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Part 111: POKEDEX #045: Vileplume

HP:75 Atk:80 Def:85 Spd:50 Spc:100 Total:390

In comparison to Victreebel, this flower is just slightly better due to Petal Dance, if you stuck with Gloom long enough to get it. Their Special is around the same, but Vileplume easily outdamages. But it's lower in everything else except for Defense, so it can't make great use out of the standard Normal moves. So it only has the one thing going for it. Still, it'll be fine, if nothing exceptional. If you don't wanna go for the good move, then you can evolve Gloom whenever and supplement it with the lovely Solarbeam. (The actual best Grass move is Razor Leaf with a Speed of 64 or higher to always crit, but shhhhh)