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Part 15: The Leader and the Boss

Starting off strong with some evolutions. Gotta fill in those holes somehow!

The Gym's a bit out of the way, but you need Cut anyway.

"full of women!"

Now, is this an old lady that is happy with such a positive establishment for women, or is this an old man who's happy about all these lovely young ladies he can gawk at?

Always one step behiiiiiind~

I can understand it being a girls only thing, but that's not the best place for a Gym.

And this is what Two Face will be doing in this Gym. Even though it does the same damage as Peck overall, it keeps Two Face out of danger for a turn, since of course it's faster.

"wipes you out!"

Here comes the boy to crash the girl's party!

Says you, I think I broke a nail...

"the water-types!"

: They also have an edge in rock and ground POKEMON!

They're good, but not great.



"lot of gawkers!"

It's fine, right now it's just a creepy old man.

"POKEMON in here!"

I'm bringing a flyer? Does that count?

#044: Gloom

I'll see as much when I finish beating up her cronies.

...huh. Those trees grow fast. (As an explaination, when the game loads the map, one of the few things it doesn't check is Cut trees, so they'll always grow back. The only way to have it grow beneath you is to save and restart.)

"girl power!"

Pfft, what can you do against the might of a man?

Just please don't whip me...

"on GLOOM!"

Okay, so this is weird. The opponent actually chooses a move after yours takes place, so you can have some situations like this where they just use an item, even though they shouldn't be able to, since the item SHOULD have gone before our move. It doesn't really make much of a difference, they would have just used an item on the next turn, before we could move again, it just makes them look FREAKING PSYCHIC. Honestly, it looks really cool and I wish they'd kept it, but oh well.

Yep, trainer rematches. GYM trainer rematches. That's a thing.

"POKEMON training."

#102: Exeggcute

When I was younger, I had no idea what the hell "gaining armour" meant. Didn't really know that Reflect and Light Screen acted differently in these games until recently. It definitely works though.

The only attacking move Exeggcute has for a long time: Barrage (Tamanage: Ball Throw) is another bad Normal multi hit move that has only been ever learnt by the Exeggcute line. It's also pretty inaccurate and works off their bad Attack stat. Do not use. Ever.


Heh, they make a rectangle. (Well technically a parallelogram, but shhhhhhh)

Last trainer before the leader. It's been a Two Face massacre.

"our GYM!"

: We also use them for making flower arrangements!

: It's so pleasant. ...Oh dear... I must have dozed off. Welcome.

: My name is ERIKA. I am the LEADER of CELADON GYM. I teach the art of flower arranging. My POKEMON are of the grass-type.

: Oh, I'm sorry, I had no idea that you wished to challenge me. Very well, but I shall not lose.

VS Leader Erika

Erika: The Nature-Loving Princess
(From the Erica genus, or winter/spring heather. The only Gym Leader to have the same name in English and Japanese until Iris in Pokemon White (unless you count Dan from Orange Islands))

#114: Tangela

This thing shouldn't be too bad.

I hate this thing.

Now there's a couple of changes between versions. Her levels increased slightly, but to make it more fair, her mains devolved. That kinda sucks. Whatever, we'll ignore that.

#071: Victreebel

Might as well show of Rock Slide. Unless it's super effective, it's better to either use Low Kick or Karate Chop.

And I then get rekt. Least I'm not too overleveled.

Body Slam is just too good.

#045: Vileplume

Technically her "ace" Pokemon, but that can also apply to Victreebel/Weepinbell as well. And since this game is SO EASY, it's not fully evolved in this game.

Vegeta is kinda great against the first four Gym Leaders, since they don't have much for it. I'm not using Two Face to make it a bit more interesting and Ikue won't be very helpful.

All it can really do is Acid. Another win in the bag!

: You are remarkably strong. I must confer you the RAINBOWBADGE.

"up to L50 obey."

: It also allows POKEMON to use STENGTH in and out of battle. Please also take this with you.


: You are cataloging POKEMON? I must say I'm impressed. I would never collect POKEMON if they were unattractive.

Bit rude that. Anyway, Mega Drain (Mega Dorein) is a slightly stronger Absorb. It's definitely weaker than Razor Leaf, so I won't bother with it.

We're halfway done!

Now we're all refreshed and healed, it's time to head to the hideout beneath the Game Corner. I know I was being coy about it, but you knew we'd do it eventually.

"Let's push it!"

Oh yeah, let's beat up the mafia.

