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Pokemon Uranium

by Orange Fluffy Sheep

Part 38: Oh my God the fanart compilation

Fan Art, or Fart:

Burger Flipper gives our protagonist Dick Solomon a fitting sprite:

The Ayshkerbundy gets Garlikid, man:

Then The Ayshkerbundy performed splicing experiments:

Dr. Fetus mourns the late PUSSYMASHER:

MissEchelon likes all chimeras.

MissEchelon does not like Garlikid.

Naggums likes the space creature.

Dinosaurmageddon asks how far down can Linkite go?

SpruceZeus's buddy makes Daikatuna's design suck it down.

SpruceZeus's buddy puts a spin on Dunsparce evolution ideas.

Burger Flipper gives Nuclear Arbok a better biohazard symbol.

MissEchelon draws My Fursona (it doesn't make much more sense in context).

Garlikid has witnessed Megane's true power!

Scarodactyl visits Lavent's burger joint on the ocean floor.

MissEchelon cannot handle a shrimp holding a gun.

The Ayshkerbundy knows people who are getting hit.

Scarodactyl polished up the top boy some.

Scarodactyl then gave it some weights to lift.

The Ayshkerbundy's favorite Uranium 'mon is Inflategetah.