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Part 16: A Very Greevil Finale

Part 16: A Very Greevil Finale

We're all healed and ready to go. Time to face the boss.


I must say that I haven't been this excited in a long time. I do have an appreciation for the strong, you see. However, I also cannot allow your interference. My SHADOW POKEMON plan is nearing completion. So, for the time being, I think I will have you securely out of the way right where you are now.

Darn! Not only am I unable to break this glass, I have nothing on my person that is able to break it! What am I to do???

Cipher Admin Theme

You know, it makes me kind of happy to see you since I've seen you so often! But the way you keep beating me, my cred's taking a beating! Aiyeeeh! So, MASTER GREEVIL gave me this one last chance to redeem myself. But this is it! If I lose this one, there's no tomorrow! Here goes!

Cipher Admin Battle

It hasn't been too long since we last fought Gorigan, so his strategy remains the same. It's a very good strat though. Admittedly it does more when he attacks with his physical attackers instead of his special ones.

You might have noticed, however, that his team is very Fighting weak.

Really, so are a lot of things if you closely enough.

Aggron is easy enough to get out of the way, now there's just his two Shadow Pokemon. Gorigan can be a bitch, I just lucked out with who I led with, since I never check beforehand what the opponent will be using, unless I already remember it from before.

Shadow Pokemon are still big and scary, so we shouldn't underestimate them.

Even Shadow Storm is afraid! Uh, hurts. Also Shadow Sky, because of course.

Poliwrath, 45 catch rate (78%, low health, paralyzed, Net Ball), starting moves: Shadow Storm/Hydro Pump, Shadow Rush/Helping Hand, Shadow Sky/Rain Dance, Brick Break

This tadpole is mad you gave it a stone. As a mixed attacker, this rain sweeper ain't a bad option, so long as it gets Swift Swim. While it doesn't get Surf, Hydro Pump is better and while it might not be the best mon to set up rain, it becomes super fast and can hit pretty hard with its great coverage, something that's very useful in the postgame. With Ice Beam, Earthquake and even Rock Tomb and a free Brick Break, it can do a lot of damage, but unless you're spamming your Water moves in the rain, you won't be hugely impressed with its damage output. If you're feeling lucky, you can remember Hypnosis, or go for Focus Punch. But that's all it does as, outside the rain, it just won't be able to keep up. Seriously, it's a harsh postgame out there, we'll see soon enough.

Mr. Mime, 45 catch rate (50%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Shadow Storm/Psychic, Shadow Shed/Follow Me, Encore, Thunderpunch

Oh good, the mime got in. Mr. Mime is a pretty typical Psychic type, in that it really doesn't get much for coverage, since it can only get Magical Leaf in FRLG. Sure, there's Solarbeam, but that's only useful with a sun strat. Aside from that, while a free Thunderpunch is nice, it learns Thunderbolt, or even Thunder, so it's a bit pointless, unless you used the TM already (you can buy more). Otherwise, it just hits hard and kinda fast with Psychic attacks, which is never a bad thing. It'll be able to take a few special hits as well, a nice bonus, but otherwise it's not too interesting. It can remember a lot of interesting shit, like Trick, Role Play, screens and Substitute, but it has awful HP and Def, so it's a hard sell. Best load up on the hard hitting moves and hope for the best. It's on the teetering edge of being meh, but it can definitely work.

Well, see ya. Let's try and get around the impossible glass wall.

Citadark Isle

Of course we're not going an update without facing a peon.

Seems we'll be around the mid 40s for the end of this game. Not bad at all.

Mushroom massacre.

Another Shadow mon that hits pretty hard (not that Kakyoin notices) and of course has Shadow Sky.

