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Part 120: POKEDEX #054: Psyduck

HP:50 Atk:52 Def:48 Spd:55 Spc:50 Total:255

Man, doing all these side things gives me one hell of a headache. But, I guess it can't be helped. Psyduck is, well, bad. Especially for a Pokemon you get pretty late. And the whole gimmick of having Psychic moves? Well, we have one. Which makes sense I guess. Not that it can really use it, or anything really. All of its stats are just too mediocre and we've been getting used to that, so I suppose it fits with the rest of the game. Still, Water type with Psychic moves can't go too wrong, but it might be a bit of a pain to use. Ah, I can't help but like it though.