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Part 1: Welcome to the World of Tonal Shifts

Part 1: Welcome to the World of Tonal Shifts

Okay, NOW is my LP of Pokemon Shuffle! The game is basically finished after all.

Title Screen

jk, now that we've had the entrée in Colosseum, it's time for the main course in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

Like for Wes, I'll be using a preset name for Michael. So David it is, I guess.

You should probably watch the opening. Why?

It's pretty mysterious.

Opening Battle

Now this how you start a game! Interesting choice to have a Salamence as our starter, but we're picking right off where the last game finished in terms of level curve, so this should be a lot of fun. We're even fighting in the Orre Colosseum! Told you you'd see it soon.

Though it's been about, uh, 5 years since I last battled, so I'm a bit rusty. This Metagross only has Sludge Bomb, so it'll take 3 turns to knock you out. Unless it gets the Poison chance, in which case it's 2.

You can already see some neat differences from Colosseum, text stays on screen longer, so in some cases I can get both of these on screen. Though since I'm a sucker for the money shot, you'll be seeing more of the second image than the first. Most of the move animations have been changed and the game engine is completely different, so things are SO MUCH SMOOTHER. Pretty easy first battle too.

Oh wait, it appears this is an LP of the Matrix.

Pokemon HQ Lab

Don't you think it's time that you consider raising other POKEMON besides your EEVEE? DAVID, you have an incredible aptitude for battling. If you keep absorbing knowledge and experience, you'll become an outstanding TRAINER. There's no doubt about that!

Okay so maybe we don't start off with a Salamence, but who cares, we can save whenever we want! Already this game is 100% better than Colosseum, good gravy.

It looks like this game is still full of double battles, but we only have one Pokemon? How's that gonna work in a region with no wild Pokemon?

Eevee's model always throws me off, since it was very uncommon in the Stadium games. It's, well, an Eevee. You can probably guess what we'll be doing with it soon, since it's pretty naff at this stage. Serious is +Spd -Spd, so it's not as impressive as a Modest Espeon, but really what is?

Unlike Colosseum we don't even start with any items. We're not shortly after the second badge like in the previous game, this is definitely before the first badge.

DAVID, if only your father were here to see how much you've grown... Oh! I'm sorry! I promised that I wouldn't mention that! Please, pay it no heed!

I can't believe my dad is fucking dead. This lab is pretty big compared to previous regional professors, but we'll explore it in a moment.

Hahaha. You don't need to be that stiffly official, LILY.


Oh, yes. I've heard the BATTLE COACH singing high praise about you, DAVID. I've heard that your battling skills have improved dramatically recently. That's outstanding, DAVID. I sure don't think I'd stand much of a chance against you. Ahahaha.

I wish everyone wouldn't drown them with such gushing praise all the time. My son and daughter will become spoiled rotten.

There's nothing to worry about. Both DAVID and JOVI are wonderful kids.

By the way, I don't think I've seen JOVI since lunchtime. DAVID, I hate to bother you, but could you go find JOVI for me? DAVID, I think you already know, but several research projects are in their critical phases in this LAB.

fuck you mum, you're not my real dad!!!

Okay then mum!

But for that to happen, we can't do without your mother's expertise. Oh yes. I left a P*DA in your room, DAVID. Go check it out. "P*DA" stands for POKEMON DIGITAL ASSISTANT. It's a very useful electronic tool. A P*DA can be used for E-MAIL, among other things. I'm sure that you'll find its many features useful. It's quite easy to use. DAVID, I'm sure you'll have no trouble figuring it out.

She thinks that she can do everything that you can, DAVID. Even though, of course, she's still just a baby. I don't think she's wandered off too far, but please find her, DAVID.

Already we've had more dialogue than the entire first update of Colosseum. And there's still plenty to go. The Pokemon HQ Lab has two floors, but is split down the middle, making it four separate sections. There's not much to go over, but we'll see if there's anything in each room. We're on the right side at the moment.

This room doesn't look very important, but it does have a PC. We should sa- oh wait, we don't need to. Hehe.

No Potion for whatever reason, but we've now got 8 boxes! That's quite the step up, though we barely filled two boxes then, so it might be the same this time around.

What I happen to be working on is a special machine for catching POKEMON. It's finally almost completed, my machine. I need to focus and work to get it done!

The outside area is really nice. Uh, are we even in Orre anymore?

Well we can't go anywhere else right now, so maybe we aren't, a little bit of desert in the corner doesn't mean anything.

Hmm, we must be, the item boxes remain pretty generous.

Into the left side.

Yet again, a Plusle with no Minun. These games are weird.

While we can't choose an email notification noise, all we need to do is press A.

And we go straight to it, instead of menuing to it. There's a lot more emails in this game, so this is handy. It's the little things!

Sounds annoying, we'll come back to this later.

