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Pokemon Yellow

by Crosspeice

Part 1: Update #01: Welcome to the World of Colour

Opening and Intro

Man, what a crazy video game "Old Man Lecture" is.

I've heard of this level called "Outside", I wonder what it's like.

Gonna need to stock up before we leave.

I could explain things, but it's also pretty self explanitory.

Everything's so colourful, I love it.

Need breakfast...

"for you."

Dr. Yukinari Okido is from Ōkiddo, orchid. Ōkido is an actual family name.

Alright, guess I'm going hungry then.

Pallet Town: Shades of your journey await!
(Pallet is a set of colours)
Masara Town: Masara is the color of pure-white beginnings.
(Masara comes from massara, brand new, or masshiro, pure white)

Next door I go, maybe they'll feed me.

"Grandpa's lab."

Guess I'm heading there next

"isn't around!"

Oh come on!

"POKEMON for me."

"POKEMON inside!"

Now what?

Truly this is the future.

"protect me!"

I could do the same, but someone's gone awhol.

One place I haven't checked.


What will Oak do?

Don't make it look too easy now.

: A POKEMON can appear anytime in tall grass. You need your own POKEMON for your protection. I know! Here, come with me!


: Hmm? SHIGERU? Why are you here already? I said for you to come by later... Ah, whatever. Just wait there.

"on the table?"

: It's called a POKEBALL. It holds a POKEMON inside. You may have it! Go on, take it!

: Hey! Gramps! What about me?

: Be patient, SHIGERU, I'll give you one later.

Well, don't mind if I do.

: No way! SATOSHI, I want this POKEMON!


: Gramps, I want this one!

: But I... Oh, all right then. That POKEMON is yours. I was going to give you one anyway..."

"caught earlier."

: You can have it. I caught it in the wild and it's not tame yet.


We'll skip out on this for now, we can always change it later.

: If a wild POKEMON appears, your POKEMON can fight against it! Afterward, go on to the next town.

"lot stronger."

Might as well check it out.

Pretty basic to begin with. And, well, it's got pretty bad stats all around, aside from Special. I'll go into much bigger detail later.

Oh boy.

#025: Pikachu

#133: Eevee

Okay, the main meat of the game, it's pretty simple to begin with.

We only have two attacks. Thundershock, sorry, THUNDERSHOCK, is a fairly weak Electric move, but it's all we have. It also has a 10% chance of paralysing the opponent. In Japanese, it's simply Denki Shokku (Electric Shock).
Growl (Nakigoe: Cry), lowers Attack by 1 stage, though the strategy this early on is to attack, attack, attack.

Like so.

Ow that hurts. Tackle (Taiatari: Body Blow) does hit pretty hard and Pikachu's low Defense stat is not helping here.

Let's take the edge off.

Eh. Since it only reduces it by one stage out of six, at these low levels it's not much of an impact.

And now my Growl doesn't matter. Tail Whip (Shippo Wo Furu: Tail Wag) lowers my Defense by 1 stage. So now Eevee's Tackle will do the same as it did before.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to take it out next turn, but it can definitely knock me out.

Best be safe and heal up 20 health.


That makes sense, critical hits double your damage and have a higher chance of happening depending on your Speed. Pikachu's somewhat speedy, I suppose

Oh yeah!

Bye then.

: It's odd, but it appears that your PIKACHU dislikes POKE BALLs. You should just keep it with you. That should make it happy!

Oh really?

How do you like me, little buddy?

This is gonna be a long game...

And just before we finish, let's have a look at the starters for the other versions.

#001: Bulbasaur

#004: Charmander

#007: Squirtle