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Part 28: Battle CD Selection 3

Side Course 8: Battle CD Selection 3

Battle SIM

We might have finished the Battle BINGO, but there's still plenty more Battle CDs to cover. And they just gonna get weirder.

Reward: Hyper Potion

This one isn't that interesting, but it teaches you about a certain mechanic.

How fast this battle goes depends on how lucky you get with the multiple hits.

Cause we're gonna be here a while if Wobbuffet doesn't predict correctly.

So you don't go for the strong move until later since multi hit moves only have their last hit reflected back by Counter or Mirror Coat, meaning you can very easily outdamage Wobbuffet. However, since it was looking like I was gonna knock it out easily since it was bad at predicting, I let it hit me back for loads of damage.

Good start.

So yeah, same as before, except Skitty is much worse than Roselia so it's really bad.

Crits are actually bad if it's the last hit, but otherwise whatever.

Reward: Revive

You can probably see how this would go, but in what order?

We'll ignore the Torkoal for the moment to SEE THE FUTURE.

And with the rain, this Overheat does nothing.

Did you remember that Future Sight and Doom Desire ignore Wonder Guard? A nice STAB rain boosted weather boosted Weather Ball will also do a shit ton.

We're even bulky enough to drop a Thunder.

Reward: Guard Spec.

Seems easy enough. Of course the trick is damaging Farfetch'd enough so it doesn't trigger its berry.

That's not a good start. If you let Farfetch'd use Substitute every turn, then it'll get down to 1HP and promptly wreck your face. So we need to get lucky with Fury Swipes in order to damage Farfetch'd past the sub.

Well we got 2 hits, 3 hits, then 2 hits again. Cool.

Thankfully it's not the end of the world since Farfetch'd has above 10% HP, so Flail only had 100BP. If it was less than 4%, then it would be 200BP and with +1 Attack, it would one shot you. So try to avoid that.

Ah fuck you game.

Reward: PP Up, CD 37


This can be a tricky fight since you need to use Focus Punch on the turns the opponent doesn't use Dynamicpunch, unless they miss, then you'll look like a god. I could use Dynamicpunch myself, but fuck that.

When you both use Focus Punch, whoever is faster pulls it off, great for Blaziken.

Ah fuck

Well Breloom can clean up, since it landed Dynamicpunch on Hitmonchan and is faster than Hariyama.

I'm a god, bitches.

Well that was fun. Onto the ne-

This BATTLE CD actually is double sided. Once you've cleared the A side, you're entitled to receive the B side. The B side reverses the attacking and defending sides in the BATTLE SIM. I do hope you make that challenge!

Reward: PP Up

Hope you liked whatever battle you just did, cause now you have to do it again, but with the Pokemon you just faced! Otherwise I'm pretty eh about A and B sides since they're just normal battles with no quick cool strategy to them, so they become some of the longer and more annoying battles, though they do have their moments.

Alright, off to a good start, since the opponent will mainly use Dynamicpunch.

Nice, but now Poliwrath's confused and Breloom is up next. A lot of these A and B side battles are just damage races, since they're usually 3 Pokemon against each other.

Oh okay, apparently Poliwrath is amazing, landing two Dynamicpunches and not getting confused.

...can I keep this Poliwrath? I want to solo the rest of the game with it.

Reward: Max Ether, CD 39

Ugh, these battles. Our Pokemon aren't particularly that great for this, even if they're good attackers.

The main problem is Cradily as well as Lileep, since we're 4x weak to Grass. Remember Cradily's weaknesses? It's FIBS, Fighting, Ice, Bug and Steel. Don't forget it!

The small evolutions basically cancel each other out.

The main focus is on Cradily and somewhat on Lileep.

With Bullet Seed, it's a race against time and if you get unlucky with the number of hits, there's nothing you can really do.

That helps a lot.

Oh okay, guess we'll just win then. That makes my life a lot easier.

Oh yeah, Ancientpower buffs can sometimes be a thing. Little bit shitty, but oh well, we've won regardless.

Reward: Max Ether

Alright, now we've got these guys. This one is a lot easier since we can do something no AI ever does: focus fire. So we can hit those 4x weaknesses easily, so long as we get lots of high hits.

Though it's become tougher since the evolved forms are out first for our opponent.

Bit of a shame, since Anorith usually instantly dies, so anything that switches in also takes a hit, since it's such an easy target.

Omastar is the main threat, since it has the best STAB and stats to use it with. Thankfully they both go after Lileep, who can take a few hits.

Now that the big guys are gone, this battle is basically over.

Especially since Armaldo can be easy bait. Cradily was basically ignored the whole time, ain't the AI great?

Great timing there dumbarse.

Reward: Rare Candy, CD 41

Oh yeah, we're doing A and B side CDs for the rest of the update, probably should've mentioned that!

While Sceptile is faster, we have BIG DAMAGE behind us.

Oh nice, we speed tie with Blaziken, so that was the best scenario.

Charizard beats Blaziken no problem, but since we can't do much against Swampert, here's a flashy move for you.


Okay there we go, sheesh.

Reward: Rare Candy

Okay, we don't have the elemental beam moves anymore and we're at a immediate type disadvantage, so we'll need to play a bit smart.

Switching will let us get an advantage, since the AI never switches.

C'mon there friend, don't give me that shit.

And from here we can just do safe switches for type advantage, though Venusaur and Blaziken still speed tie.

And there we go. Pretty simple battling since there's not much strategy in them. Still, while we've gone through a good chunk of the CDs now, there's still a fair few left and they're not gonna be easy.