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Part 27: Battle Bingo 2

Side Course 7: Battle Bingo 2

Battle Bingo

Welcome back to some more Bingo. Here are the three Expert cards. We're starting with quite a good one.

Since we have a Magikarp, we need to pretty quickly make that not the case. We'll use it to catch Cacturne and then get the Master Ball and, well, that's what it'll do for the entire card. So we're basically using three Pokemon.

With three pretty strong Pokemon, this'll be a piece of cake. Note the Gengar having Psychic as its move, its the third Pokemon overall we've encountered that doesn't have a STAB move (Focus Punch Cubone from Card 2 and Hyper Beam Aerodactyl from Card 6 if you noticed), making it a little trickier in finding out how useful a Pokemon might be. It's something to look out for more and more as the cards get tougher.

So it's simply a matter of matching super effective damage, which is pretty easy when you have some hard hitters with those moves.

And Gengar cleans from there. Magikarp who?

That's a pretty nice reward for not a lot of work. These cards aren't particularly tricky due to the high damage being thrown around everywhere, so minimizing RNG is pretty easy for the most part.

Wet. Golduck has Brick Break, so it's pretty fuckin rubbish, so we need to replace it asap. The problem with these later cards is, well, everything is pretty good, so who do you actually pick to catch? Well, the ones that line up quite nicely and give you the most damage out of all of them so you don't need to fight them. Simple really... when you know what's under every panel...

Starmie is such an obvious pick and even Golduck will pull its weight so long as it's up against the right Pokemon.

When you have Ludicolo, there's no way you can lose.

Though it will run out of EP eventually, so we need a second super effective opinion. But again, pretty darn easy.

The final card pulls out all the stops, with all kinds of Pokemon and all kinds of moves. This Scyther has an Eviolite... right?

We'll need a nice strong Pokemon to help us along, though Scyther has Aerial Ace, so it's not completely useless.

That Gyarados is pretty damn sneaky, so we need Golem to take care of it.

Our last Pokemon is, well, Quagsire again, but it's really good so I don't mind!

Alright, we should be good to end this nice and smoothly.

Oh no you don't, not when I'm so close to the end!

Alright, that's all the cards complete.

Bar one. Of course it's not over just yet.

Houndoom can almost solo this card, but it'll need some help getting past some of the tough customers.

Of course we've got to go for one of the best Pokemon on this card. No, seriously, Chimecho is actually super helpful, even though it only has 50 Atk.

Gotta get them eggs also, just too good to pass up.

The bottom row can be particularly deadly for Houndoom, so it needs a little help from its friends.

Though once you get past this point...

Houndoom can absolutely destroy everything. And yes, you can finish the last card with only 3 Pokemon. The guy from Gamefaqs that I got all of these strategies from and copied verbatim is a genius. Probably.

That is a NICE chunk of change for not spending too long doing stuff. Like this is more coupons we'll get from climbing Mt. Battle, which shows just how rubbish that place is. Though it's the quickest place to grind them, I suppose.

Congratulations! At your next visit, we will offer a new game mode to add to the fun of BATTLE MODE. Named the 1-PANEL MODE, this game mode makes it much more difficult to choose PANELS for flipping. We hope you will give it a try!

Well I'm incredibly uninterested in this new mode, but we do have one final card to clear. It's weird you have to Use it while at the desk instead of just talking to her, but whatever.

I've only heard rumors about it myself. This is the first time I've seen this CARD! Should I register this CARD so that you may play it here? Thank you so much! I will register this CARD right away!

The difficulty gets lowered for this card, but it's just a cute little bonus that lets you use a Bonsly FOURTEEN MONTHS before its game came out. How's that for content? Man a two year gap between main games is always rough...

Oh yeah I guess I should go over 1-Panel mode. It makes the game harder, but increases the Poke Coupon payout. The tiles are shuffled before you start, so you have no idea where things for the most part and you can only flip tiles adjacent to you, failing if you hit a dead end. It's, uh, really not worth it. These are hard enough to do blind, so adding shit on top of that is annoying. However, if you instantly retry a card, the tiles don't get shuffled again, so you can keep retrying until you know where everything is and work from there. There's no reward for beating all the cards in this mode (probably, has anyone actually done it?), so just move on, and leave this minigame short and sweet.

Hey it's a Bonsly. We'll see what it does in a moment, but we need some friends first.

Alright, that should do us for the moment.

But yep, Bonsly is perfectly usable, coming with Rock Slide and the same stats it has in Gen 4. Though of course you can't use it outside this mode. You can't.

We'll be saving this for later. For now, there's not much since the card is a step down from what we've just been doing. But you don't need to beat any other cards to access this anyway.

While it has shit SpDef, it can still take a few hits.

Alright, let's get to clearing this card!

Oh wait this crit means we lose. Love this feature. The Expert cards were nice and smooth, but the Regular cards were pretty fuckin mean.

And that was the Bonsly card. What fun, I guess.

That's the best reward we'll get from this mode, all that's left is Poke Coupons for retrying. And to be fair, we've accrued quite a bit, since I've also gone up to Area 4 in Mt. Battle by this point. And there's still plenty more to obtain. But the real reward?

Was the friends we made along the way. Battle Bingo is... alright. If I didn't have a step by step plan of what to do then I would conclude that this mode is random garbage you can't possibly strategise about in any way. So don't do this mode blind, cause it's pretty fucking awful if you do. When you do know everything... it's kinda boring. There's no middle ground for this mode and that's the worst part of it, I was just going through the motions. Oh well, at least we have Voltorb Flip.