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Part 8: Sorry, keep your powder dry please.

I'm speechless. Now they've started work on making Angry Bread. By the time this LP is over, we'll have a small cookbook.

Everything around here is trying to force bread on Terry.

The rather shady store in town recommends some tasty Glass instead. I think the people here don't like Terry, just a hunch. They even charge an arm and a leg for the privilege of eating Glass!

Off we go to Rage Lake, for lack of anything else to do.

Even the Elfs around here are obsessed with shoving bread in Terry's face!

Further ahead, two Missile Bomb grunts charge 1000 dollars for each Ass. But they aren't actually selling anything, so it's really just a weird shakedown.

I'd say so, yeah. Team Jihad is pretty bizarre.

Boomer leanrs Eg-Bomb along the way. Er.

65 base damage is pretty good considering what else Boomr has to work with. Apparently, it works by throwing a vat of boiling oil at something and that poisons them. Must be leaded gasoline or something.

Because you're a greasy dorkface.

Well, hello there, Gard! Nice to randomly run into you out of nowhere!

Oh wait, right.

Lucky coincidence nets Terry his very first legendary elf!

In honor of the bread obsession of the local area, and perhaps a case of the munchies, Terry goes with the name Toast.

Washtubs galore.

Further along the path is a secluded house with this guy inside. And we will speak no more of the encounter.

Might as well return to town and induct Toast into Team Jihad proper. At least for the time being, at least, Cutup was just being useless baggage anyway at this point.

Back to Ragelake, it's high time Terry got to investigating the fuss about the area.

According to people nearby, there's a red Jinde in the middle of the lake, which has been filled with Jindes lately.

And so there was.

Jindes are ferocious little buggers, and Terry's just too lax for any of that, so unlike Toast, it won't be going on the team.


However, the nickname given was just an impulse thing, which was obtained by avoiding the temple guards and assembling the silver monkey, unlike all the children who couldn't assemble a three-piece puzzle if their lives depended on it. "Olmec, why don't you explain the temple run to the children?" Oh, Kirk, why does it matter? They'll get stuck on the same puzzle they always do. I just can't go on with this anymore.

Olmec also dropped a Pipiada, whatever the hell that is. Maybe it wards of temple guards, who knows.

No, Terry doesn't hear any voices. He has plenty of issues, but schizophrenic hallucinations aren't one of them. Chemically-induced ones are another story.

Terry gets roped into helping this Du fellow, somehow. But thou must...

Back at the shady shop, Du, short for Wangdalu, is beating some thug into a pulp with a dragon. Seems like an okay guy.

At least he's courteous enough to call Terry Mr. Terry all the time.

Du identifies a hidden ladder, which is actually a staircase. Well, he tried his best.

You know, it's kind of strange how Buddhism is apparently popular in this country. Remember the monks in Shshop tower who were practicing it as well? It just seems so...random.

Turns out that this is a Missile Bomb base! Upon entering, Terry is immediately challenged by a grunt.

Followed by another immediately after.

Fortunately, Terry finds a switch to turn the security system off not to far away, just past a rather wimpy scientist. Passing those "Persia Pocket Monster" statues, as the game calls them, won't summon up a squadron of mooks anymore.

Continuing on down the stairs, Du offers his encouragement.

Missile Bomb security is tight here, between the guard statues and this. This door requires a passward to open.

The boss of the base knows the passward, so all there is to do is rough 'em up!

Well, turns out Terry's going to need a pair of passwards to even get to the boss in the first place.

It can't be as simple as just asking around, can it?

As it turns out, yes. Of course, Terry was entirely ready to start interrogating Missile Bomb members after defeating their Elf teams, so that may have been a factor.

For the last time, Porno, Terry isn't interested in your line of work!

At least he didn't challenge Terry to a fight this time. Onward to the boss!

The boss provides some backstory for Missile Bomb. Apparently, Mr. Zhuoqi disbanded the group three years ago. They don't want to believe that they're a bunch of unwanted rejects, so they're struggling to coax him out of hiding.

Team Jihad steamrolls the guy, because his team consists of the same junk that the grunts have.

The boss leaves, but the Dark Crow behind him coughs up the passward. All things considered, Banzai is appropriate, given Team Jihad's kamikaze tactics.

There, no more passward nonsense!

....What? I...what?

Uh, anyway. Du shows up to prevent them from ganging up on Terry.


They claim they'll be back, before abandoning the headquarters. Sure, whatever, Missile Bomb.

There's no shame in being less handsome than Terry. Everyone wants to jump Terry's bone, it seems. Really, Du, you don't want to be like Terry.

Du takes the right half of the machine, Terry gets the left. We just have to interrupt all the Yuano Elfs that are powering it.

Because they learn an even more powerful version of Edu, Terry catches one rather than merely defeating it.

Pun names are the best names.

As a reward for helping, Du gives Terry another Secre!

It'll let Terry pass over Sea Vortexes.

Du offers cryptic advice before vanishing.