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Part 14: Sights of Celadon City

Advance Notice: This update is very wordy and not too much happens. We'll be taking on the Gym next time.

Celadon City: The City of Rainbow Dreams
(Celadon is a light greyish green colour)
Tamamushi City: Tamamushi, the color of rainbow dreams.
(Tamamushi iro refers to the iridescent colours of jewel beetles, which reflect a rainbow of colours, most noticeably green.)

A whole new city to explore! One thing sticks out.

Strange that they're just walking around like this.

: It evolved from POLIWHIRL when I used WATER STONE!

This is the only indication you get of this Pokemon, since no trainers have it.

Quick stop to what may be the first hidden item I ever found as a kid.


...not for Pokemon? This place has nothing to do with Pokemon whatsoever? That's weird.

There's an invisible PC here in RBG, but I'm playing a version where they removed some fun stuff. Not everything, of course.

: We just shipped 2000 Pokemon as slot prizes!

Will say one thing about Team Rocket, they do what they do WELL.

"dough, big time!"


: There's no secret switch behind it!

Cool, thanks for saying so. I won't check now.

Please don't mug me.

I am going to die of starvation before this journey is over.

: I'm flat out basted! No more slots for me! I'm going straight!

: Here! I won't be needing this anymore!

"win it back..."

So to overcome your crippling gambling addiction, you're giving a kid a chance to do the same? Nice, nice.

"at the slots."

Now it's my turn!

Cool, gambling and drugs and mafia and animal trafficking. This city is wonderful.

: I knew I should have cashed in my coins for prizes!

Alright, let's enter this wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Just row upon row of adults feeding in the coins, drool dripping from their mouths, their glassy eyes reflecting the bright reels as they fail to line up a jackpot.

We can annoy some of them to get free coins.

Others will happily support our addiction.

There's also a boatload of hidden coins to grab.

: You have better things to do, champ in making! CELADON GYM's LEADER is ERIKA!

: She uses grass-type POKEMON! She might appear docile, but don't be fooled!

...but what do your children say?

I know it's a game, but this stuff, growing up in the UK, is alien to me. The closest I could get were slot machines in pubs. If I went near them, I got into trouble and arcades were basically dead, only left alive in seaside towns.

: Do you need some game coins? It's £1000 for 50 coins. Would you like some?

Now this is how you're actually going to get coins in this game, since playing the slots is a lot slower and very random.

They're also really not subtle about who owns this place.

"Go away or else!"

While we fight this guy to view his anime girl poster, we'll have Ikue ignore Agility (Kōsoku Idō: High-speed Movement), a Psychic move that doubles your speed. Ikue's fast enough, so we don't need it.

"better tell BOSS!"

There's only one thing left to do and that's play the slots themselves. Look at how happy we are.

It's very simple, you put in a max of 3 coins and try and get matches. How many coins determines how many rows count, so 1 coin is just the centre horizontal line. 2 coins is all three horizontal lines. And 3 coins also includes the diagonals.

The symbols were designed differently in each game and in Yellow it really shows this is Team Rocket's place. But the payouts are the same. We'll go in more detail later.

It's a fun little distraction, but good luck actually winning anything.

If you manage to score big, or buy a lot of coins, then what kind of prizes can you get?

The prizes are different in each game, though RB matches up with RG, with Japanese Blue having completely different ones. Again, we'll go over it later.

We can only get the Abra with our current coins, so let's, uh, get loads of jackpots. Definitely didn't use a cheat. I wouldn't do that.

#123: Scyther

#127: Pinsir

Couple new moves, Vicegrip (Hasamu: Clamp (no, not that one)) is a pretty basic Normal move that does damage. And that's it. Guillotine (Hasami Girochin: Pincer Guillotine) is an OHKO move, however it only affects Pokemon that have a lower Speed, while also having 30% accuracy. This'll change in future games.

