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by Crosspeice

Part 162: POKEDEX #096: Drowzee

HP:60 Atk:48 Def:45 Spd:42 Spc:90 Total:285

Now we're being properly introduced to Psychic types and, well, this is probably one of the worst. It's not bad, really, it has very good Special that'll be used to rip through everything, but the other stats don't hold up too well. It at least doesn't have a terrible movepool, but you will be waiting a little bit for the good stuff. Well, the one good thing which is Psychic, otherwise you have Confusion and Dream Eater. Great. How useful. It is weird how many Physical moves it learns that it can't do anything about, but in this gen, Psychic is all you really need. It just doesn't do anything else.