Dugtrio, 50 catch rate (33%, low health, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Shadow Break/Earthquake, Shadow Shed/Charm, Shadow Sky/Sandstorm, Tri Attack

Finally, we can catch this outside of Diglett's Cave for the first time in the series. Dugtrio hits hard and fast, so that's pretty good, but the best thing it does is trapping opponents, which doesn't really matter much in story mode, and hitting hard with Earthquake, so getting a free one is nice. Otherwise, since its Atk ain't that high, it won't be dealing a lot of damage, since its coverage moves of Sludge Bomb, Rock Tomb and Aerial Ace are all postgame, so it won't do much else until you reach those specific points. The days of Slash critting are long gone, so it's alright, but the main draw is just spamming real fast Earthquakes, which is always a plus.

Haha, no glass to stop us this time!

Who allowed this child to penetrate our defenses so deeply?! What is the meaning of this?! The others can't be counted on at all. I am giving you the responsibility of dealing with this child.

But this isn't how I hoped to face you. If we battle, it will only be unfulfilling and without meaning. Will you challenge me knowing that? Hmm, fine. I understand. But once we begin, expect no mercy. That is my philosophy.

Cipher Admin Battle

Alright, this is it, against Greevil's strongest subordinate, with four Shadow Pokemon and... Shadow Sky on the first turn. Grrrrrreat.

Eldes's remaining two Pokemon aren't much to consider, but that's because his Shadow Pokemon are very scary. Like this isn't the final boss, but here's a SALAMENCE. Of course!

We should neuter this thing before it wrecks our entire team.

Thankfully Kakyoin doesn't take tooooooooo much damage from Salamence, at least this thing doesn't have Shadow End.

Manectric, 45 catch rate (50%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Shadow End/Thunder, Shadow Mist/Refresh, Shadow Sky/Rain Dance, Bite

This lightning bolt of a good boy drops down the Thunder in the rain. Uh, that's all it does, aside from Bite. Manectric is a fast attacker, but since it really doesn't do much against Ground types and very easily gets taken out by Earthquake, it's... tricky. Up against those weak to Electric, Manectric has no problem, and being fast is very nice, but unless you're using a full rain strategy (I'm only using it to remove Shadow Sky, since Surf does meh damage even under the rain with Kakyoin's SpAtk), you'll just go for Thunderbolt and then you'll lose out on power somewhat. Still, with a SpAtk to match its high Spd, Manectric can easily get you out of some tough jams if it gets set up right. But it requires that set up to really shine and it doesn't do much else otherwise. It's a good option for the postgame, but there's some other mons to consider still.

Thankfully Salamence only has the two moves, definitely be design, or it would be doing more dangerous things. Still, even Kakyoin can survive a Dragonbreath! I know, that's something to be celebrated due to its SpDef.

Now there's just Shadow Pokemon remaining and this is the real danger. A Shadow Pokemon is bad enough, but how about one with Thick Club that also has SHADOW END. Little bit excessive there, since there's still the Salamence to worry about. And really, who knows how long it'll take to catch that Pokem-

Salamence, 45 catch rate (50%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Shadow Rush/Dragon Claw, Shadow Hold/Refresh, Dragon Dance, Aerial Ace

Oh right, the Gen 3 psuedos have higher catch rates. Neat! It's a Salamence, of course it'll be useful to you, it has fantastic stats, starts off with really good moves and really, really hates Ice moves. Standard, really. Physical, special, mixed, whatever really takes your fancy when you figure out its Nature, it learns all the moves it needs, especially since you get a free Aerial Ace. The postgame will end before you reach Crunch, but I guess you're also missing out with Hydro Pump as an Egg move, so you'll take what you can get. Even an uninvested attack can hurt and once you get rid of the various Ice moves around (a bit of a tall order sometimes, granted), this mon will wreck house for you. So long as you can catch it before it wrecks your house. Hell, at the level it's at, plug it on the team, see how it works out for you, though it'll be a little fragile to tank Shadow moves right now, so maybe do so in the postgame.

OWWWWWWWWWWW. Even though it's super slow, let's paralyze Marowak right the heck now so it's easier to catch, since if it can take apart Kakyoin with ease, the rest of our team doesn't stand a chance.

