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by Crosspeice

Part 110: POKEDEX #044: Gloom

HP:60 Atk:65 Def:70 Spd:40 Spc:85 Total:320

The cute radish now droolz. But it's okay, an improvement from the previous one, as is normal. And it has the usual stat boost, +15 to the first three, then +10 to Speed and Special. So it kinda helps, but it's pretty mediocre, so consider evolving it ASAP, but at the expense of missing out on Petal Dance. So it depends if you wanna stick with this thing until the later 30s, with not that many moves to help it. Plenty of Normal moves, as always, but you should really stick with the Special side. The Poison typing still doesn't help. So yeah, not bad, not good.