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Part 14: Wulnut news coverage.

This is Du's way of saying that Terry's heart rate is so sky high that he can see it pounding through Terry's shirt. Not because of anxiety or anything, just stimulants.

The squirrel-endorsed paparazzi are here!

And they can't stop talking about food!

Terry and Du make their hasty escape.

Du describes the qualities a champion has. The ability to make monsters worry is high up there.

And they also give out really pointy candy that little children poke themselves with.

Terry puts Team Jihad on the machine so that it can record their grades, as Du puts it.

First up is Boomr! What would Team Jihad be without deadly poison attacks that leave a swath of blighted landscape wherever it goes?

ToRgO tAKes CArE Of tHE pLAcE lIkE a TeAM mOM.

And who could forget Guano, rescued from the clutches of Missile Bomb's secret base? Its deadly Ditch attack has bowled over many a foe!

Not to mention Cfour, who made a complete mockery out of the normal-type gym everyone who's played the game hates. There's also 2 legendary HM slaves, but nobody cares about them. Team Jihad are the real stars!

And last but not least, everyone's favorite shot-up stud Terry. Christ, 70 hours? That can't be right. That must be due to all the fast-forwarding I've done. I imagine the in-game clock progresses quickly when it's going 5000% speed.


Yeah, the +KAVR+ 6."Q team did a fantastic job.

Not to mention 0?/SL.Q+0, they really pulled the game together.

So ended the first half of Terry's journey. Upon reflection, it's probably going to be more like 2/3s or even 3/4s of the journey due to a dramatic reduction in dialogue and whatnot in the next country.

Terry finds himself back at home, unable to remember anything that happened after he set the team's balls on the recording machine. Must have been a great party. Wusiji is calling, so might as well mosey on over there.

He provides a Boatick to Guandong! Terry's world of adventure is opening up dramatically!

Also, Terry catches a Lap, being sick and tired of walking around everywhere. Toast gets booted off the team so the aptly-named Flier can make travel faster.

Rats, I'd heard that this guy or someone like him in one of the Pokemon games has a special message for you if you've pirated the game. "By the way, if you like this game, buy it or die", I think it was. I'd have loved to see a death threat get mangled by the translation.

The minute Terry boards, however, a concerned uncle approaches him for help.

Uncle has lost his granddaughter, you see.


online dictionary posted:

: a little girl :

Oh, so the Uncle happens to be Scottish, got it.

The passengers all want to battle Terry. The most notable (read: funniest batch of nonsensical dialogue) is a gentlemen who is correct all the time as long as he's on a boat. It's a very specific superpower.

Anyway, the Lassock is pestering the poor old captain of the ship. Terry drags her back to her uncle grandfather. Presumably they have some sort of inbred family thing going.

The uncle grandfather thanks Terry for participating in this game.

What a waste of time. Onwards to a new land!