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Part 149: POKEDEX #083: Farfetch'd

HP:52 Atk:65 Def:55 Spc:60 Spd:58 Total:290

Kwaaaaa? What a delicious creature all ready to be eaten, it even comes with its own seasoning. But how does it work as a battler? Pffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttt the fuck are you supposed to do with stats like these? Farfetch'd is another "joke Pokemon" that only really came about so you would trade a Pokemon with potential (Spearow) for this piece of shit. Well if you did want to use it, then all you have are STAB moves, with Fly being your best super effective damage. Which then averages out to Peck. So yeah, the best thing you got is Swords Dance and Slash, but it's just below the Speed to always crit, which is dumb. But at least you don't ignore your Swords Dance boosts. Just uuuuuuugggggghhhh.

Tasty though.