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Part 16: Loose East Ends

Since I finally remembered, here's Two Face's info. Holy crap those are some bad DVs. Of course.

Starting off with catching some Eevee. You only get one per game, so to get more you have to trade, or cheat. Obviously I'll cheat, since it's much easier.

Most of the time...

Let's stone them up.

Now let's actually talk about the Eeveelutions.

#134: Vaporeon

#135: Jolteon

#136: Flareon

Okay, let's move on.

: ... Huh? I can have this drink? Gee, thanks!

: If you want to go to SAFFRON CITY... ... You can go on through. I'll share this with the other guards!

So all we needed was a rooftop drink. He didn't take any of my Lemonade, thankfully.


Saffron City: Shining, Golden Land of Commerce
(Saffron is a golden yellow colour)
Yamabuki City: Yamabuki is the color of golden radiance.
(Yamabuki iro refers to the golden colour of Kerria flowers)

So as the letter from waaaaaaay back in Vermillion said, Team Rocket has taken over Saffron, which is a bit annoying.

So like in Celadon, they walk around like they own the place. 'Cause they do.




Psychic (Saikokineshisu: Psychokinesis) is NOT the same as the type (since it's the Esper type), but it IS the strongest Psychic move and therefore the strongest move in the game (yes Dream Eater is stronger, but not as immediately), in terms of effectiveness. Pick who will get this carefully, because you only get such an amazing move once. (Unless you clone you dirty cheater)

Moving into the office block.

Looks like we won't be able to take on the root of the problem just yet. Let's move on.

Criminals are just rude man.

Well let's take down this Fighting Gym.

Next to the other Gym...?

Ah. Psychic Gym. FUCK. Well, at least we can't do it just yet.

Move bitch I'm going shopping.

Some good new additions. Max Repel stops encounters for 250 steps. It's not as cost effective as a Super Repel, but if it saves me spraying an extra 50 steps, I will take it. A Full Heal means we won't need to lug around Awakenings and Antidotes and the like.

Now that we have easy access to the middle of Kanto, I just wanna check something.

"knows an HM move."

So yeah, no way to get rid of one of those in-game. Oh well.

Let's do some crunches and get those gains! For my elemental pets...


Then stop leaving the doors open, sheesh.

Even though you can come here before facing Erika, the levels are bumped up quite a bit. It'll settle back down as we head to Fuschia.

Two Face will destroy everything, no problem.

"train here."

Oh, my reputation of beating that guy right there precedes me.

#067: Machoke

If something annoys me, or doesn't die from a Drill Peck, I'll just beam it in the face. Satisfying.

I was also so focused on evolving Two Face, I didn't notice that Vegeta was really close to evolving. So yeah, our team is now fully evolved! Or at least, as evolved as it could be.

#003: Venusaur

Because of how similar Vegeta's base stats are, everything really is on the same level and will probably remain that way for the rest of the game.

We'll evolve the other two starters when Vegeta reaches level 36. Just to make it fair.

With one Pokemon, with this level spike, you might be tough.

This is the strongest Pokemon we've faced and it does a crap ton of damage. It'll be annoying, since I don't want Two Face to just destroy everything. I also don't do much back. Ikue is definitely being a bit rubbish. It'll only get worse.

Maybe I still have a chance.

Or it was just toying with me.

"is psychic power!"

You didn't say bird. You will do. Very soon.


Very true. I will not be messing around for this one.

: I am the KARATE MASTER! I am the LEADER here! You wish to challenge us? Expect no mercy! Fwaaa!

This could be a nasty fight if you don't have the right Pokemon.

#106: Hitmonlee

I do, though, so it really won't be a problem.

#107: Hitmonchan

"greatly rose!"

Since Hitmonchan has slightly more Defense than Hitmonlee, it can survive the drill of doom. It's also weird Agility has no real animation in this game, just a "pewwwwwwww" sound.

So of course it's now faster. Big whoop. Comet Punch (Renzoku Panchi: Consecutive Punch) is YET ANOTHER Normal multi-hit move that is bad, bad, baaaaaaad.

As simple as that.

: But, I beseech you, do not take our emblem as your trophy! In return, I will give you a prized fighting POKEMON!

: Choose whichever one you like!

Well, the thread voted on the (correct) choice.

We can even give it its nickname (apparently named after the Manitoba Curling Association, or something. I dunno, sports )

Not a bad start at least. Meditate (Yoga no Pōzu: Yoga Pose) raises Attack by one stage. Uh, cool. I was quite surprised to see this move here, since I really associate the move with Brawly and Gen 3.

Aww, but that's what RPGs encourage...

The other banner says "What goes around comes around!" (Bulbapedia is WRONG about this, don't believe their lies!)

So getting just one of the prime fighters isn't enough. Let's just find the other one roaming around.

Eh, this is about the level you'd get it. Enjoy your digital eternity!

Alright, this is the time. To perform the Mew Glitch.

Mew Glitch

Uh, whoops. If he starts walking towards you, you did it wrong and need to restart.

There we go. Since trainers that see you as soon as they come on screen are facing down for one frame, we can bring up the menu.

Let's head to Cerulean City.

Now the game thinks we're in a battle, so our START menu is disabled.

Now let's head to Route 25 to face this trainer we ignored totally by accident. MAKE SURE HE WALKS TOWARDS YOU OR YOUR GAME WILL SOFTLOCK

He might be a bit tough.

