even going to guess. Giving an RPG Maker XP production actual online features is incredible, and having fan-run servers more so, even if they do feel like jank that's going to shudder apart at any moment.

Wow! I found a real fricker! I'm so used to finding synthetic frickers that I gave up hope!

This is actually fellow goon Xavier Genisi, who for reasons unknown willingly agreed to help!

...I forgot to bring them. I'm used to how trading has worked for the 3ds games, where you can just pick anything from your team or your boxes, and wonder trading let me get things from boxes.

Okay here are the four things that matter, after trading over My Fursona to ensure that trades did, in fact, work.

Because I'm the OT of both things, it lists my character's name twice.

And after that trade it kicks me out.

And it doesn't quite communicate that Genisi is busy with the trade evolutions and makes me wait out the timer, which is another jank element.

Eventually I get the trades back, all evolved and everything.

Xenoqueen is as much a glass cannon as every other nuclear-type is, only having Fallout to really set itself apart.

This includes finally, after so long, having my own Chainite.

130 base attack, STAB Sucker Punch and Pursuit, Shadow Tag. It traps and the only type immune to trapping is snared on immense Pursuits discouraging it. It's mediocre in every other regard, but trapping with some seriously beefy priority is scary regardless.

Aromatisse is the same as the official games. Uranium's janky dex makes it the best Trick Room setter, except maybe S51-A or Winotinger. Or maybe Antarki since it's the only one not dunked by Inflagetah or Tracton.

Miasmedic about is the same except it'd be simultaneously better and worse, as a result of its Poison typing and relatively big Gunk Shot or Poison Jab with 50% poisons, but worse defenses. Miasmedic seems to be the result of wanting to hammer that plague doctor mask thing Spritzee and Aromatisse kinda have in way too hard, and beyond making it poison/fairy and making its attack bigger than its special attack, they forgot to do much with it. Its movepool is basically Aromatisse's with a few poison moves taped on.

Thanks to that, I'm at 189. It's definitely a lot, very close to the end, but that's as far as I can get in-game.

But who says I'm stuck with that? If the game tries to stop me, I can edit the game!

And thus, besides cheap rare candies, my other meaningful edit to Uranium for the purpose of this Let's Play. Route 1's encounter tables are now stuffed with the remaining entities in Uranium.

For example, this fucking thing and not in a surprise event at level 90, jesus.

Even these get nicknames.

Also, the other fossil.

This is how you make a Pokemon name, Uranium devs!

This is about as good of a reason as you get as to why the punks were in an event at the PC.


heh heh

In order for Adam's cameo to work, Gengar is a fully coded Pokemon. It's exactly the same as normal.

This is its Emerald pokedex entry, verbatim.

Frostifant becomes possibly the closest Uranium itself gets to a good name. It doesn't make a good Pokemon, because Ice/Rock is atrociously bad.





It's a fusion of Plusle and Articuno, and I

you see


Uranium's mythic Pokemon, base 100s all around, Ice/Electric typing that'll only get by on the grace of God and its offensive presence, something I shouldn't have.

Also I touched the fishing encounters, mostly to put in more things I shouldn't have.

The river legends have sprites, stats, and level up moves defined, but not much else.

Baitatao is a beefy fire/water guy and those are almost always worth it.


The big fucko is water/ice which is almost never worth it.

And last is Krakanao, who has decent typing and the stats to back it up, especially since there's a 99% chance it'll get Knock Off from tutors once it has defined tutor moves.

I'd compare it to Wrexial, The Risen Deep but you only know that's a Magic: The Gathering card from this sentence.

The river legends are further along than the literal Yin and Yang, who are just names, types, base stats, and pokedex.

Really, really dumb pokedex.

They do technically have sprites, in that there's technically 198.png and 199.png, but they're 80x80 pieces of transparency, effectively nothing.

Well since they don't display anything, I'm free to doodle whatever I want here.

Mutios is a bigger pain, because it's a ghost and immune to False Swipe normally. Without proper moves defined, they only know Atomic Punch, for reasons I am not going to speculate on. It takes several tries to get its 3 catch rates (out of 255) to cooperate.

Zephy, the river legends, and literal yinyang don't have box sprites, either.

And they lack back sprites. So I guess that the absence of a sprite means the game displays 000.png or 000b.png, the b being how the backsprites are internally marked.

Anyway, if you counted, that's 11 Pokemon, getting me to 200! But there's 201! Who's the missing guy? No reward for guessing right!