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Part 131: POKEDEX #065: Alakazam

HP:55 Atk:50 Def:45 Spd:120 Spc:135 Total:405

Holy crap this thing is a monster. Look at that Speed and Special! Look at them! Alakazam is almost unstoppable with ridiculous power like that. And the fact you could potentially get it by the 2nd badge if you had a friend or a second Gameboy is incredibly and amazingly dumb. Sure you'd only have Confusion, but that's ALL YOU NEED. And then it just keeps getting better and better. Okay, it's not perfect. Firstly, its stats are only 15 higher than Kadabra across the board, so it's not a huge upgrade and pretty lazy too. And aside from Psychic... you have no other attacking moves. Well, you have a lot of useless Physical moves. And if you can take advantage of that terrible Defense, do it! You need to, because this thing won't die otherwise and blast you with high crit moves. But it's a one trick pony with a few support moves. So maybe, just maybe, you can take it down.