#137: Porygon

Okay, so, Sharpen (Kakubaru: Improve Angles) increases Attack by one stage. Cool. Conversion (Tekusuchā: Texture) changes your type to the opponent type(s), which can be useful, since a lot of Pokemon just rely on STAB and Normal moves. It's changed next gen to copying an opponent's move's type. Not that great. Finally, Psybeam (Saike Kōsen: Psyche-beam) is a pretty good Psychic move that has a small chance to Confuse.

And might as well grab this while we're here. This is also why you don't need to get that hidden Moon Stone back in Mt. Moon, since you can just get Wigglytuff here. But, what else will I use my Moon Stone on?

Pokedex entries

Excuse me sir, I wish to procure Technical Machines from this shifty vendor.

Hmm, an okay haul. Dragon Rage (Ryū no Ikari) is the only Dragon move in the game. Well, "move", since it does a set 40 damage no matter what. Not that it matters, since Dragon is only strong against itself. Substitute (Migawari: Scapegoat) is a very interesting move that is created from 25% + 1 health of the user and can block status and stat lowering moves, but will break if taken enough damage. It does, however, have a CRAP ton of effects, so have a read. And then we have Hyper Beam (Hakai Kōsen). Hoo baby, it's a very powerful Normal move that requires a recharge. Most of the time. We'll see. Eheheheheh. (I have two TM23 since the game gives you no indication you've bought one)

Anyway, that'll be it for the Game Corner, so let's explore the rest of the city. Starting with here.

: Oh, you have an adorable PIKACHU with you. You look like a fantastic duo. You're making me jealous!

Unsubtly put in there, game. (What is this guy doing anyway? Sitting on his knees? What kind of AMERICAN sits like that?)

Second floor has a PC. Woo.

And on this floor?

Something Awful: ADTRW branch.

"I drew you!" one of your Kalos girls?

(Nobody cares!)

: Filling up your POKEDEX is tough, but don't quit! When you finish, come tell me!

Game Freak appears somewhere in every game in the main series. I'm sure we'll visit this guy again.

Top floor! And there's nothing much here.

Unless we go in the back way.

"trade POKEMON!"

Housing one of these nut jobs that believe this world is a virtual reality. Suuuuuuure.

: There are 50 TMs in all. There are also 5 HMs that can be used repeatedly. SILPH CO.

This is the only reason to come back here though. A free Eevee. Yes, even in Yellow.

This doesn't apply to me. Nor ever really has. I've never really had any friends that were Pokefreaks like me.

Now we have cute fluffy thing!

On to the next thingymawotsit.



We can buy loads of stuff here. Let's begin.

Second floor has the usual Mart items and TMs.

OKAY, here we go. From top to bottom we have Double Team, Reflect, Razor Wind, Horn Drill, Egg Bomb, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Take Down and Submission. All of them can be found elsewhere. It's only the Game Corner TMs that are unique purchases.

So, Reflect (Rifurekutā: Reflector) doubles the users Defense for the remainder of the battle, until it switches out. Pretty good. Razor Wind (Kamaitachi) is a two turn move that is pretty rubbish, doing only 40 damage on a turn by turn basis. It can also miss. Avoid. Horn Drill (Tsuno Doriru) is another OHKO move, so it only works if you're faster and only has 30% accuracy. Not really worth it, but it could be fun. Egg Bomb (Tamago Bakudan) is a pretty powerful Normal move, but doesn't have good accuracy. And pretty poor distribution on Pokemon that don't really care. So maybe also avoid.

Take Down (Tosshin: Charge) is another pretty powerful move that causes recoil equal to 25% of the damage done. It's pretty accurate, but there is a better version later. Finally, Submission (Jigoku Guruma: Hell Wheel) is not the best Fighting move this gen, but the most accessible one, so it's the best choice for a lot of Fighting types. It's a slightly weaker Take Down, but you could take a lot of recoil if it's super effective. I may give this to Wukong.

