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Part 5: Who said exploding cows were a myth?

I'll devote an update to the Volcano Bakemeat contest once it's all quieted down and I can get everybody's entries without leaving anybody out.

Multiple people have warned me to avoid the underground tunnel due to being especially prone to crashes, so I'll just screw around the area, take on the Gymnasium, and waltz on with no problems. Turtle soup?

Terry bites back his confusion, walking onwards past the gatehouse onto R35 north of the city for some training.

This boy scout asks Terry to sell his girlfriend part of his stash. Angered at Terry's refusal, he challenges our brooding antihero protagonist to a fight.

He doesn't take defeat well either, immediately going into denial.

The girlfriend in question is nothing to write home about, not that Terry bothers anyway, having a lone Pikaq.

Another coach nearby has a Biliy. I want one of these guys badly for Team Jihad, but they won't be available for quite some time, and even then I'll be catching the evolved form.

Ooh, it's ??, that special day! What great timing, Terry gets to go on a Worm Elf hunt.

Grasping monsters, eh?

This B-Fly will do. Since the upper-right option is the option with numbers, I correctly guessed that that was the option that actually threw a Nut.

Teabag that B-Fly, Terry, teabag it like a Brit at half past 4!

Aww, it's a Butte!

Unfortunately, Terry doesn't even make the top 3 of the contest with the B-Fly. Annoyingly, a guy with another B-Fly came in first.

All Terry gets is a meager Sunston for participating. Undeterred, Terry plots to ferment the fucker right up.

He also gets to keep the B-Fly, who is dubbed AIDS. It's hard to fit puns and better things than profanities into the name field when you only have 5 letters.

Lacking a bathroom in the vicinity, Terry finds himself a secluded corner and a bag to go to town on.

Enough screwing around, let's get to that Gymnasium. Fans of the series will recall that this particular gymnasium is notorious for its difficulty.

Not being very serious, though, this game cheerfully breaks the fourth wall and tells us to just have fun.

She's a Missile Bomb spy! Get her!

Yet another depraved coach says that Pocket Monsters find her attractive. And while I'm sure DeviantArt will have something to concur, I'm not exactly going to look.

Terry meets the infamous Yu. Time to show off the power of Team Jihad's strategy.

Ready? FIGHT!

To my utter shock, by pure coincidence, the Pip uses a move that randomly acts as another move. The move it got? Edu. So it promptly exploded and knocked Torgo out instantly.

Two can play at that game, Yu, and challenging Terry and Team Jihad to an explosion contest is foolhardy!

Cfour's Edu obliterates the Milk in one attack. Victory for Team Jihad! Yu is so shocked at her loss all she can do is scream out a torrent of gibberish.

Yu demands artistic masterpieces to mark the occasion.

Fortunately, her temper tantrum subsides after talking to this coach.

There we go, the Regulary Badge is ours! We're almost halfway through Terry's badge quest.

Yu also coughs up a Skil, which shows people the charm of Pocket Monsters.