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Part 9: Update #09: S.S. Anne

All fresh and ready to explore a new city.

Vermilion City: The Port of Exquisite Sunsets
(Vermilion is a reddish-orange pigment from the mineral cinnabar)
Kuchiba City: Kubicha is the color of orange sunsets
(From kuchiba iro, the orange colour of decayed leaves)

First stop is next door!

Free stuff? Yes please!

: Grand! I like your style! Take this and fish, young one!

: Fishing is a way of life! From the seas to the rivers, go out and land the big one, young one!

So Fishing is very simple, just press 'A' when you get a bite. Let's see what there is.


Yeah, no.

Well at least one of us is having fun. But the only thing we can get with the Old Rod is Magikarp. We'll need to get other rods to catch other things.

"plot of land."

That explains the empty space where there could be free stuff.


Maybe things will change in, say, three years?

Now we can finally buy Super Potions (Good Wound Medicine), which restore 50HP, which is around the amount our team members are reaching.

: I think it needs a good trainer to set it straight.

Okay. Don't give me free stuff, see if I care.

I feel like this house should have something... Probably not necessary now.


I don't know what you see in her.

"adorable tail?"

Mine bites me if I try anything with its tail.

I think you might be right.

: I have more than 100 POKEMON, I love them all! I'm very fussy when it comes to POKEMON! So...


: Thanks for hearing me out! I want you to have this!

........hmm, wha?

: Exchange that for a BICYCLE! Don't worry, my FEAROW will FLY me anywhere! So, I don't need a BICYCLE! I hope you like cycling!

"POKEMON again?"


Let's get out of there and explore elsewhere.

I always think there's something in this house. I think wrong.


Hey, hear your city sucks, mine is just fine.

Wasn't there something about a boat?

"sleeping POKEMON."

I've never heard of any of those locations, so it doesn't apply to me.


I think we'll go that way later.

Hold up, it's somewhere in this Bag of mine...

Ooh, very fancy.

"more bored ones!"

Can this be counted as a dungeon? Well, there's plenty of trainers to beat up. So let's do that.

First cabin has quite the Gentleman. too, buddy.

#058: Growlithe

Not too tough, Roar (Hoeru) will end a wild battle like Whirlwind and is useless in Trainer battles until the next gen. So get used to seeing it!

Pfft, they're just code. Who cares, right?

Next cabin.

Maybe you should've locked the door then.

What? All I did was invade your privacy, beat up your pets and take your money. Maybe next time don't be in an RPG.

Maybe the next people whose privacy I invade will be a bit more gracious.



I don't know if that was any better, really.

Wouldn't mind traveling the world in luxury...

"this ship!"

: I will be happy to serve you anything you please!


: Ah! Le strong silent type!

I never got breakfast and I'll never get lunch, either.

"around the world!"

There are some NPCs that look around and move, while Trainers don't do anything like that, so it's not too hard figuring out who will fight you. Unless it's an NPC that doesn't move either. Then I don't know.

"world for these!"

Doesn't make them any stronger than my homegrown ones.


I hate being around toffs.

Then you would be the first.

YES. One of the best Normal moves, Body Slam (Noshikakari: Lean On) is a very powerful, very accurate move that a lot of Pokemon learn and need to be effective, since it can also Paralyze.

This will be a mainstay on Vegeta and be very useful, since it'll be a useful physical compliment to its special Grass moves.

Neat. With this info, I'll definitely get a spot in the Mafia.

We'll go past the stairs for the moment and head to the kitchens.

: Les guests may gripe it's fish again, however!

: Les guests may mutiny, I fear.

: But do I have enough fillets du beef?


I feel you buddy.



"for trainers!"

: At every port, we hold parties with invited trainers!

Liiiike me... yeah...

Quick diversion.

Oh that thing we need, how convenient.

The ship's not moving. So yeah, probably.

#072: Tentacool

Let's see what this thing does.

...why do I even ask.

What, 200? Don't be daft man.

Please don't make me. It'll surprise you to learn that, as a nerd, I can't dance.

Body Slam is pretty damn good.

"think there are?"

You've been to more regions, you tell me.

That's all the trainers out here.