Man this update has a lot of words. Excuse me miss, I need to explore the rest of this hellhole of a city.

: Not done yet? This might be useful!

"I'm leaning on, mind you!"

I'm not sure if this will help, but okay. Counter (Kauntā) is a very interesting move as it reflects ONLY Normal and Fighting damaging moves for double their damage. It can be super effective, since it deals Fighting damage, but it can hit Ghost Pokemon. It also has a priority of -5, so it'll probably go last. It can also be a critical hit, but the damage won't change.

Otherwise, there's nothing else on this floor. I think Pokemon has done all of those genres: Sports (Dash), Puzzle (Trozei, Shuffle, Puzzle League), Fighting (Smash, Pokken) and RPG (duh).

The fourth floor has some interesting things.

Buyable evolution stones! I'll get enough to evolve everything when I have the money. A Poke Doll (Pippi Doll), meanwhile, just ends a wild battle, no matter what. I'll pick one up for later use.

We'll grab one of these and head up to the next floor.

Drugs! As a reminder, the first lot raise a stat by a stage for a battle (or give your moves perfect accuracy, or prevents the enemy lowering your stats), while the second lot raises one of the stats by 2560 Stat Exp, up to 25600. Expensive as hell though.

Finally, we have the roof, with vending machines. Fresh Water (Delicious Water) is a very cheap Super Potion, Soda Pop (Psycho Soda) restores 60HP and Lemonade (Mix au Lait) restores 80HP. Very useful, but we can only get them one at a time, annoyingly.

"to drink!"


: FRESH WATER! Thank you! You can have this from me!

Yessssssssss. Ice Beam (Reitō Bīmu: Freezing Beam) is one of the best moves in the game. A very powerful and accurate Ice move that a lot of Pokemon can learn and need to in order to hit certain Pokemon super effectively. While we don't have anyone right now who can really use it, we will. Oh we will. This makes your Squirtle a killing machine.

Rock Slide (Iwa Nadare) is the best Rock move in the game and is pretty powerful, but best saved for super effective hits. It can also miss occasionally and doesn't have the chance to flinch until next gen.

Finally, Tri Attack (Torai Atakku) is a pretty good Normal move that doesn't cause recoil, or have you recharge, or explode you. So it's a good option if you've used up your Body Slam TM. It does not have the chance of causing status effects until next gen though. But man, all the TMs this girl gives you are great.

Since there's not much else for Wukong to learn, we'll be using a few TMs on it. I won't give it Mega Punch, since Karate Chop is just better.

That's it for now, so let's clear up our cluttered bag. And focus on the important things.


FINE, you know who WILL take the stone?

Meet our new team member, better then the old one in every way.

Good riddance.

There's not much we can do on Route 16, but we can reach some grass.

#084: Doduo

So, this will be our other next team member. All we need to do is weaken and paralyze-

...oh yeah, Ikue had all the good moves. Well, we'll be fine.


We can even nickname it immediately!

It doesn't have good moves to begin with, but we will fix that very soon. Also, while I'm a fan of dank memes, I'm also a big Batman fan. Sorry, but I'm just a sucker for that stuff, I love them Arkham games. (Superman droolz)

Pretty good capture, right buddy?

O-Oh. Yeah. Well, whatever. It's just a collection of 1s and 0s. Who cares? I've got something much better.

Anyway, while we can't get past the Snorlax, we can sneak in the back.

There's a house that we wouldn't be able to see from down there.

: Please don't tell anyone I'm here. I'll make it up to you with this!

"back to any town."

: Put it to good use!

Fly (Sora wo Tobu) isn't a great move (it barely does more damage than Wing Attack overall), but it has great utility, allowing you to instantly revisit any town you've been to. We'll use this a lot more later. And since Two Face won't learn Tri Attack for a long while, we'll use the TM so now it has a reliable attack to help it catch up in levels.

It's really that easy.

Let's heal up and take on the Gym.

You ready budd-


Let's go, buddy.