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Part 36: The End and everything after

The missing thing was Umbreon! I can't remember if anything but Espeon and Umbreon even give a shit about the time of day for evolving, and if they do, fuck them.

Anyway, once it's actually 9 PM getting Umbreon is trivial.

This is literally every Pokemon defined in Uranium. Though Musharna and a few others appear for dialogue, only these 201 are, like, actual battle entities.

One of them only exists as a cameo and isn't acknowledged in the Pokedex. Only calls for the variable see it.

Six of these aren't even fully iplemented and the complete pokedex dialogue reflects this.

So that I have seven things the player should never have is...


This triples the encounter rate of shiny pokemon, but since none of them look like a metroid who cares.

Anyway, now that I've done about everything else, let's go with that thing Theo told us about but I forgot.

Interpol thinks Champion Hero of Tandor Ninja Ranger Good Human Hokage Dick Solomon is rad as heck.

And they fired Cameron.

"Oh no, I am a man named Stormbringer with a super dragon with spy powers who can also perform skilled labor as an electrician, whatever shall I do?"

He'll go with the weird hopeful note the game is trying to have.

"And then frown when we have to bring her to justice for her actions as a nuclear terrorist."

Oh yeah, Theo's mom is actually dead. There isn't some terrorist named BRONISLAWA or anything.

Dick Solomon has created an awkward situation and didn't even have to say anything.

Lucikly Theo's already dealt with that angst and is as resolved as ever.

Theo wants to have that battle that was disrupted by stupid shit last time.

So he's going to be the new final battle of the championship, for the post-game.

Cameron isn't done throwing out plot hooks, but unfortunately,

It's another one for Angelure Town. Jeez, it's almost like 1.0 was rushed out the door to beat Sun & Moon to release, or something.

He also gives us the actual HM Waterfall. It's the best physical water move for most things. Aqua Tail has a 10% chance to fail, while this has a 20% chance to make the opponent fail, you see.

So we have to get through the championship again. Last two rounds are random as ever. This time I got Rosalind and Callie.

It's really good experience and money, but maybe the reliability and lack of pomp around grinding on the EV ninjas would do it for you better. Level gap doesn't affect experience results much compared to Electruxo's base yield. Much better money in the championship, though, until you get into some real hard Golden Fist OHKO shenanigans on ninjas.

The ninjas also don't have rematches with the rival, that's a point in their favor.

"A guy to your left, above lava..."

Don't capitalize it! You'll make shitty youtbers make videos about predestination!!

It'd be funny if the official way to get the legends I cheated for was to do this several times as they kept interrupting.

Unfortunately for him, one of us already is.

why is his head so big

OST: PU-EliteBattle2.ogg

I left this one alone. I have a grudging respect for how utterly over-the-top it is. It opens with an echoing guitar solo that gets a choir and bell and just gets goofier from there.

Championship Theo has level 80 guys kitted out with hold items and maxed IVs. If only they gave the same attention to the movesets.

It's okay, though, with his level 80 guys he's supposed to be the hardest opponent.

MEGAWEAPON opens up with a fatal Iron Head.

Don't fuck with the backhoe dragon.

I hope for Iron Head's flinch but instead Night Slash scores a critical hit.

Doubly worrisome, since I'm running the Life Orb.

However, it only matters I take this thing out. Theo's also using a scarfed Hyper Voice-spamming Nucleon.

The devs were entirely aware of this, they made one.

Way to go you wacky-ass piece of construction equipment!

That was the main threat of Theo's team, since the same way Duke Nukem can blow up lesser foes that Nucleon could destroy my team of dual-typed things.

Once again Vilucard lacks real moves, not that they'd help since I only needed one Quiver Dance to OHKO it with Thunderbolt.

Coatlith tries what it does best, doesn't help against +1 speed.

Of course Theo still has one trick up his sleeve.

Mega Archilles is not a joke. Do not ever take it for granted.

Superfly almost paid the price for it, after all!

But even under sun, a x4 water weakness is a x4 weakness.

And with that, the team of broken bastards has galloped over the game.

Theo's money yield is levelx90, and I don't know why.

I just want to say I am very glad I picked this name as it's never stopped being a tiny joy in the corner of my heart.

Theo accepts his loss gracefully, because it was to the best.

I was and still am! >

Lookit my pretty backhoe dragon.

Zapmander gets the recognition I think he deserves, standing alongside MEGAWEAPON and Superfly as a superpowered asshole.

Let's take a moment to remember all the friends. Who was your favorite friend? Mine was Rocket Man, he was disconcertingly good at plowing through things. A successful resolution of a daring scheme. Maybe you liked MEAGWEAPON, for its sheer style and braindead operation. Maybe JohnRemero made you his bitch. Bob Dennis resisting the first two gyms? Lotadio showing how item distribution can make supermen out of innocuous things? Top Boy PP-stalling the final boss?

Yeah, probably that one.

For defeating Theo at the championship, we get the thing what replaces Fly, whatever.

I'm done, and I have no reason to keep my trophies to myself.

So I wonder-traded HIM, since he's a shiny Beliaddon and all.

I wonder how this person throwing a Sponee up feels about getting a demon from hell?

I also put up Rocket Man. He's done defeating my foes, I hope someone else gets a kick out of him.

If either of you who got these things ever see this, I just want you to know,

Your welcome! I hope it helped!

And above all else, always remember,

The real treasure was the backhoe dragon inside of you, dear reader, all along.