Marowak, 75 catch rate (50%, low health, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Shadow End/Earthquake, Shadow Panic/Sing, Swords Dance, Rock Slide

Oh look it's an absolute monster. Between the free Thick Club, Earthquake, Rock Slide, SWORDS DANCE, you can see how you can get absolutely fucking bonkers with this boy if you wanted to. Sure, it's pretty damn slow, but with doubles team support, oh my word does it become the destroyer of all worlds forever. Its Atk wasn't too shabby to begin with, but it can reach 568 max Atk at level 100, which oh I dunno, is 60 points higher than DEOXYS-A. It's just silly that you get one like this, since it's only a 5% chance on the line in the rest of the series (minus BW's treasure hunter). So yeah, if you get Rock Head, then Double-Edge also becomes a fantastic move of choice. And then I guess give it Aerial Ace? Brick Break? Hyper Beam? You can make anything work with this monster. So long as it isn't targetted first turn with a bunch of special moves. Then it's in trouble. But man is it worth it.

Lapras, 45 catch rate (78%, low health, paralyzed, Net Ball), starting moves: Shadow Storm/Hydro Pump, Shadow Shed/Heal Bell, Shadow Sky/Rain Dance, Blizzard

No longer at the bottom of a cave, Lapras has a great movepool, but not so stellar Spd or typing, which holds it back a lot in the postgame. It starts off with some great moves, though Ice Beam is more reliable, and it can set up weather easily enough. But its various weaknesses means its a pretty easy target and its stats, aside from HP, aren't too amazing, so even when you hit for good damage, it might perform under par. Still, with Thunder in the rain and Psychic for more coverage, it can definitely do some damage. Maybe you could go for Perish Song or Sing shenanigans, as well as general team support. But you'll probably be blown back before you can really try it. It could probably do well with a high enough level, but it'll be entering pretty unfriendly territory. However, since it can take Shadow hits really well right now, it's a great candidate for an upcoming battle. You can pretty easily see where this is all leading to.

However, the GRAND MASTER's power is probably far greater than you can imagine. I doubt you will beat the man...

Citadark Isle

Ah good. We need to heal.

Oh yeah, a battle's happening on screen. Xatu uses some kind of Shadow move and then gets hit by Fire Blast. Cool. But, did you notice something?

There's two scientists that we need to defeat, as we need all the exp we can get!

There's some tricky Water types to fight, but we should be fine. We have the dream combo out after all.

Since Twister is special, it does a weird amount of damage.

FIBS coming through!

A bit close for our level gaining duo, but Milotic doesn't actually have a good level up movepool.

Just one more battle before the inevitable.

Every Nuzleaf or Shiftry starts every battle with Fake Out, for it is written.

Oh hey, everyone's at the same level before the final boss!

A special Slaking is weird and scary, but Sludge Bomb pulls it out for us.

And you just ruined it Pineapple! Maaaaaaan.

And here we are, the end. What a catch filled journey it's been. But of course, it is far from over.


I had no idea that a mere child like you would pursue me this long. PROF. KRANE, DATA ROMs, and the LAIR... you alone derailed every one of our well-laid plans. Well, perhaps not just you. The news broadcast by ONBS did not help CIPHER's cause at all. However, my SHADOW POKEMON plan in't finished yet. The final act is about to unfold. Having come this far, I think you've earned the right to know what I have planned.

Next, I plan to create an army of SHADOW POKEMON that work independently on my order alone. When this second step is done, I will take over the world without having to rely on bothersome people. And now...

Let me introduce you to my faithful servant. The one that shall become the central figure in my SHADOW POKEMON army. Come forth, XD001!


Now, let us celebrate the completion of my SHADOW POKEMON plan in advance! Fall prey to SHADOW LUGIA!

Shadow Lugia Battle

The strongest Shadow Pokemon. While it is incredibly tempting to just huck the Master Ball at it and end this (something you can very easily do), I won't do that and save it for just a little bit longer.

Despite being a Lugia with not the best offenses, it's decked out in a full Shadow moveset, including Shadow Blast, a physical move unique to Lugia, with 80BP, 100% accuracy and an increased crit ratio. It's quite a dangerous attack and something it'll go for pretty often, though it thankfully has 3 other moves it can also go for.

