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Part 11: Ha! I am boring!

This one grunt guarding the door has managed to predict the outcome of this entire update. Suspense and intrigue aren't things we have here. Hell, Terry's probably doped up on so much shit at the moment he's barely aware of what he's doing.

Pulin here can see Russia from her house. Similarities in name aside, the Pulin here is just staring with giant empty eyes at the takeover of the radio tower. And it's laughing at the follies of mankind.

And here's the usual once-an-update or so "Dialogue that makes EPM laugh like an idiot for half a minute straight."

Shockingly, it turns out Missile Bomb has black supremacist leanings. No wonder they all dress in black clothes.

Ressurect, eh?


Tragically, Terry's use of shared needles to feed his cravings for heroin has given him HIV. It's only a matter of years before it develops into AIDS, even with medication. Even Missile Bomb treats him like a leper.

For some freakish reason, this isn't the last time we'll be seeing Shakespearian language this update. Anyway, there's a locked gate here that needs a key card. We can get it from the director on the top floor.

Terry wouldn't know.

Terry affects plenty of people, male or female. That's just a natural response.

Unfortunately, when Terry reaches the top floor, the director is revealed to be a fake. He'll reveal where the real director is if defeated, though.

Guess how that little wager works out.

Crap. I've been worrying about this since we first arrived in this city and it became apparent how crashy the underground was. We'll be required to go down there to find the director.

The fake director is nice enough to provide a key for the basement, at least. Terry immediately misplaces it.

Thankfully, the game holds up without melting down. No trouble!

Porno's been spying on Terry the whole time, and makes his move now that Terry is deep in enemy territory.

He wants to settle the score!

Cfour steamrolls the entire enemy team, the end.

That's because you've sold your body out so many times you've forgotten what true love is like.

Look, Porno, you're no Bass, much as you want to be.

That Missile Bomb grunt was just sort of standing there watching the whole time, now that Porno's gone, he moves in to challenge Terry.

That triviality taken care of, it seems that some guy by the name of Jack has been writing on the walls.

There's a switch puzzle at work here, but it's trivially easy. There's only 3 switches for crying out loud.

You'll never take Terry's infinite Mainbal collection! Never!

Sixter? Sister? I dunno.

We won't judge you, Terry. He's going through puberty, after all. At least he found a nice, isolated corner for it.

Upon finding the director, he gives Terry literally nothing.

Where Terry got a card key is anyone's guess.

This Missile Bomb grunt has evidently confused Terry for his superior.

A battle later, Guano picks up a level in White Mage and learns Shell.

This Missile Bomb chick must have been a former girl scout, because she's a masochist and wants to be defeated. Terry grants her desire.

So, here's the final boss of all the Missile Bomb members. And he speaks like a stereotypical British gentleman. Pip pip, cheerio!

His upper-class posturing is no match for Team Jihad. Wot wot.

And so ended Missile Bomb.

The real director comes and proclaims Terry worthy of knighthood for his actions.

Oh, gosh! A marriage proposal!