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Part 12: Let us do insincere things.

Taking a closer look at that ring reveals absolutely nothing. Something about white wings, nutrition, and power+100.

Naturally, this means we have to take it to whatever city this place is called again. Was it Yz? It's kind of hard to keep track of which two-letter name is appropriate.

Past the way are three monks who want to test Terry by battling. They all speak in utter nonsense, typical of those with a spiritual mindset.

They basically speak in mangled fortune cookie proverbs, from what Terry can tell.

Terry is the one and only Terry!

Making his way past the monks, Terry approaches the forbidden tower.

Oh, oh god! It's A'en!

Also known as Don to his friends.

Washtub away!

Apparently it's a holy being that crosses water streams all over the earth.

Only one option for a name, then!

Meinaji and the monks appear, stunned by Terry's prowess. Those infinite Mainbals are really something!


online dictionary posted:

pertaining to the rod or its use in punishing: baculine discipline in the classroom.

Meinaji is a masochist, and is so overjoyed by this turn of events that he's asking Terry to beat him while dressed as a teacher. Terry isn't interested in any sort of weird sex fantasy!

Back on track, that jackass who was trying to cram Angry Bread down Terry's throat is gone, so we can finally progress east.

This road is characterized by insane fishermen.

And apparently, Terry has unleashed a dread sea god upon the world by accident merely by passing through. Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Kyogre Hoenn wgah'nagl fhtagn.

Terry chooses to shoot up a mix of cocaine and heroin into his scrotum to ease the impact of what he's just done.

This guy is just like Missile Bomb, a racial supremacist.

Just past that, Terry enters the Ice Road.

He soon finds a Secre that uses a remote-controlled plane to attack the enemy. Considering that we're Team Jihad, this is highly appropriate.

Terry breaks the fourth wall again, requesting permission to heave boulders around.

Finally, Terry's reached the last city in whatever country this is called!

Hs City is home to a lot of Dragon-type Elfs, which is why Jesus replaces Toast. Ice attacks are very strong in Jesus' hands.

The final curator, Yifuji, is waiting for Terry. Finally, all 8 badges will be his!

Nice lava pit. Did Yifuji subcontract the design of this gymnasium to Bowser or something? Terry resists the latent suicidal impulse to hurl himself in.

More Presbyterians show up, this time in the role of dragon elf coaches. Man, just the words "dragon elf" sound terrible. They make me think of some horrible fanfic character. "She's an elf with dragon heritage, and she wields a katana, and she has watermelon tits, and everyone admires her, and she has one red eye and one turquoise eye!" Yeck.

The last of the coaches just screams gibberish at Terry rather than sermonize.

Time to take on Yifuji, at last! Team Jihad vs. the final curator!

Toast was put back in the party for the sake of being a meatshield for this one encounter.

Team Jihad has met its match! The Boliu pulls out a nuclear fusion warhead for use against poor Guano!

After a grueling, tense battle, Cfour's Anger saves the day. Anger solves everything.

What the- hey!

Ugh, we have a sidequest on our hands, it seems!

The cave is just past a small lake of Tang, behind the gymnasium.

Not far into it, there's a small shrine that beckons to Terry. The old man propositions Terry immediately.

A serious of questions ensues. Only, every single answer looks the fucking same, so the question session is reduced to trial and error. Thankfully, wrong answers just make him repeat the question, so it's just an exercise in tedium.

Yifuji arrives, indignant that Terry's passed the question session when she couldn't do so herself.

The elder threatens to get Du involved if Yifuji doesn't cough up the badge she owes Terry.

Yifuji concedes.

The badge messes Terry up even more than the Speedball earlier on did!

Outside, Yifuji tells Terry to win, or she'll be miserable. Yeah, sure, whatever.