"around the world."

Ah, got ya!

Our START menu works again, so let's go to Vermillion because I accidentally pressed 'A' a bit early.

Instead, Fly to Lavender and then head to back where we started.

That wasn't me. So let's exit.

And we've encountered a level 7 Mew. The explanation for what the fuck I just did will be in the Side Notes.

It is still a legendary with a catch rate of 3, so standard catching tactics apply.

This is also why we brought George, since we need to weaken Mew without killing it and since Mew is such a low level, all it knows is Pound, so we've got no worries.

This should be alright.

So we have between 10-30% chance of capture. That's probably the Paralysis helping a lot. So it's only a matter of time.

And there we go. Seems I got pretty lucky with the capture, but the glitch is so easy to perform, you have plenty of chances to try again.

It's all ready for use, if not exactly legitimate. But unless you attended an event in the late 90s to have it traded onto your game, this is the only way to obtain this Pokemon in Gen 1.

#151: Mew

Since we won't need to do the glitch again, we can now fight this Gambler.

#061: Poliwhirl

Well that seems to be everything, so let's move-

Oh yeah. Fiiiiiiiiiiine.

With the Silph Scope we can now catch all the inhabitants of this place. And then never need it again. What wonderful game design.

#093: Haunter

Oh, uh, okay. Another 5% encounter. I mean, yes, I'll be using cheats to more easily find the OTHER 5% encounter, but I wasn't really expecting to get lucky.

It eventually stays in.

Also missed this item on my last visit. I was using the English method of floor counting (Ground Floor, then 1st, 2nd, etc.) instead of the American method which Bulbapedia use.

So here is our fifth team member. I would've liked to catch it earlier, but we have it now, whatever.

God this place is depressing...

And the nickname.

"BILL's PC!"

However, I didn't think I'd catch the Haunter, so back to the Pokemon Center we go.

Looking alright so far. Let's look at the DVs.

Yeesh. I'm just not having much luck. Physical tank it is.

Now we can train our new member up by fighting all these possessed ladies. What fun.

mr skeltal will be pretty effective against these Ghosts, if a bit slow.

Even though I took quite a few down on my first time up, there's still so many to go.

I'd noticed.

At least they only tend to have the one Pokemon.

"rest in peace..."

Bashing evil ghosts and getting experience.

Don't heal your Pokemon!

I'll heal mine though, since it's here.

This is why you don't have three total Ghost Pokemon and have a class that only uses them. You have the issue of pretty boring battles.

Sure sure. Seen one possession, seen em all.

Oh hey, a Channeler that doesn't have a Gastly. How novel.



Are you saying you... have brains now?


I'm very glad of the healing area, I want this to be the last time I ever enter this bloody place.

"my training!"

Considering all but two of you in this tower were possessed, maybe change up your training.

That's all of them though, so let's address the elephant ghost in the room.

"GHOST's identity!"

#105: Marowak

This should be pretty easy.

"CUBONE's mother!"

So yeah, using the Poke Doll to escape wild encounters, we can just ignore Marowak and not even bother getting the Silph Scope.

Oh but where's the fun in that?

It is just a normal Marowak, so it's just pure Ground, instead of Ghost/Ground. Like that'll ever happen.

And we can't catch it sooooo...


So now we can head up to the top, but I am curious about something.

Let's cheat to get an actual Marowak.

Except any Marowak that appears on this floor acts like the Ghost.

And we still can't catch it. As the game's code does say, any ball used against a Marowak on the 6F of Pokemon Tower will fail.

So what's waiting for us here?

You guessed it.

: Grampa here wanted to complain, so we're setting him straight.

: So render yourself invisible, or prepare to fight!

That doesn't even rhyme!

#024: Arbok

Oh no. I think. Glare (Hebinirami: Snake Glare) will Paralyze any Pokemon that Thunder Wave cannot. Yes, Stun Spore does the same thing. They all have the same bad accuracy too! But Glare is limited to the snake line for now.

#110: Weezing

"off again!"

Well that was a distraction. There would be three Rocket Grunts here in RGB with all the wonderful, unique Pokemon you'd expect.

: Thank you. But, I came here of my own free will. I came to calm the soul of CUBONE's mother.

: I think MAROWAK's spirit has gone to the afterlife. I must thank you for your kind concern!

: Follow me to my home, POKEMON HOUSE at the foot of this tower.

And with that we are teleported out. And we will never go back.

: Your POKEDEX quest may fail without love for your POKEMON. I think this may help your quest.

: Upon hearing POKE FLUTE, sleeping POKEMON will spring awake. It works on all sleeping POKEMON.

He's not lying. This saves us using a Full Heal, so long as it's in our inventory, but it does use up a turn. I'll probably store it so we have lots of space for free shit.

Right, what do we do now?

Seems we can enter Silph Co. now. But we've seen a lot of Team Rocket these past few updates. I'll liberate this city later or whatever.

So let's trade this Cubone we caught. No, not that one, the other one I don't care about.

We've seen this already.


This is a stupidly good trade.

#068: Machamp

It's probably changed since last you saw it, but that's what you get.

All ready to use.

The good thing about trade evolutions is that you register both forms. Very nice.

With all that done, let's head south. Next time.