Only one area of this lab we haven't visited. I'm sure Jovi is there sitting nice and quietly.

You're looking for JOVI? We're supposed to be playing hide-and-seek right now, but isn't she around anywhere? Well, maybe she's gone off to DR. KAMINKO's manor.

Damn, well at least it's not far.

Now you're it!

There have been no reports of flotsam that may indicate the ship's sinking. The authorities appeared mystified by the way the ship vanished like smoke. There are reports that numerous POKEMON were on board. Concern is rising over their welfare.

I agree, unexplained abnormal powers are definitely not a thing in this world.

Hi, DAVID. I'm compiling the basic data for that big project of ours. Huh? What big project? Why, it's the PURIFY CHAMBER, of course. Didn't you know?

And now we've gone full circle. Wasn't that fun?

By the way, after you find JOVI, can I get you to help me with something? I'd like you to test a certain machine for me. I know you're a skilled battler, DAVID, so I think I can count on you.

Oh yeah, we've got this thing again. It's basically the same as Colosseum, except we don't start with the Snag List, since there's no more Shadow Pokemon anymore, but we do start with the Strategy Memo.

It's identical, and no, I'm not going to fill it, I'm only going to be catching every Pokemon you can obtain in this game like usual.

New to the memo is the matchup tab. Also displays the abilities a Pokemon can have. Neat!

Before we go stop our little sister roaming the countryside by herself and visiting strange mansions, we've got time for some VR battles, right?

These are incredibly simple tutorial battles just in case this is somehow your first Pokemon game. Though it does show the difference between this game and Colosseum with their relative difficulties.

Let's show off the first one.

Jack in.

Sim Battle

There's a few of these (optional) battles in the game and it's a huge shame that from the battle initiating transition to sending out Pokemon, it takes TWENTY FOUR SECONDS. It's a bit excessive and I really wish you could skip it in some way.

Some of these Battle Sims are pretty fun, since there's some weird scenarios the designers came up with.

It's a simple gimmick, keep healing various status until Paras faints from Burn, since you can do literally nothing else. Good thing we have BURN HEAL!

It's best to be put to sleep, since it's quicker than the attack animation of Splash, which you still can't turn off. In these battles the Call option is replaced by Give In, so no free Awakenings!

Oh yeah, every trainer now has a full defeat animation, instead of the pose they had. No I'm not going to gif them. But if we encounter a trainer class enough I'll screenshot each part so eventually you can make a flipbook out of them. Aren't I nice?

If the opponent's POKEMON sustains a burn, you can win even if your POKEMON is put to sleep. You should remember that. Now you're all set for a real battle!

There's absolutely no reason to do the remaining tutorial battles, you don't get anything for it. Which is why I did all of them in a separate post. Because I can do what I want in my LPs and cover stuff you thought wasn't important and then not cover the important stuff cause that's how I roll.

Here! Here at the POKEMON HQ LAB, we undertake a great variety of research from their ecosystems to battling... uh... oh, it's you, DAVID. You scared me out of my wits!

But instead of that virtual reality stuff, how about a real battle for a change? I'll be happy to battle with you anytime. Okay, that's the spirit! Let's get it on!

Trainer Battle

Oh hey, our first actual proper battle! Now, let's get it out of the way, this battle music isn't as good as the one from Colosseum, but when you've made perfection, how could you beat it? I really like this tune though, it's different and that's what counts!

We're still in the very early game, so everything's reset back to being piss easy. Such is the life of playing an RPG series for children over and over again.

Okay! I'll train using the BATTLE SIM SYSTEM, too! That's what I'll do.

Orre Map

Alright, let's finally get out of here! Our wild adventure awaits us, so let's hop on our ride and get ready for some muscle pounding action!!!

...I miss Wes.

Mansion Yard

Well this is different. I didn't even know dark clouds existed in Orre.

Oh great, this place is haunted, too.

CHOBIN is the name! And CHOBIN is the number-one assistant to DR. KAMINKO! CHOBIN is the only assistant, so CHOBIN has to be the number-one assistant!

Well it's no Zigzagoon, that's for sure. Oh yeah, you're seeing me jump between official XD artwork, XD headshots made by a defunct site and Colosseum headshots. Getting everything I need for this game is... inconsistent at best since there's been no model rips for the most part. We're gonna see quite a ride in image quality, let me tell you.

Dunno why everything is so much weaker than us, just because we don't start at level 5 doesn't mean that everyone else has to.

Huh? Closer observation reveals that the subject is a child. Ergo, the subject is not a burglar! Ahaha! CHOBIN wishes you spoke up right away. You're DAVID? CHOBIN apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

It's Jovi!

...uh, no? It's really not far, I have a scooter and I can see the Lab from here!

This big house is DR. KAMINKO's. DR. KAMINKO's job is to make incredible inventions. There's a whole bunch of neat machines like they have at the POKEMON HQ LAB. You should come in too, big brother.

