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Part 2: Update #02: There and Back Again

Just before we start, here's an in depth look at our first Pokemon. I'll be talking about this more at the end of the update.

Now let's continue.

Time to head off for glorious adventures.

Might as well say something to our mother before we disappear into the countryside.


: You should take a rest.

Doo doo do-do-doo.

: Oh good! You and your POKEMON are looking great! Take care now!

I don't think we'll talk to her for the rest of the game.


Time to head out onto Route 1, or 1 ban doro. Wild Pokemon will jump at you, so be ready.

: I know. I'll give you a sample! Here you go!

Aww yeah, the free stuff begins early.

: We also carry POKE BALLs for carrying POKEMON!

We're not gonna get far before this happens.

#019: Rattata

I don't think we'll have much trouble.

Good idea to get experience to begin with, this'll be the only time we really fight wild Pokemon.

You'll grow on me.

#016: Pidgey

Pikachu has zero problems with these birds.

: It's a bit scary, but you can jump from them. You can get back to PALLET TOWN quicker that way.

We've made it out and we're mostly not dead.

There's a slight colour change in every location. Some are very, very subtle.

Viridian City: The Eternally Green Paradise
(Viridi is Latin for green, while Viridian is a blue-green colour)
Tokiwa City: Tokiwa is the color of green eternity
(From tokiwa iro, the colour of evergreen trees)

There's a number of signs around the world telling you stuff you already know, or what I can tell you. We won't be reading them.

Doesn't mean we won't follow their advice, though.

"perfect health!"

Very simple, very convenient.

More often than not, the people inside the Pokemon Center have nothing useful to say. We'll be ignoring most people in the world unless they give us something.

"Please wait."




What's it to you, boy-o?

"to him?"


This house has a load of info that I can just tell you instead.

In summary: Catch Pokemon in balls, carry up to 6 at once, weaken them before throwing through damage and/or status, battle other trainers and face 8 gym leaders then face against the Elite Four.

Sleep: For a few turns a Pokemon is unable to do anything. Will wake up between 1-7 turns.
Burn: Halves attack and takes 1/16th of its HP each turn.
Poison: Takes 1/16th of its HP each turn and loses 1HP every four steps out of battle.
Frozen: Becomes completely immobile and can only be cured by items or being hit by a fire type move. Otherwise, it is indefinite.
Paralysis: Quarters speed and has a 25% chance of being unable to move that turn. Curing the status does not remove the speed reduction.

Some statuses are pretty bad, especially in this generation. We'll get into the crazy stuff later.


Uhuh, I can tell by the way he slurs his words.

We won't go that way quite yet, we do have a parcel to deliver.

Head up here first...

...and find our first hidden item. We have no way of detecting these yet aside from pressing 'a' on every square, but that's what the internet is for.

Back home we go.

We can use the ledges to avoid nearly all the grass.

...nearly all.

: Well, it seems to like you a lot. You must be talented as a POKEMON trainer!

: Ah! This is the custom POKE BALL I ordered! Thanks SATOSHI!

"something for me."

: Ah, SHIGERU, good timing! I needed to ask both of you to do something for me.


: It automatically records data on POKEMON you've seen or caught. It's a hi-tech encyclopedia!

What? I'm on this adventure to avoid school!

: SATOSHI and SHIGERU! Take these with you!

Oh fine. I mean, how hard can it be?

: But I'm too old! I can't do it! So, I want you two to fulfill my dream for me!

"POKEMON history!"

: Alright, Gramps! Leave it all to me! SATOSHI, I hate to say it, but I don't need you!

"from my sis!"

: I'll tell her not to lend you one, SATOSHI! Hahaha!

I will punch him in the face swear to god.

"you, SATOSHI!"

Let's have a look see.

Any Pokemon you've seen will be recorded.

You can only recieve data once you've caught it.

Other features are the noise it makes when you encounter it and what locations you can find it. Pidgey is everywhere.

What's this do?

...never mind.

Only one thing we've captured.

Yeah, let's not try that.

And right at the bottom, we have this little guy. Gotta lot of spaces to fill!

So what's this about a TOWN MAP?

At least one child in this family ain't a jerk.

"you are."

Everything is dumped into the 'BAG', which totally isn't annoying.

A colourful way of telling you where (most) things are.

As well as places we won't be visiting for a while yet.

Back to Viridian we go.

A worthwhile battle, Sand Attack (Sunakake) is a Normal type move that lowers accuracy by one stage. I hate moves like this.

I will never be free...

"feel great!"

: Sure you can go through! I'm sorry I was so rude to you! I see you're using a POKEDEX. I'll show you how to catch POKEMON as my apology.

If you must.

Pretty simple, just throw the ball and ca-

-get frustrated when it fails over and over again, because fuck you.

"my touch."

: I've run out of POKE BALLS too. I have to get some at POKEMON MART.

Ah, Gen 1 grammar. How I've missed you.


Grandad's liquor cabinet doesn't restock itself, you know.

Need some POKE BALLs myself

And here's me forgetting that you don't need Antidotes for Viridian Forest in this game.

I'll be alright.

One more area of interest.

Seems like no one's home. Kinda rude, honestly.

Let's go shove some creatures into spheres.