So after capturing all the Shadow Pokemon on Citadark Isle, these are the Pokeballs we have left. I definitely overdid it with the Net Balls, but I never checked how many Pokemon we'd encounter that they'd work on, so it's best to stock up on lots of Timer and Ultra Balls if you can, we're gonna need them.

After all, like the previous game, this isn't the final battle, you can probably guess what might come next. But no matter, like then, if I run low on Pokeballs, I'll need to restart, since I'll need all that I can use. Hey, remember that reset list I haven't updated since PHENAC? Well, the game isn't over yet!

Unfortunately, since we're just trying to catch a legendary Pokemon who just hurls endless supereffective moves at us, there, uh, isn't much to this fight. This is going to become a problem.

Ah, good old 3 catch rates, we have a 3% chance of capture using an Ultra Ball, or a 5% chance of capture after a 20+ turns with a Timer Ball. If you have enough healing items and Pokeballs to stall until 40+ turns, congrats, you've now got a 7% chance of capture. Aren't Timer Balls just great?

But now we've hit our limit, I'm not comfortable going under this amount of Pokeballs and so I'll be restarting. But how many tries will it take for me to finally catch this Shadow Lugia? Well, let's find out.

Let me peel back the curtain slightly and show you my footage of every attempt I had catching Lugia, starting from when I chucked balls at the second try. The end of this video is when it finally stayed in and I could end this damn section already. TWENTY FIVE MINUTES. As you'd expect, a 3 catch rate mon is not only an absolute bitch to catch, but I can't use too many Pokeballs up, nor can I use up too many healing items, since those are also relatively limited, so endlessly reviving my Pokemon to just be knocked out by a Shadow move is mostly out of the question.

By the way this was absolutely miserable to do. I have my reasons for not using the Master Ball, but I think you should probably use it here. Compared to Colosseum's endgame, which was two hours of really fun fighting and nail biting finishes as I attempted to catch 6 Shadow Pokemon before they fainted from recoil was an absolute blast. I had a LOT of fun with that, since the fights were tough, but manageable, and using up my last few balls to catch Tyranitar was a real rush, since it was strong, but also on a soft time limit due to Shadow Rush.

Catching legendary Pokemon is one of my least favourite aspects of the franchise, there is practically zero strategy to it, it's just throwing Pokeballs at it over and over and over and man those twenty five minutes were super fucking boring. Having to also micromanage my Pokemon's health since they fainted so easily to strong Shadow attacks was also pretty tedious and I might have had everyone faint because I was half paying attention to the battle and half reading the Dragon Quest III LP on my phone (real good time, give it a read). What an absolute contrast of finales we have, it's such a shame that the game ends on a note like this. Because there's more to come. As for resets?

Shadow Pokemon Resets: 13 19

Shadow Lugia, 3 catch rate (3%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball or 5%, low health, paralyzed, 20+ turn Timer Ball)

The ultimate Shadow Pokemon. Can it even be purified? Well, it'll remain this way for quite some time if not, so how useful is it? Shadow Blast is a great move that can deal a lot of damage, but relies on Lugia having good Atk, which might not be the case due to the randomised nature of, well, natures and IVs. Its other moves aren't that interesting, Shadow Storm is a bit weak due to being a spread move and if Shadow Blast is strong, then Storm won't be, since they use different stats. Its main claim is being able to tank Shadow moves for DAYS, which is something that will be very very useful in just a moment, as I keep endlessly hinting.

If you come in with 5 Pokemon and use the Master Ball, you can use Lugia right away and make the endgame a lot more manageable. However, you'll notice that you can't reduce its gauge in any way, hmm. Not being able to gain any exp or change its moveset makes it a little tricky to actually use in the postgame, since we'll soon be out of Shadow Pokemon to encounter. Still, while it won't be doing a lot of damage, it still has the stats of a legendary and a super effective crit Shadow Blast does a lot of damage. You'll just be at a level deficit and not being able to make use of your full moveset. We should probably find some way of purifying this damn thing, so it can become a lot more useful.