Through the only entrance. How do you think?

I'll use Tri Attack when there's no super effective option. Not all the time, though, it only has 10PP.


I wonder how many playthroughs I just walked past all this free stuff.


"this, brat!"

You'll have to stop me with your Poke- oh wait.

Next floor.


How convenient, I could use that device.

Five weak, early game crap. But good experience.

Challenge accepted.

Oh, now what are these?

Oh goody.

It's not too tricky to navigate to begin with and there's a number of goodies along the way.

We now have all the Moon Stones we need and a useless TM. Excellent. Well, okay, if you use an X Accuracy, then OHKO moves will never miss, but you do need to be faster than the opponent for it to work. I just won't bother.

Right and then down of the TM is where it can get tricky. Take the left arrow.

And then we've made it to the exit. There's one more item, but we'll get it in a moment.

Hmm, can't go this way yet.

For money, experience and free shit!

"to see my BOSS!"

I'll keep that in mind and shall spare you for the time being.

Woo. The whole point of coming here.

Two Face is catching up!

"where it is!"

You, however, may be the first up against the wall.

It's a dead end for now, so time to head back.

Just before reaching the end, if we head to the other arrow and then go in a kind of spiral pattern, we can reach this.

"were coming!"

Yeah, from their screams!

Unfortunately, they have the same useless crap, so there's nothing to show off.

Who would drop that though?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Double-Edge (Sutemi Takkuru: Life-Risking Tackle) is a very strong Normal move that dishes out recoil. It's very accurate, so maybe, just maybe, I'll give it to someone. It only deals 25% recoil, instead of 50% in Gen 3 onwards. Also, out of all the Pokemon that can use TMs, only 8 cannot use this move, so it has a lot of competition.

Make sure to not forget this.

Now onto the next tile puzzle. The right side leads us to this.

Then on the left side, we head to the top arrow at the bottom there.


Which leads us to this chucklefuck.

Oh yes.

EXCELLENT. Drill Peck (Doriru Kuchibashi: Drill Beak) is the best Flying move in the game in terms of overall damage. If you learn it then you are a GOOD Flying type. Two Face is gonna have a lot of good moves, especially since we get the tools for it early.

Maybe I'll find it down here.

This works also.

"has the LIFT KEY?"


I love this move.

That isn't a mistake on my end, the next line he should've said didn't occur. I'm playing a completely 100% legitimate copy of Pokemon Yellow honest so it's the game messing up, clearly.

That's what he should've said, but whatever, we can now reach the end of this Hideout.


Back on 2F, we can access the lift and reach some new areas. Let's head up first, why not.

Nope, I know these games by heart. No it's not getting me any girls.

So yeah, an easy way to get back if you need to heal. We don't, so down we go.

Well, a straight shot to the end.


: How dare you humiliate us at MT.MOON!

: It's payback time, you brat!

Wonder why they don't use their actual motto. Probably a bit too long.

They're about the same as before, but they made one very good thing happen.

#085: Dodrio

"off again!"

Cool, whatever, let's move on to the GOOD SHIT.

Now Hyper Beam can usually be learnt by fully evolved Pokemon, or ones that don't evolve (and will still be able to even if they get later evolutions) and Two Face is the perfect contender. Due to it's high speed it has a 20% base chance to crit for 1.85x the damage, resulting in a 416BP move. Nothing's gonna survive that. Otherwise it'll be a 225BP, including STAB. That is very silly regardless.

And that will be the full moveset. Two Face is all ready to go one update after catching it. (Obviously I shouldn't have TM15 for a while, but who cares, let's blast some fools!)

With one last thing to obtain, let's see about this Silph Scope.

"got here."

Meet the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni. There won't be a video since the fight is pretty short and this won't be the only time we'll face him.

This shouldn't be a problem, so long as you have some kind of Special damage. Or a really good kick.

That's great babe.

#111: Rhyhorn

Due to facing it at this level, all it has is Horn Attack. Woo.

#053: Persian

But just before we continue, Giovanni does have a different Pokemon in RB, so here it be.

#115: Kangaskhan


For whatever reason I didn't go for Hyper Beam. I shall rectify that.

Complete. Annihilation.

Well that's the end of the Mafia.

"with upmost care."

: A child like you would never understand what I hope to achieve.

: I shall step aside this time! I hope we meet again...


Yeah sure whatever.

Now we have everything in the hideout.

Let's go and uncover some ghosts.