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Part 138: POKEDEX #072: Tentacool

HP:40 Atk:40 Def:35 Spd:70 Spc:100 Total:285

Oh look at that, another bland Water type that doesn't really have anything going for-

Wait, why are there good stats here? Okay, admittedly only in Speed and Special, but that is all you need in this gen and it's actually quite impressive. That's a very high Special and for a Water type, it's perfect due to all the sweet moves it learns... oh wait, couple of problems, it has the usual dire movepool with little STAB that can be fixed by TMs, you know the drill. Its terrible Poison typing does nothing for it, aside from making it resist Grass moves, but makes it very, very weak to Ground with that awful Defense and HP and pretty weak to Psychic. And Bug. Heh. Otherwise, this thing is very good.