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by Epee Em

Part 20: Terry!Stupid Game Fuck.

Toast gets dragged back into the party to learn Clamp, so level 17 Xchkn at least doesn't have to hang around.

Thankfully, that crash seemed to be a one-time thing, as it never bothered me again.

The local Elfs are in the mid 40s, but that's not very helpful when you consider Red's team is in the high 70s on average. I will drill this into people's heads with this endgame, Game Freak was very stupid when programming the late end of this game. And there's basically no dialogue left to be mangled, so the translation has nothing to provide.

And so the LP ends.

Terry vs. Sorceror's Sho! The epic final battle!

Due to inexplicable circumstances, Red's Tiao proves mostly immune to the autokill cheat code. Guano's Mel attack puts a stop to that.

One final chance to show people that Team Jihad really does have what it takes.

Red, who has secretly been training as a sorceror all this time, has nothing to say upon defeat. Kind of a shame that he's mute, given that this whole LP banked on the humor provided by a mangled translation.