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Part 128: POKEDEX #062: Poliwrath

HP:90 Atk:85 Def:95 Spd:70 Spc:70 Total:410

Finally, a Pokemon you won't see normally, Poliwrath is, well, usable, I guess. Unfortunately those stats aren't particularly impressive, everything's pretty middling and for whatever reason Defense is the highest stat. So we have to rely on the fairly mediocre attacking stats, especially for Water. And the fact that you have to stay as a Poliwhirl to get Hydro Pump. But at least you get pretty good Fighting STAB, for all that really matters in Gen 1. And then you have pretty middling Speed, so it's not great, but it's not terrible either, so you're kinda stuck in the middle. Well, maybe it'll get better in future. At least you can learn Psychic. I guess.