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Part 7: Update #07: Surrounding Cerulean

Here's the nicknames of the other Pokemon. Keep 'em coming, we've only done around 10 of 151!

Remember to store your items, you only have 20 spaces in your Bag and 50 spaces for the PC, so you can get one of every TM. It'll be annoying though.

Might as well rate our Pokedex.

Suuuure. Evaluating the Dex doesn't do anything, unless you like your ego being stroked?

Let's actually explore this city.

Cerulean City: A Mysterious, Blue Aura Surrounds It
(Cerulean is a deep blue colour. Which is kinda hurting my eyes)
Hanada City: Hanada is the color of aqua mysteries
(From hanada iro, a light blue colour)

Glad I don't have a bike...

You should try doing an SSLP, how's that for hard work?

: Training POKEMON is difficult! Your POKEMON's obedience depends on your abilities as a trainer!


This just shows off disobedient Pokemon. If you have a traded Pokemon above a certain level, there's a chance it will ignore you, use another move entirely, go to sleep, or hurt itself. This stops you from using a Level 100 Mewtwo to wreck the early game, but it's really not something to worry about.

Would be pretty nice, might need to save up a bit.

...never mind. No bike for us.

: I nursed this BULBASAUR back to health. It needs a good trainer to take care of it now.

Free Pokemon? I dunno...

Remember when I said I would pick Bulbasaur as a starter? Well now I have. Our team's halfway done!

Here's Bulbasaur's stat stuff. It's very similar to Pikachu. Its nickname will happen midway through the next update.

Last house of interest, for now.

"skilled trainers."

: I see you have at least one. Those BADGEs have amazing secrets! Now then...

He will tell us what badges do, what stat they raise and what level traded Pokemon can be before they stop listening to us. We'll learn about this in time.

Hidden item in the backyard.

Now let's train up our new grass.

Let's just, uh, catch this Pokemon we couldn't otherwise.

And we've got some sweet moves. Vine Whip (Tsuru no Muchi) is a kinda weak Grass move that will do for now. We will replace it.

Leech Seed (Yadorigi no Tane: Misletoe Seed), meanwhile, isn't that great. After the enemies turn, it drains 1/16th of their health and gives it to you. That's a really dumb amount, but maybe it has some use.

Really not worth it.

And unlike a certain PROTAGONIST, we have no limits on evolution aside from Pikachu.

Halfway to useful.

#002: Ivysaur

Time to move on.

: You still struggling along back here? I'm doing great! I caught a bunch of strong and smart POKEMON!

: Here, let me see what you've caught, SATOSHI!

Now that we have some trained Pokemon, I will break this game in half, swear to god.

It really is that easy.

"You won already!"

: I went to BILL's at got him to show me his rare POKEMON! That added a lot of pages to my POKEDEX!

: After all, BILL's world famous as a POKEMANIAC! He invented the POKEMON Storage System on PC!

: Since you're using his system, go thank him! Well, I better get rolling! Smell ya later!

...well that was a text dump.

Since that barely affected us, let's move onto Route 24.

Once the trainers load in, of course.

Now they have an excuse for 20 trainers a route!

This, uh, isn't too interesting.


Please be interesting.

Ah, here we go, one of the tools against Brock, if you felt like it. Double Kick (Nidogeri) does what it says, kicks twice. It's not too bad a move, but only one Fighting type learns it. And has better options.

Nothing else happened.

Ah crap, someone else noticed how good Mankey is.


Your best is too good.

Really need to heal though. Oh yeah, if you store Pikachu in the PC, or have it faint, or trade it away, it won't follow you anymore.

"contest trainers!"

: You just earned a fabulous prize!

Neat, our money problems are over. A Nugget (Kin no Tama: Gold Orb) can be sold for $5000 and will finally get us out of this rut.

: By the way, would you like to join TEAM ROCKET?

: We're a group dedicated to evil using POKEMON! Want to join?

Hmm, you drive a hard bargain, but sure, sounds like fun.

Yep, this is what I was born to do.

I'm joining, I'm joining.

Dude, I'm saying yes to your offer.


I think he's been rejected too many times and just cannot comprehend a 'yes'.

Well, good start.

You can switch out of Wrap, but the enemy kinda cheats and just picks another move regardless. So you might get hit by another Wrap.

I wasn't so lucky this time. Confusion has a 50% chance of hitting yourself with a 40BP typeless attack. This does draw from your Attack and Defense stats, so Pikachu will take a chunk of damage from this.

I would do if you'd let me, but maybe I have a higher calling in life.

That guy has skills (and also trainers are loaded facing south, then properly turn after a frame. I'm sure this has no real applications).

When I was younger, I thought he said feet. And it still made sense.

Are you in Team Rocket now?

There's some Pokemon for us to catch, of course.

But just before we fill up our party...

: I should release my CHARMANDER because I haven't raised it well... If you promise me you'll take care of it, it's yours.

Damian's acting a bit weird today. Oh well, let's get a free Fire type.

That's two of the starters. Ember (Hinoko: Sparks) is a weak Fire move that you will replace. Just not right now.

And if you decide to train it up and use it?

#005: Charmeleon

Uh, great. We'll really need that.

Least there are some version exclusives we can get now.

#048: Venonat

"someone's PC!"

If you have a full party, any captured Pokemon will be sent to the PC. Unless the Box is full, but then you won't be able to catch anything anyway.

Next route!

"but I'm ready!"

Like most routes, there's a hundred trainers concentrated in a small area.

#066: Machop

Once I've stopped getting critted by Karate Chop, I can enjoy how much damage I do to Geodude.

"back in there."

There's a hidden item around here and I think I know where it is. Bah.

"let's fight!"

Bind is different to Wrap because it only does the animation twice. See? Totally different.


Leaving the route and coming back resets the trainer's positions.

Which lets us nab this cool thing. An Elixir (PP Aider and misspelled as Elixer in this and the next gen) restores 10PP to every move of a Pokemon. Very useful, actually.



Yeah, pay attention people who wreck the game with one Pokemon, it's much easier and convenient to do it, so keep it up!



Me too and I'm not even in a relationship.

"at the cape!"

I'm having fun at least. But not enough to take screenshots.


I technically have the last ever Pikachu.


Aww yeah, me t- oh wait, not anymore. Man, I've never been able to agree with this guy.

Ooh, nice. Slam (Tatakitsukeru) is a pretty powerful Normal move that is unfortunately quite inaccurate. But hey, Pikachu learns it, I ain't complaining.

I'll cheer myself up with free stuff...

Hmm... Seismic Toss (Chikyū Nage: Earth Throw) is an interesting move that does damage equal to the user's level. So it's obviously not useful right now. Looks baller as heck.

Pokemon fights: as inevitable as death and taxes.

While switching does get rid of the Confusion, it's probably easier to just use an item to heal Sleep, since switching means you still have a sleeping Pokemon.

"I'm so jealous!"

Yeah, now that I've smacked some sense into you...r pets.


Oh sorry, I shoved a stone in its face and now it's not as cute.

And here's our destination.

Bill's Cottage

Yeah, that was a wild ride.

Buuuuut, I was promised rare Pokemon.

Oh what a surprise. I think Bill (or Masaki Sonezaki, from masaki (Japanese spindle), or misaki (cape)) is hiding something from us.

This only adds the Eeveelutions to your dex as 'Seen', but since we have no idea how they play, I'll save my notes until we do.

Now it's time to head back. Quick and easy.