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Part 129: POKEDEX #063: Abra

HP:25 Atk:20 Def:15 Spd:90 Spc:105 Total:255

So here's the first Psychic we can catch aaaaaaaand it's bad. But with stats like those how could it be? Well, it has the worst level up movepool in the entire series. Just one move: Teleport. It can learn TMs, but we don't have any of those and it can only really learn Psychic and Normal moves. If I had some of those, then yeah, this Pokemon is amazing, I mean, have you seen those stats? Holy crap that Special is insane and does mean it can take some hits of that side, defensively. But it does come at the expense of everything else, so it's very weak otherwise. But all you need to do is just smack stuff first and you'll be fine. As in, the evolutions will. Because this one can't do anything.