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by Crosspeice

Part 134: POKEDEX #068: Machamp

HP:90 Atk:130 Def:80 Spd:55 Spc:65 Total:420

This guy is an 'armful. Firstly, HOLY SHIT, that Attack. It's tied for the 2nd highest in the game and it's pretty damn good, since it can learn plenty of moves to take advantage of it. Submission, Earthquake, Hyper Beam and Rock Slide is as good as you'll get. And you get them around the time of this trade, but so long as you have a friend (HAH...) then you can get this thing whenever you want. And it'll be a pretty useful, if fairly slow, addition. For added craziness, there's always fire. But seriously, to be able to get this before the fourth badge makes the game even easier, so we won't be using it, much as I want to.