She wanders around everywhere. CHOBIN finds it hard keeping an eye on her so that she does not bother the DOCTOR. Oh, yes! DAVID, you will have a look at DR. KAMINKO's inventions? You will, yes? Okay, this way, please! Follow CHOBIN!

Kaminko's Manor

Oh? Why does CHOBIN know that they are number one worldwide? That needs explaining? In the whole wide world, no one but DR. KAMINKO would invent such inventions! Therefore, they are number one in the world without question! Our DR. KAMINKO, who is verily great, is inventing in that room there.

Anyway, let CHOBIN acquaint you with just some of DR. KAMINKO's greatest inventions. Let the VCR roll!

The insole is studded with lumpy nubs that fail to stimulate every pressure point in a fabulous way. Keep wearing these, and CHOBIN will guarantee painful feet and chronic worsening of your health. CHOBIN thinks it is superlative.

The DOCTOR's inventions, which are fantastic, can be seen on this monitor. CHOBIN gives you permission to use this anytime you like.

Alright, time to get my transcribing hands ready, cause I'm going over every one of Dr. Kaminko's inventions. Here. The update is wordy enough as is, sheesh.

How is the LAB's DIRECTOR? PROF. KRANE, yes? Ah, yes. If you would be so kind, please tell the PROFESSOR that the MACHINE PART he needed is ready, and that he should come get it anytime.

...huh? Are you going home already, big brother? But you just got here! Oh... JOVI gets it! JOVI has to show you how to go home, right? Okay! That's what JOVI will do! JOVI will take you home! MIMI! Let's go home with big brother!

Let's welcome our companion for this game, our little sister! Everyone loves Jovi, she's more important than Rui ever was! ...we regret to inform you that Jovi refers to herself in the third person.

Hm? Incidentally, child, how long have you been here? Hmm...?

That's how DR. KAMINKO is all the time. CHOBIN said that a genius has different sensibilities from ordinary people. Does "sensibilities" mean you're kind of absentminded and in a fog? Don't people say PROF. KRANE is a genius?

Next time JOVI comes, please let JOVI try these googly glasses! Promise!

CHOBIN cannot possibly make that sort of promise. She is your sister? Do something about her, please. She never listens to what CHOBIN says, ever.

Ah finally, a screenshot that isn't a text box. I'd forgotten what they looked like.

She's definitely a little sister, I have one of those and she is plenty, so no more of Jovi, please.

This place is 2spooky.

Pokemon HQ Lab

No, Mommy, you don't understand! Big brother was lost, so JOVI brought him here! If JOVI weren't there, JOVI bets he'd be crying by now saying he can't go home! Right, big brother?

Oh, my, my! JOVI, you are such a brave and resourceful girl! But that's quite enough for today. Besides, ADON must be tired of waiting for you.

Oh, my gosh! I was in the middle of hide-and-seek! Okay, big brother, I'll see you later! Bye-bye!

Ah, just kidding, Jovi is only a temporary companion.

He said he was working on something, but he never said what.

Ooh, I always wondered what happened if we snagged a human. SCIENCE BITCH!

DAVID, you've heard of SHADOW POKEMON, haven't you? They're POKEMON that have been turned into fighting machines after having their hearts closed by artificial means. They're to be pitied. We developed the SNAG MACHINE to take back such modified SHADOW POKEMON. Why this machine is needed now I can explain later... but for now, I'd like you to test our SNAG MACHINE. After all, you're the best TRAINER at this LAB. The SNAG MACHINE is inside this case. Try equipping it right away, please.

We're a cyborg now, hell yeah.

I'll add a new feature to your P*DA. It's called the SHADOW MONITOR. It lets you check data on the SHADOW POKEMON you've encountered.

Alright, now our P*DA is up to par of the previous game. Though we need some actual Shadow Pokemon to find first. Not like they're just on random trainers, right?

From here on, it will be a lot easier to just show you how it works in practise rather than trying to describe it. Let's go upstairs to the BATTLE SIM SYSTEM room.

Hey, we get Pokeballs pretty early. But still no Shadow Pokemon to use them on. What a shame.

I don't think he walked up to the lift, is he going the long way?


I leave him alone for two seconds!

Fufufu... I'm taking you to your new lab, PROFESSOR.

What... my new lab?

Move it: we don't have any time. If you don't want to get hurt, hustle yourself into the car.

You people... what are you?

I hope this guy is weak and partakes in a single battle, since I'm super weak right now with only one Pokemon.

Familiar Battle

Okay good, he's a pushover. But man, I feel like we've done this plenty of times already...

Alrighty boss.

Like Makuhita, this Teddiursa is a free catch.

Could it be... a SNAG MACHINE?! What the heck is that doing here?

That's big news! Come on, move! I need to report this to headquarters, like now!

...I can't believe Professor Krane is fucking dead.