There's nothing left! But I will personally see to the total destruction of your POKEMON! Fall!

Greevil Final Battle

Ahahahahahahahahahaha, welcome to the final battle of the game. So, remember when I said that I would be catching every Shadow Pokemon first encounter? A fair few of you probably had the final battle of the final game in mind, which is definitely something I had in mind too. Not only are there SIX Shadow Pokemon, but three of them are 3 catch rate legendaries. Remember when I had SIX RESETS catching one of those? This should be interesting.

Oh yeah, I forgot we don't get healed, so that can be a nasty surprise. However, if you just take the L then you won't have to fight Lugia again.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, now I'm using the Master Ball. While it makes Shadow Lugia much less of a headache, since we're catching 6 Shadow Pokemon in one go and they can double up on us, it's best to remove one as soon as possible. Either Moltres or Zapdos is the best option, since they have higher SpAtk than Articuno.

Moltres, 3 catch rate (3%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Shadow Fire/Extrasensory, Shadow Shed/Morning Sun, Shadow Hold/Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Rush/Flamethrower

Of course it's never that easy to finish an Orre game. The legendary birds have the highest Shadow Gauge in the game, but that makes them amazing choices in the postgame when you do purify them, as they've all got high stats and pretty good STAB options in the elementals. Right now they're not too useful, since they won't be encountering many Shadow Pokemon, even if you lose to Greevil and keep them. It has great overall stats and a Fire Blast from this chicken is gonna hurt. Extrasensory is a strange pickup, but it's mandatory, since it's the only other special move it can ever learn. Still, it has great Atk also, so it can use Aerial Ace alright and Morning Sun is a cool addition, since this birb is weak to a lot of types and is pretty frail overall. These are definitely Pokemon you can use in the postgame with their stats and attacks, so get cookin!

Aw man, I want them to hit me with Shadow End so they weaken themselves for capture.

See, like that! But of course out of the two abilities Rhydon can get, it's the one that stops Thunder Wave. Fine, I'll use Rednammok.

Hmm, why did I use Glare on Exeggutor first? Ah, it's not a big deal.

The same rules from the Lugia fight still apply, I have 5 Shadow Pokemon to catch after all, so if I run out of balls, it's all over.

And of course there's a load of super strong Shadow moves flying around, so I really don't want to run out of Revives.

Please stop breaking my balls.

Rhydon, 60 catch rate (40%, low health, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Shadow End/Megahorn, Shadow Down/Helping Hand, Shadow Panic/Scary Face, Shadow Hold/Earthquake

Getting some real Gen 1 OU vibes from this guy... Rhydon is pretty cool, but it's not a great Pokemon for the postgame. Ignoring it being COMPLETELY outclassed by Marowak, it's really slow and weak to too many types to be able to get a hit in in time. When it can hit something, oh man it really hurts, but it's just really hard to recommend. I guess Megahorn makes Grass types less scary, but you're on the lookout for big strong Water types that'll ruin your day. An Earthquake could ruin theirs, but who's more likely to go first, eh? Rock Blast or Rock Tomb, your other STAB has rubbish options, and you learn enough special moves that it's almost depressing. At least there's Brick Break and Double-Edge (if you have Rock Head). I guess Lightningrod can be cool, but only Marowak has the massive oomph behind it to be usable in the postgame despite being kinda slow. Ah well, it's still the heaven piercer in my heart.

Exeggutor, 45 catch rate (50%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Shadow Storm/Psychic, Shadow Shed/Refresh, Shadow Hold/Hypnosis, Shadow End/Ancientpower

You can probably guess what I'm going to say here, this eggy is just too slow and weak to too many things to really make a name for itself out there in the after-the-endgame postgame. It of course can hit pretty damn hard, but only with Psychic, since Grass STAB is pretty meh for another year or so. Even so, its Atk is nice enough that Sludge Bomb, Selfdestruct and even Ancientpower aren't bad options, it's just a shame that's all it has. It can definitely put things to sleep, or give other Grass types a hard time since a lot of them are part Poison, but it has way too many weaknesses to really think about and will definitely get KOed before it can even move. A shame too, since it can really do some damage and is always a cool mon to use cause of how weird it is. But with all these really big and fast scary guys around, it's a real hard sell.

