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Part 19: Fetching the Final

Part 19: Fetching the Final

Alright, what seems to be the problem here, lass?

Seems you've got a case of the silent shrooms. Easy enough fix.

This phenomenon has been seen among places like GATEON PORT and PHENAC, too. I wonder what is going on? I hope all the afflicted POKEMON get well soon...

Oh boyyyyyy.

It must have been CHOBIN! The ninny... of all the things to do... CHOBIN, come here! CHOBI- uh... never mind. Child, you're involved now. You go detach the POKEMON TRANSLATOR units. What's that? You have no more VOICE CASES? I have none, either. Very well, take this instead.

Take this CRY ANALYZER and say something to the affected POKEMON. A quiz will appear. The answer is the secret password. As such, if the quiz is answered correctly, the TRANSLATOR will detach. Now, listen. You must go and detach all the POKEMON TRANSLATORS that are scattered throughout the ORRE REGION.

Alright, let's see if this baby works.

Oh, uh, is this how the Cry Analyzer is supposed to work?

Oh, right. It's a Lotad. They're always like this.

Cool, let's try Wobbuffet again.

Uh, okay, let's come back to this later.

Gateon Port

So the second half of the postgame-sidequest-that-is-one-of-three-main-things-to-do-in-the-postgame requires you to remember where all the overworld Pokemon are. Do you? I haven't shown them all since they're located in places I had no need to go to. At least Munchlax isn't afflicted.

Yup, just like me! You look pretty straitlaced, but you know how to find your fun! RAZELL! DAZELL! Oh, yeah! Tweet! I won't tell your parents, so don't rat me out to my grandpa, okay?

I am here for the postgame quest, honest, but let's be real, the main attraction is right there.

Please come back again one day. Let's Go, Miror B.!

Time to help some crabs.

...this might've been a 50/50 question if you hadn't put a text box of their name JUST before this.

Well that's one.

And that's two. Ain't this just... riveting.

Could it be that a man of the sea like me can never understand the feelings of my ODDISH, a POKEMON of the land? Oh, groan... after all I did, too! I even attached a machine that's supposed to let me understand what POKEMON say.

What's a Sun or Moon Stone? Never seen either of those in Orre.

Of course there's a Pokemon in this house that you totally remember and I've totally been to before.

Remember, this is the postgame. Keep that in mind.

Cool, onto Phenac.

Phenac City

We never did get a Shadow Castform, a shame.

I'm back to training with my CASTFORM every day! Thanks for that, too!

This question is actually a bit misleading, it's just referring to what it was before it evolved, not before its previous evolution.

I don't think I've ever talked to this guy.

Nor this guy. So, hey, at least this sidequest is making completely pointless NPCs have one specific point to them.

Aw yeah, how's this for SSLP content? Which cry was right? Play the game yourself!

Alright, do you remember where the last Pokemon is?

Good memory. Also this is the POSTGAME, stop giving me shit like this! I want to be really tested on my Pokemon trivia and have my shit fucked up fam. But yeah, sure, it's a fucking Seedot.

Now what the hell do we do about Wobbuffet?

Speak to it with a POKEMON's voice. If it opens its heart to you, the TRANSLATOR should detach immediately. But that hardly seems possible. This is vexing...


Wobb... wobbu?

My old dad's back to his chipper self again. Thanks to you, kid!

Wob! Wob! Would you look at WOBBUFFET's happy face? I feel overjoyed, too!

That was the entirety of the postgame quest, really? That's the way it is!

M-My goodness! There was a human being that could detach that blasted machine using that method... ...that machine is an abject failure that I had invented in my naive youth. Back then, I felt that there was nothing that I could not achieve. However... I was mistaken thinking that forcibly translating the cries of POKEMON will let us understand what lies in the hearts of POKEMON. It was arrogant of me. Worse, there was no need for it. There are people who can communicate with POKEMON on a heart-to-heart basis. But of all that is in the past. Something that is best forgotten! After all, to this day, I remain the authority on inventing!

You're welcome, sheesh. Least that's over with.

But this whole silly mess... it was that eccentric DR. KAMINKO's doing, wasn't it? Doesn't he realize what he's done? If I see that DR. KAMINKO, I'll be sure to give him a piece of my mind. Oh, and this is a small token of appreciation from me.

This is the entire reason of doing this very boring sidequest with NO POKEMON BATTLES. If you're still struggling with the Orre Colosseum, at least this makes grinding at Mt. Battle... well, still awful, but also slightly better. Seriously though, what a waste of fucking time.

Still, the developers specifically made a shitty sidequest that required you to walk around loads to purify Shadow Pokemon. It's a shame they couldn't think of literally any other way of doing so. But now, every single Shadow Pokemon in the game is purified. Bar one, of course.

