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Part 37: Death of an Interior Decorator

Tired Moritz posted:

I love that Garlic pokemon. Reminds me of Onion Kid/Duelle in Legend of Mana.


so nuzlocke runs are weird variant runs based on some dumb webcomic wherein 1) you can only catch the first wild pokemon you encounter in a given area 2) any pokemon that faint are unusable.


But the legendary warrior chumpy can handle any amount of danger!

The legendary warrior Chumpy is taking green options in the exam!

You know, since I can't ensure a Barewl in Route 2 or in Passage Cave, I have to take this Steel type to null poison and resist Felunge's scratches.

That it's this astroturf cat is incidental.

Bamb'o gives the same speech to Theo regardless of which starter you pick.

In this case, he gets the one weak to grass.

OFSelects: Tame Impala: Be Above It




the cat have a grass move?

This is a bit of a problem since we're barely matching it in the damage race and Eletux is faster.

Oh christ that's right it can do that.

All PUSSYMASHER has is Battle Armor, but being hit with criticals is not the problem!



I turned those off

So by taking the grass starter, I've been forced into a losing damage race because I only have Scratch for offense and it triggers Static.

I'd be glad to get a game over here but the game continues even if I lose.

Theo gloats like the goddamn child he is.

And Bamb'o mocks me.

That really hurts you know!

Oh right this is Nuzlocke mode, so PUSSYMASHER is dead. He's completely deceased. He's fucking dead. DEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAD

Cameron I gotta be honest because my late orchynx fucking sucked.

Cameron at least complements his son instead of mocking me more.

Theo is of course a little shit.

Then the game aggressively rerails itself back to normal.

I can still use that free rare candy on PUSSYMASHER's remains.

So, uh, I have no living Pokemon.

Against Tath there it softlocks with this runtime error. I have no way around her. Maybe I could catch something?

Nope. Similar runtime error.

So that was the adventure of the legendary warrior Chumpy and their useless-ass cat PUSSYMASHER.