Back to the cabins.

Spoilers, man, geez. We'll talk about this hunka meat later.

Lots of lovely experience.

Well, if we must. PoisonPowder (Doku no Kona) is like Sleep Powder and Stun Spore, except it's not as good, since Poison isn't a good status to catch Pokemon and there are better ways to Poison later.

Acid (Yōkaieki: Corrosive Liquid) is, laughably, the second strongest Poison move in this gen. It lowers Defense and may be the best option some Poison types have.

"over by now."

Whaaaaa? We missed it? Maaaaaaan. I was gonna groove til dawn.

"me youthful."


Well he's technically making my Pokemon older.

Sonicboom (Sonikku Būmu) does a set 20 damage. That's useless at later levels, but that's a 3HKO right now. So just keep yourself topped up.

"young again!"

Stop stealing my soul!!!

Max Ether (PP Recover) fully restores the PP of a single move. I don't know if I've ever used one of these...

What wonders await us in the next cabin?


"rare Pokemon?"

Rare. So I can make it strong. Checkmate, athiests.

#077: Ponyta

That's cheating. (Kudos for the rare bit)

Never saw your skill, either. Ohhhhhhhhhh.

Yeah, yeah, gimme free stuff.

Sheesh there's a lot of cabins here.


: It had many rare kinds of POKEMON!

Yeah I'm really looking forward to it...


Don't rock the boat.

Have we made it? Is this the end?

: Imagine seeing you here! SATOSHI, were you really invited? So, how's your POKEDEX coming?

: I already caught 40 kinds pal! Different kinds are everywhere! Crawl around in grassy areas!

I highly doubt that. I've been cheating to get some kinds and I've only just scraped 30.

Despite his ~40 kinds~, his team hasn't changed since we last fought. In fact, the only difference is that they're 1 level higher. This is a really pointless battle.

Pathetic. (I did not intend to have my team strong against everything he has)


I know you're not.

"master on board."

: But, he was just a seasick old man! But CUT itself is really useful! You should go see him. Smell ya!


I do enjoy myself some irony.

: Urrp! Seasick...


: Whew! Thank you! I feel much better! You want to see my CUT technique? I could show you if I wasn't so ill...

: I know, you can have this! Teach it to your POKEMON and you can see it CUT anytime!

Our first HM! It's not the worst one! Yay!

: Now that I'm not sick anymore, I guess it's time.

Now remember YOU CANNOT FORGET HM'S IN THIS GAME or just moves in general, really, so be very sure you want to saddle a Pokemon with a move like this. There are ways to do so via trading to other games like Stadium and Gen 2, but I have no way of doing that and wouldn't anyway.

Back to near the entrance, there's just one area we haven't been to yet.

Yay more cabins!

: He has enough STRENGTH to move big rocks!

With enough crunches, I could do the same.

A cabin full of seamen.

If you say so.

So Cut (Iai Giri: Iai Cut (Iai being the smooth motion of drawing a sword, cutting an opponent, removing the blood from the blade and replacing the sword in the scabbard)) is, well, a bit rubbish, really. Especially since we already have a really good Normal move in Body Slam. But someone has to have it.


Yes... pretty hard to miss, really.

"and fighting?"

Please don't punch me.

Hey, something new. Withdraw (Kara ni Komoru: Withdraw into Shell) raises your Defense one stage. Woo.

Doesn't matter if I crit you though. Critical hits ignore all stat boosts. Including positive ones. Yeahhhh.

I'm alright.

Well, every Pokemon LP has to have a reference to rape in it somewhere.

"You'll need a ROD!"

Don't try and make this weird.


While your Pokemon are good for exp, maybe get some new ones?

"out at sea!"

So what wonderful TM is this? Another Normal move?

Rest (Nemuru: Sleep) will induce Sleep for two turns and fully heal the Pokemon. It can be useful in the right situations, but we won't need it, since we can just heal instead.

And this is the last cabin. Huzzah.

I see.

"get away!"

"assistant too!"

Sorry, FISHERMAN, I have more important things than fishing up carps.

"if you lose!"

Pfft, what possible reason would I have to throw this match?



Oh dear.

How completely unintentional.