Lugia is definitely impossible to purify by conventional means, no matter what you do, its gauge will never go down. The only way is to have your Purify Chamber's tempo maxed out in all 9 sets. Only then can you purify Lugia.

Lugia, starting moveset: Psycho Boost, Featherdance, Earthquake, Hydro Pump

Congrats on purifying Lugia! Now you can use it to crush the last of the game. Uh, well, you can only use it in Mt. Battle and for various rematches across the game, since there weren't any new trainers to fight in the Lucky Egg sidequest. It would be great to use in the Orre Colosseum, but they don't allow the usual restricted Pokemon cause they're fucks, so you can't use it there.

In any case, the main reward is Psycho Boost, the signature move of Deoxys, who, like Mewtwo, doesn't appear in this game in any way unless you trade. It's an amazing attack that, while lowers SpAtk by two stages, isn't a huge deal for a mixed attacker like Lugia and gives it a very powerful move to use alongside the physical Aeroblast. Hydro Pump is also a nice bonus, but if you want to stick with physical attacks, Earthquake is the only other bonus you'll need, so it can have Recover instead. Sure you don't get Aeroblast until level 77, but this is a mon you can only really use in proper battles anyway, since you can't use it for the main draw of the postgame. It's a pretty great reward, since it's really bulky, pretty fast and also hits really hard with these high powered moves you've got!

Well, I try. But actually there's a bit of a glitch here. There's a special cutscene for purifying Shadow Lugia that's separate from purifying all the Shadow Pokemon. Since I thought I'd be cute and purify Lugia last, it doesn't get played, but hey, there's always a video for these things.

Hi, DAVID! I've heard that you succeeded in purifying that SHADOW LUGIA! Those CIPHER cretins said that it couldn't be purified, but you've proven them wrong!

DAVID, it's because you never shirked, and you gave it your all. Sincerely, thank you, dear!

Now we can get our glowing praise from purifying everything.

That's fantastic work! Now, POKEMON will be able to live in peace without fear. This is all your doing, DAVID! We all owe you a huge thanks!

The PURIFY CHAMBER represents the dreams of PROF. KRANE and myself... and of course your father's, too. Seeing you make use of the PURIFY CHAMBER so capably... I can't help but feel the tug of destiny.

That's all of them. Between both games, there's 134 total Shadow Pokemon and I've gone over all of them and then some. It's definitely a neat concept, but XD has a habit of taking something from Colosseum and going too far with it, making it worse. But that is basically everything we can do in the game, so thank you for such a wonderful LP, I can't wait to do my next game later this week of Etr-

ffffffffffffffuck. Okay, since Boogia won't be allowed in this colosseum, we'll use Roosevelt instead of it. We've got 6 rounds still to go, but we're basically done with everything else in the game. So strap in everyone, we've got a fair few battles ahead of us (I say that about ten times per LP, honestly).

Colosseum Round 2

So yeah, here's six Shadow Pokemon you guys wanted me to use and here they are, battle ready and on level. If you go higher than 60, the opponents match you, so I didn't see the need.

I've gone pretty overboard in what these Pokemon can do, I'm playing this like every other battle facility, where I take down the opponent before they even get a chance to move, so Bruce, Me?'s Choice Band Hi Jump Kick obliterates the Tyranitar.

Then Sandslash gets wrecked. Interesting that Quagsire went for Earthquake when Tyranitar was still around. Tyranitar had Protect, so I'm very happy it didn't got for it.

Bah, I'd prefer for Sand Veil to never activate.

Because Bruce, Me? got knocked out, this Earthquake did absolutely nothing.

Special Mega Drag finishes it up.

The opponents probably follow a theme if you squint hard enough, so you might be able to guess what it is. Sometimes the theme is "different types of Pokemon".

It's so good going from struggling in this place a lot, to just wrecking shit. Makes these 24 battles much easier to go through.

OHKO moves can fuck off.

Of course every bird has Extrasensory, gives them actual coverage.

Ooh I wonder what that Ditto is gonna do.

And it's gone, cause Burnt Bird is a fucking monster. Not my fault Metal Powder doesn't double SpDef as well.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

Didn't think so. Man, this is cathartic, why did I even bother training up my main team? Oh yeah, to show that you can get the Lucky Egg without importing over your Battle Frontier team and letting you ignore nearly all of the Orre Colosseum if you want to.

Where the hell did Snattle find the legendary golems? This is bullshit. Let's see if I can somehow get around Explosion.

Okay, Earthquake ain't too bad, but because of Endure, he could've very easily gone for Explosion instead.

Hmm, now who's attack is gonna be stronger?

Okay, well, that's just cheating. You can't use a Liechi Berry and then use a special attack, come on.

