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Part 26: Battle CD Selection 2

Side Course 6: Battle CD Selection 2

Battle Sim

Let's see what crazy creations we've got this time.

Reward: Paralyz Heal

Interesting, interesting. You can probably see is how this one goes.

Missing Egg Bomb aside, you just need to survive the punch onslaught. It's probably worth using Protect for Ice Punch, since you lose if you get frozen. As well as paralyzed, but you can't use Protect for that.

Because of that. Hi Jump Kick's recoil up Gen 5 was half of the damage it would've done, yowch. Easy enough, what's next?

Reward: Ice Heal

So what moves should we use to win? Again, Speed tiers are key.

Since Primeape is just faster than Pikachu, we need to slow it down.

So Pikachu can get this off.

Snorlax is solidly annihilated in two hits, so if only there was a way to restore health.

Hey, we barely survive and take it out. Remember, Wish will heal half of the user's HP, regardless of who used the move, otherwise it would've only healed around 48HP, instead of 110.

Reward: Super Potion

This looks miserable. And you're right, it is.

The name of this game is to fish for a +6 Slash crit, since that'll ignore all Barrier boosts.

Hopefully that happens before you get slowly worn down by Acid, especially if it keeps lowering your Defense.

Still, with +2 crit, it's a 25% chance each time, so you should get it eventually.

Reward: Full Heal

Seems easy enough!

This is a great example of the AI, as Aggron will always attack Clefairy.

So on turns where Clefable is not using Follow Me to draw attacks, Clefairy has to Protect, since Clefable will never be targetted otherwise.

So even with all the Protects and Moonlights (which restores 2/3rds health in sun), you'll have enough sun turns to take Aggron down. It would be nice if Aggron missed an Iron Tail!

Alright fine then.

Reward: Full Heal


Take out six Pokemon in one turn? Is that even possible???

Annoying, but Cacturne did all it needed to and the 4x weakness is too much for the AI to ignore.

So Magcargo can finish the setup. You can guess what'll happen next.

They should've sent a poet.

Reward: Hyper Potion

Looks easy enough, but of course there's a catch.

Alright, now we're faster than Swellow. We should attack, right?

Hold up there friend, you don't want it getting a Salac boost also! I wouldn't be surprised if Megahorn dealt just enough damage to Swellow that it still activated the berry anyway, so just don't try anything.

Okay now you can kill it.

Hmm, pretty simple one here, since Sharpedo can't be damaged in any way.

This does require a couple turns of set up, so hopefully it all goes well.

Even if Sharpedo gets a 2 turn Thrash and becomes confused, Own Tempo will cure it of that by the end of the turn. Neat, huh?

Now while Sharpedo has fun, Misdreavus can weaken the opponents, though it's a bit tricky since you don't choose what Thrash targets. So if you Pain Split a Slow that just took damage, it won't be very helpful.

But it's whatever if Misdreavus faints now.

Reward: Burn Heal

We've almost got a proper team here. Note the Speed tiers again.

The opponents won't be doing much aside from annoying us, so how can we take them all down in two turns?

You can probably guess how.

Well that's two of them down and Rhydon was able to somehow survive that!

But the tricky part of the strategy is realising you need the slower Rhydon to use Flamethrower on the first turn on Golem, who is replaced by Flareon in time to be hit by it. I'll admit, might not have figured that one out by myself.

Swellow is a red, uh, swallow since it can't do anything to Gengar, while a Flash Fire boosted Overheat is the only thing that knocks out Gengar in one hit. Unless you crit, in which case you can ignore the entire strategy, I GUESS.

Reward: Mental Herb

I hope you weren't doing anything soon, cause this is a long one.

By alternating between Substitute and Protect, we'll be able to PP stall this Kyogre to DEATH.

By alternating in such a way, you'll have just enough health to make your last sub and then Rest up when Kyogre can only use Double-Edge.

Now we can start wearing down Kyogre, however I got an unlucky crit here. It's not the end of the world, I just need to use Rest earlier than I wanted to.

Then when I wake, I'm not confident I can knock out Kyogre with an Ancientpower, so it's back to sleep again. Bit annoying, but hey, we still won!

Reward: Timer Ball

You remember what the Conversion moves do?

We'll need to use this otherwise dead turn to set up.

Conversion2 turns you into a type that resists the last move you were hit by, so it could've changed Porygon2 into a Rock, Steel or Ghost type.

And now for the final piece of the puzzle.

Dusclops barely survives this Selfdestruct, so you need to attack it beforehand, but otherwise Porygon2 will survive.

Reward: Timer Ball

These two will have to defuse a bomb? Well, if you say so.

Well I see one way to defuse it, but how to make it happen...

So the name of the game is to weaken both Xatu and Ariados to the point where you can knock them out in the same turn.

...if that doesn't happen, Electrode comes out and you fucking die.

But if you do get it right, then it's smooth sailing.

Bomb defused bitches.

Psyduck does sweet fuck all, so it's easy enough to take out.

Reward: Revive

There's a lot of moving parts in this one, so how exactly are we gonna win this?

That is quite the team to take out in 5 turns. To begin with, we don't have any way to take down Shedinja as is, nor anything that really does a lot of damage to Shuckle. It's definitely tricky.

First thing is surviving Selfdestruct, which is easy enough by swapping out Linoone for Dusclops.

Now we need to bring Aggron out, so Alakazam needs to go down.

Then we need to Imprison the opponent so Gengar can't go for Mean Look or Protect.

This forces Gengar to explode. We need Dusclops to Protect anyway so Shedinja doesn't hit it with Shadow Ball. Yet.

Remember Aggron, it went for Counter on that Explosion, so this is how we knock Shuckle out when it gets sent out after Gengar. But what to do about Shedinja?

Now Aggron can Mimic it, so it has Shadow Ball. Dusclops can do whatever, it can be taken down by Shedinja so it keeps using Shadow Ball and nothing else.

Linoone is here too, I guess. And that's how we take everyone down in 5 turns. Did this without a guide, totally.

Oh? Now this is something we have to explore in full detail. In fact, it's getting its own update. Which means this one is over. See ya!