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Part 12: Rock Tunnel Yay

Time to enter the-

Pikachu seems to have a tree up its butt.

Sure why not.

So what many, many people hit you over the head with is that Rock Tunnel is dark. It is still manageable though, you can still see the outline of the area and this place is very linear, so you can go through it pretty easily.

But that's not really good for an LP. I can and have gone through this place without Flash, but if you have a spare slot, might as well.

Now it's just a normal cave full of trainers. But no items, weirdly enough.

Headbutt (Zutsiki) is an okay Normal move that has a chance to flinch, which causes you to lose a turn. But flinching only works if you're faster then the target.

Oh baby. This is a move you should avoid in these games. We'll see what it does in a moment.

#079: Slowpoke

Yeah, this place is real boring.

Just empty spaces until the next trainer. Mt. Moon was kinda like that as well, but there were other places to go and items incentivized going down other paths. Here, there's only one way to really do and the rest are just dead ends, but I suppose it means you can make it through this place if you don't know about Flash, since it is out of the way.

"will fight you."


There we go. PERFECT.

"are too scary."

Oh yeah, the Poison effect. It's annoying.

I'm sorry, the internet has scarred me over people like that. I will never recover...

"POKEMON for fun."


"leave you crying!"

Moving on to, what else, more trainers.


"rock-type POKEMON."

Yep, all one of them. Which you have. Many of.

New Pokemon at least! But nothing can replace Wukong.

Well, if you say so.

So, Focus Energy (Kiaidame: Fighting Spirit Improvement) is bugged. Instead of increasing your critical hit ratio, it quarters it.

So now Karate Chop doesn't always crit, instead having the same chance as a normal move. Woo.

"yours, kid!"

Yes. Let us rematch in future.

Just more trainers with the same old Pokemon.

Least there's usually a Machop to break up the Geodude.

These are weirdly fun to see.

#057: Primeape

It's one after another for bad, baaaaaad moves. We'll try it soon enough.

"squeeze on you!"

If you're lucky enough to find it, it is quite rare.

More trainers. I think we're about halfway done with the cave.

"Which way is out?"

Yep. This fun, full of laughs detour.

"me some respect!"

Pfft, please, you're like all the other Hikers...

#075: Graveler

Oh thank god you're not.

I'm hiking my way out of here.


Person after person just standing in this dark cave.

Time to show off Wukong's new power.

And see some "new" moves that aren't different to ones we've seen before. Defense Curl (Marukunaru: Curl Up) is exactly the same as Harden, except different distribution. Woo.


Well I've got the move for you! Rage (Ikari) is a very, very bad, weak Normal move. We'll see the crazy effects of it very soon.

"I want one too!"

Pikachu likes getting confused, annoyingly.

"I have it?"


There's two floors to Rock Tunnel and Onix can be found with a higher chance in the lower floor. Hard to touch, hard to find, hard to catch and hard to use.


"the dark!"

Now we can avoid Pokemon just in time for the final section! And a restraining order...

Excuses, excuses.

Are you sure it wasn't a Machop you saw?

So, let's talk about Rage. When you select it, that's it, you are stuck in that move until the end of the match, or your health. It starts off weak, buuut...

If you take damage, your Attack raises a stage. But for Rage to do a lot of damage, you need to get hit around 3/4 times. You can see why this move is terrible.

When you face weak Pokemon though, you can annihilate them pretty easily.

Also, you only lose 1PP even if you attack like 20 times. This move is really weird.

Ah, the last trainer, thank god.

Man, this place is boring.

Finally, the exit.

"tough hike."

We're not done just yet! Still got the rest of Route 10.

And all the trainers contained within.

: There should be a pink one with a floral pattern!

I-I don't know what you're talking about. Nothing like that exists.

Mad scientist hiker?

"Snort! Snivel!"

I feel ya buddy.

An item, I'd forgotten what those were like.

So long as it's a new one, sure.

No. Just too slow.

Yes. No.

He sees the light (walking is hard)


Lavender Town: The Noble Purple Town
(From lavender, a pale purple colour)
Shion Town: Shion is the color of purple nobility.
(Shion iro refers to the colour of Aster tataricus flowers, which, in the language of flowers, means "I won't forget you.")

So let's see what this lovely town is about.

Okayyyyyyy. Lavender Town is a weird place full of misery and weird occurrences. And a huge tower containing graves of dead Pokemon. You know, for kids!

In any case, we will never need Flash again. You only (kinda) need it for the one dungeon and since we've beaten all the trainers and caught all the Pokemon there, we have no reason to ever go back.

"Where'd he go?"

: He's really kind! He looks after abandoned and orphaned POKEMON!"

O-Oh... cool. Learning all this heart-wrenching info from small, cheerful girls does ease the pain somewhat.

What? No way, they're not real.

"it's not real."


...did you see anything?

...okay then.

One good thing about this town is we get some really cool stuff from Marts from now on. Of course Revive is first sold here...


: Want me to rate the nicknames of your POKEMON?


: Fine! Come anytime you like!

Sorry mate, you're been replaced by a program.

: That poor CUBONE's mother... It was killed trying to escape from TEAM ROCKET!

It's not this Cubone is it? God, this place is depressing.

Okay, let's go into a graveyard. I'm n-not s-s-scared. Uh, you're scared!