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Part 113: POKEDEX #047: Parasect

HP:60 Atk:95 Def:80 Spd:30 Spc:80 Total:345

Wow this thing ain't too great. Alright, let's focus on the positives, it has alright attacking and defensive stats and gets Spore, which is very good at sending enemies to Sleep. Uh, that's it. It can't really use its stats too well, since the strongest STAB move it has is Solarbeam, which only has 60BP overall. And it learns plenty of Normal moves, but those TMs should go to other Pokemon. Its typing is also really bad, making it 4x weak to both Fire and Poison, yeesh. It can't even make use of Slash since it has terrible Speed. And it can't use its Bug STAB effectively. Man, just... avoid.