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Part 11: Cutting Around Kanto

Now that we're done with Vermilion, our next stop is Lavender, but there's a number of things we can do first.

"long tunnel!"

: It goes right to VIRIDIAN CITY!

Boy, I wonder what's in here.

REALLY? Let's catch it then.

Or maybe not.

Eventually get one of the damn things.

Let's also get this, uh, legitimate Clefairy. For reasons.

Now time to get rid of encounters and continue on.

This place isn't too large, but we're not done just yet...

#051: Dugtrio

So Repel stop encounters that are lower leveled than your lead Pokemon. But you can manipulate this to encounter Pokemon that are higher then that. Usually, Dugtrio is only 5% chance, but if we just get rid of other encounters, it becomes a sure thing. Pretty handy!

This is a pretty strong Pokemon though, so be careful.

Eventually you'll get it.

Now to show off its stats. That's the first option, so I'll just keep pressing 'A'.


Well at least I can heal. And this is really good for early on. I won't use it though.

Short trip to the other side.

"dark and scary."

: If a POKEMON's FLASH could light it up...

And now we're back near Viridian Forest. Ahh, the memories of like two weeks ago.

Let's explore.

Well, FUNNILY ENOUGH, I have a Clefairy right here.

The fuck's a cable? Don't you have Wi-Fi? Oh, whatever, let's do it the retro way.


: Hey thanks! Isn't my old MR.MIME great?

#122: Mr. Mime

This is the only way you can obtain one of these, in all the games, it's actually kinda weird. Barrier (Bariā) raises your Defense by 2 stages. It is pretty useful for some fragile things. Though you could also just hit things.

We won't be using this Pokemon, but it will be useful.


: If you caught 10 kinds of POKEMON, I'm supposed to give you an HM05!

: So, SATOSHI! Have you caught at least 10 kinds of POKEMON?


: Great! You have caught 40 kinds of POKEMON! Congratulations! Here you go!

: The HM FLASH lights even the darkest dungeons.

Now then, DO NOT TEACH FLASH TO ANY OF YOUR TEAM MEMBERS! Not only is it a bad move, but you might not need it. Flash (Furashhu) lowers Accuracy by one stage and has pretty bad accuracy. It's bad.

Those items that taunted us at the start of the game? Mine, all mine!

Gonna pop back into Viridian city for a moment. To see our mom? What? No. Why would I do that?

"off in the sun."

: I had this dream about a DROWZEE eating my dream. What's this?

: Where did this TM come from? This is spooky! Here, you can have this TM.


Dream Eater (Yume Kui: Dream Eat) is actually the most powerful Psychic move that also restores health, but it only works if the opponent is asleep. So the turn you used Hypnosis and then Dream Eater... you could've just used two Psychics. Maybe not worth it, but Sleep is pretty good, so if you want, give it a shot.

There's also one more thing we can do with Cut.

Sneak in the back way!

: It would be great if POKEMON could be ressurected from it! But, my colleagues just ignore me!

: So, I have a favor to ask! Take this to a POKEMON LAB and get it examined!

Yeesh, how many things do we have to revive at that place?

: Oh, whatever! Do you know what AMBER is?

Because I'm sure a few of you don't know and definitely not me, I'll say no.

: AMBER is fossilized tree sap.

Cool. Now that we know, let's choose the other option.

: There's a lab somewhere trying to ressurect ancient POKEMON from AMBER.

Maybe science is just boring.

Anyway, we can either head back through Diglett's Cave and up to Cerulean, or just go through Mt. Moon. Repels and speed up make either a non issue. If I had planned ahead, I could've brough an Abra and Teleport to the last Pokemon Center I used, Vermilion's. Pretty handy in rare situations. If you rememeber.

"for a BICYCLE."

Alright, a million dolla bike. (The currency of the Pokemon world, at least in the Japanese games, is just yen. The English translation uses Pokemon Dollar)

"and in caves!"

The bicycle is great, the speed is great and the music is great. But I'll still walk everywhere unless I need to go long distance quickly.

Okay, now it's time to head on to Route 9.

"You're mine!"

Okay, good start, a trainer right out of the gate.

Just a load of grass that got critted.

"dark tunnel ahead."

They really drill that into you.

Time to- oh?

Item item ITEM!

Oh. Never mind. (Why is that a TM???)

"bored, eh?"

"there, eh?"

Gonna be seeing a few of these on the mountain paths.

Have a couple ways to go, let's head up.

That's not the overworld sprite for a Youngster.


So yeah, AJ. But they forgot to change the overworld sprite of the Jr. Trainer that's there in the other games.

Oh goddammit, why are you guys around here for?

#015: Beedrill

Oh. Nevermind.

Fury Attack (Midare Dzuki: Disturbed Stab) is a pretty bad Normal move, very similar to Fury Swipes. Replace it. (It even missed, hah)


"get stronger..."

Just wait two decades and then you won't need to!

Only reason to come over here.

Now onto the lower path.

"always laugh!"

Cool. There's nothing down here.

Another one?

"bug me!"

This is also when you would normally see Venonat.


Me too. Not by choice, of course.

We're not really seeing anything new, unfortunately. The same kind of Pokemon keep popping up here and there.

"little toughie!"

Not much to this route, either, just kinda move from trainer to trainer. It is quite 'wild' though, due to all the ledges.

We need more Rock and Ground types for these guys to use.

O-Okay. Sorry.

Pay Day (Neko ni Koban: Coin for a Cat) is a rubbish move, but it makes you rich! One chunk of change at a time, so yeah, rubbish. The amount dropped is double the user's level.

"luck to you!"

Oh yeah, two more uses of that move and I can buy an Antidote!

We're nearly at the end, but we're now on Route 10. So, we have a new Pokemon to catch.

While 151 is a large number, if we keep chipping away, we'll get there eventually. We're nearly a third of the way there anyway!

A useful Pokemon Center, since our Pokemon don't have moves with great PP.

That's, uh, not a good thing to tell someone you're about to fight, but okay.

You shouldn't be too surprised.

"prowling around."

Oh yay. Just what we needed.

And we've reached our destination!

That's everything, so let's go in.