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Part 30: Dr Kaminko's Inventions

At first glance, it's an ordinary sort of plain light bulb, but it positively gulps electricity at ten times the usual rate. Keep using this, and the electricity bulls will grow shockingly! And, it won't be easy to find out why! CHOBIN think it is dazzling.

Whatever it sucks up, it blows out the rear using powerful jet propulsion that shreds dust into fine particles. The more you vacuum, the more your rooms get covered in an invisible coat of dust from corner to corner! CHOBIN thinks this is splendorous!

If the purpose is to conserve power, you won't be making a mistake with this refrigerator! It's truly one of a kind! It's an ultra energy saver that usually stays off. It only turns on when its sensor detects someone in front of it. Food goes bad right away, but no one knows why because the fridge is on when the door is opened! CHOBIN thinks this is splendid!

It works with your video deck! When you're recording a TV program, this device ends the recording five minutes early! If you recorded a movie, you'll be at the best part at the end when suddenly the screen goes blank! CHOBIN thinks this is astonishing!

It will amaze you! It only has 300 days in a year! Anyone using it will lose 65 days a year! CHOBIN thinks this is astounding!

It's not a ball, it's a pole! Just like a POKEBALL, it's painted red and white, but it's just a pole! People will confuse it with a POKEBALL? Society will be engulfed in chaos? CHOBIN thinks this is magnificent!

It works just like an ordinary radio. That is until two in the morning... if you listen very closely, you can hear a tiny voice... "Please help meeeeeeeee." Maybe DR. KAMINKO just put in an odd program to do that. He denies it, but he must have done it absentmindedly. He must have. CHOBIN thinks this is frightfully excellent!