Alright, we're halfway through. But of course the longer we go on, the more balls I use, the more healing items I use and the higher the chance of a reset. And just to top it off, there's Shadow Sky.

Thankfully Tauros decided not to murder my entire extended family and we even see a COOL new move. Sorry. Shadow Fire/Chill/Bolt are exclusive moves to the legendary birds, which is kinda bullshit, as that makes half of the special Shadow moves exclusive when a lot of other Pokemon would've appreciated the variety. Anyway, they have 75BP, 100% accuracy and a 10% chance of burning/freezing/paralyzing. So they can be annoying, the main issue is the birds' high SpAtk and super effective damage on everything. With all these strong Shadow moves being used, having a tanky Shadow Pokemon like Chansey, Marowak or Lugia can be very helpful indeed.

Since only Rhydon and Exeggutor have Shadow End, we'll have to weaken them ourselves, which is time we could be healing.

Ah this is kinda super dangerous. If Tauros attacks, this is absolutely a reset, only Kakyoin can survive that. But of course, Kakyoin can't survive any of the Shadow Birb moves, so you can see my conundrum. It's very difficult to catch these Pokemon when you're too busy healing every other turn.

Thankfully Tauros has other moves to go for, so we survive, for now. Getting into a 2v1 situation can become very nasty, which is why Revival Herbs are so good, letting the fresh Pokemon potentially take two hits.

Tauros, 45 catch rate (50%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball or 78%, low health, paralyzed, 20+ turn Timer Ball), starting moves: Shadow Rush/Earthquake, Shadow Hold/Refresh, Shadow Shed/Tail Whip, Shadow Sky/Body Slam

The end is in sight... Tauros is of course pretty damn good, if a wee bit specially fragile. It doesn't have a lot of moves to work with, but Body Slam/Double-Edge and Earthquake will do just fine. I suppose you could use, ugh, Rock Tomb or Iron Tail to round things out. Or maybe go real old school with Hyper Beam. We've encountered plenty of Normal types so far and this is definitely one of the best, if not exactly notable. But hey, you need all the help you can get in the postgame, so load it up with hard hitting moves and a Choice Band and would you look at that, you have something very dangerous. Funny that.

Man this constant healing and ball throwing is exhausting. And also not very fun. Only two 3 catch rate legends between us and victory, what a way to end the game, huh?

Gahhhhhhh, I'm mostly ignoring Articuno since it's the weakest hitter out of the three birds, so Zapdos needs to be caught right the heck now.

But we might be at the end of our rope here. This shit is just draining, just throwing Pokeballs over and over again while healing off the massive Shadow damage. I really don't have many balls left.

Zapdos, 3 catch rate (3%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball or 5%, low health, paralyzed, 20+ turn Timer Ball), starting moves: Shadow Bolt/Extrasensory, Shadow Shed/Baton Pass, Shadow Sky/Metal Sound, Shadow Rush/Thunderbolt

This is a real good endgame reward, Zapdos is the best birb for a reason. With an excellent typing, good STAB with Thunderbolt AND Drill Peck and then a bonus in Extrasensory? I think this is a mon that'll get you through the rest of the game quite happily. It'll slot on most teams no problem and really deals damage, especially with rain Thunders. Detect and Thunder Wave and even screens means this mon contributes even when it's up against Ground types and the such that it can't easily get past. With only two weaknesses, it can also wall surprising well with its balanced stats. It's just a good Pokemon all around, fast too, so definitely something to consider when the postgame kicks your ass.

The final Shadow Pokemon of the main game. What are we working with?

