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Part 151: POKEDEX #085: Dodrio

HP:60 Atk:110 Def:70 Spd:100 Spc:60 Total:400

I think you can tell this thing is good. Because it's good. With Attack and Speed like that, along with an actual good (although limited) movepool means this thing wrecks shit. Quite an amount, as you've already seen. The main reason is Drill Peck and Tri Attack, two very good moves that are reliable and powerful, then you have utility in Fly. And then you have one more move which you should put on at least one Pokemon to take advantage of. Just know that it can't really take many super effective hits and aside from Normal and Flying moves, it knows nothing else. But it learns good stuff pretty early (or you at least have the tools to do so early) and so you can make it a killing machine. That we have.