But Chillax is specifically fully SpDef invested, so I can live that and retaliate. Hey, what's Glalie using Endure for?

...I never fucking learn.

But that was a perfectly good physical Gengar you just wasted.

In the near future, when I become the GOVERNOR of ORRE, I shall appoint you as my official secretary. Let that be a motivation for you to constantly better your skills.

Ah, here's the Return TM. We can still use this, since the later on we get it, the worst the postgame's TM's placement is.

Oh here we fuckin go again.

Bolt Bird is great since it has Drill Peck, and this time No Scythin will take down a load of foes!

Screw your Endure.

Ah, the rampage was stopped by Golem. Why the hell does it have Rock Blast?

Get Rock Slide next time, chump, the spread damage means I could maybe survive it.

Don't do too much damage now.

Okay, now it's time for Chillax.

Protect is just so Burnt Bird doesn't go down before Politoed does.

Ah come on.

I feel like we need a way to reverse Speed for this strat to really work. Eh, sounds dumb.

Okay this Magmar can seriously fuck off.

I can't believe this mon is sticking around for this long.

But hey, Focus Bands only last for so long, RIGHT???

A Fighting type, eh?

That's neato.

We'll take down this Quagsire eventually, I don't think we have a single Grass moves across both teams.

How does the AI keep doing that?

Gorigan is all about the Intimidate, so any physical attackers are gonna have a rough time.

Doesn't really matter much if you don't lead with them though, but his Pokemon are pretty damn deadly.

Let's do something about that, since Burnt Bird's White Herb annoyingly reset the Intimidates, so it doesn't have great damage output right now.

In any case, I'm setting up for my final team member.

Ooh yeah, let's go to town!

Despite this being a breeze, there are still some tricky fights, so there's still plenty of strategy and maybe even a few resets. This is way more fun than if I tried to force my story team through here, unless I grinded some more.

You're some kind of special. You're worthy of sharing my camaraderie as a friend. I therefore award you the title "Hexagonal Bolt of Friendship Holder." The Hexagonal Bolt of Friendship is the perfect fit for my wrench, and is its truest friend. In a spirit of unchanging friendship.

Great, fucking Skill Swap.

Now I don't fancy going through another two rounds of the Orre Colosseum with the other six mons you guys suggested this update, so instead, let's catch a Phanpy.

Sorry, I meant a Mt. Battle Chikorita. Can't finish an LP without hacking in some cool stuff, right? Seriously, FUCK getting all three Johto starters in this game.

Next is Bonsly! Since it's something you can use in the Battle Bingo, if you hack in a way to catch it, it's a perfectly usable Pokemon.

It doesn't have a level up movepool, but it has the right ability and its stats match up for the most part. Its Atk is a lot lower than base 80, probably so its card wouldn't be too easy, but yeah, it is basically a Bonsly. Of course, you can't evolve it into Sudowoodo, I wonder if they even knew its evolution method by this point.

The final Pokemon we'll be hacking in is Mew. Not any specific one, this is an 8th movie distribution, probably. Who cares.

Where did you find it? That MEW is the POKEMON I've been searching for all this time. Why? Because MEW is the only POKEMON that can learn every single move I teach. Yup, every one of the 100 I teach! If you'd like, I could teach your MEW some moves right now. Since it is your MEW I'll be teaching, I should pick moves that suit your style. I'll need your help just a little. I'll ask you five questions. I want you to pick an answer that suits you best for each question. That's all it takes! If you like the four moves I pick out based on your answers, I can teach them to your MEW for 5000 Poke Coupons. What do you think? Want to give it a try?

Due to the sheer amount of moves here and the various questions he can ask, Mew can get one heck of a moveset. Let's see what we get.

Team Snagem is baaaaaaaad to the bone and the Robo Kyogre worked, so, y'know.

How, uh, destructive. Seriously, there's 100 different moves to choose from this guy that only appears in Mt. Battle if you have a Mew in your party that you traded over from that Emerald event you did. Oh wait, that was never localized. Anyway, this guy can teach your Mew every TM, HM and Tutor move from Gen 3, minus the unique Starter tutor moves. But there's 6 exclusive moves here, Faint Attack, Fake Out, Hypnosis, Night Shade, Role Play and Zap Cannon, that Mew couldn't learn anywhere else. It's pretty cool for something you'd only encounter if you took your Mew to Mt. Battle for some reason.

...done! Your MEW has learned a complete set of four moves. There we go! We're all done here. If you need me for anything else, I'll be right here.

It's kinda cool, but not being able to just choose the move kinda sucks, since 5000 Poke Coupons ain't great to keep retrying. Next time, for the final update of XD, we'll finish off the Orre Colosseum and then have one last battle for a finale.