This is my first attempt at this fight, but we're running out of options. The Net Balls are good for one thing, to burn turns while I get closer and closer to the 7% chance of 40+ turn Timer Balls. Failing that, we're restarting, but thankfully due to save states I won't be doing this battle again. Could you imagine actually getting to this point then running out of Pokeballs, or an unlucky crit means your last two Pokemon faint, or just quitting out of tedious exhaustion as you're just throwing Pokeball after Pokeball. Man, this ending kinda sucks. Still, on I soldier, we're not finished just yet!



Okay sure, whatever, let's end this fucking TWENTY TWO MINUTE battle already, christ.

Articuno, (3%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball or 5%, low health, paralyzed, 20+ turn Timer Ball), starting moves: Shadow Chill/Extrasensory, Shadow Shed/Heal Bell, Shadow Sky/Haze, Shadow Rush/Ice Beam

Ah, finally, all according to cake. Or something. While Articuno isn't as good as either Moltres or especially Zapdos, it's still perfectly fine, STAB Ice attacks are pretty good. It even gets a near full special moveset with Extrasensory and Water Pulse, which is pretty crazy for a bird. But otherwise there's Aerial Ace and Steel Wing, which is fine, since your Atk is also fine, but it's not very exciting. Frozen birb is perfectly usable, even gimmicky with Mind Reader and Sheer Cold, but since that's level 85, you can't use it in this game. I suppose if you dodge the many various types you're weak to, it has great defenses to stall with. But compared to the other two, it's gonna be tricky, but far from impossible, to use it after the credits roll.

Greevil Defeated

But... if I did that, our SHADOW POKEMON data and our subordinates would be lost as well...

GRAND MASTER, such things can be replaced! We must ensure our own survival! I've readied a helicopter for our escape. We've got to leave now.

Y-you're right...

Ashamed? Clinging to foolish pride will guarantee CIPHER's demise! CIPHER must survive. That is our first duty. The GRAND MASTER feels the same way.

Y-yes... for CIPHER's sake, sacrifices must be endured...

What are you saying? The SHADOW POKEMON factory has been destroyed! XD001 was defeated! Nothing remains of CIPHER!

Silence! CIPHER will live forever! If only this child hadn't... GRAND MASTER! Please give the order to blow up CITADARK ISLE!

...yes. It can't be helped. Don't begrudge us, child.

Stop! Let's put a stop to this. ...Father!

Don't call him Father! Call him the GRAND MASTER!

This child's pure heart won out over XD001. We were in the wrong.

Silence, silence, silence! Why aren't you showing some spine! We've come so far!

CIPHER is finished. Father, you yourself should know that more than anyone.

Greevil's Realisation

Now, please. Stand up. This is how it should be. The laws of the land will render judgment on what we have done.

Thank you. You'll have nothing to fear from us ever. You should return home to your family. Let us meet again, too. The next time we battle, it won't be as mortal enemies. I will look forward to it.


Oh boy, that's the main game over. You should definitely watch the full ending here. It's pretty celebratory.

Unlike the Colosseum credits, this time we are nearly at the end of the LP. This game was quite a blast, even if I don't think it's as good as Colosseum in the slightest. I think there's just a few too many negatives dragging it down that the first game manages to avoid fine enough.

However we can save that negativity for another time, thanks for reading! This LP of two games has gotten pretty long, almost as many updates as Emerald! There's still the postgame, which is my least favourite part of this game, but we'll see why soon enough. For now at least, this game was a lot of fun, the Pokemon variety is really nice, it's a much smoother experience compared to the last game and there's a lot more to it.

The various side modes I still haven't completely covered means the postgame has a bit more meat to it and this game is definitely worth your time after playing the first one. It's a real shame that no more Orre games have appeared since, or indeed any GS game that's actually good! A real shame that, but no matter, I'm sure now that they're basically finished with the F2P garbage that was Pokemon Shuffle they can move on to better things.

Thanks for another great sequel, Mr. Iwata. Thanks for reading the end of another story mode! While the ending is incredibly boring and draining, the game is a lot of fun overall and it's cool that a fair few of you haven't experienced either of these games. But now we move onto the last part of the LP. If you thought this game was a bit easy, then you're in for a real fucking surprise.