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Part 164: POKEDEX #098: Krabby

HP:30 Atk:105 Def:90 Spd:50 Spc:25 Total:300

Hey, do you know what we really need on this Special attacker? Stupidly high Attack? Yeah. Good idea. Well, you've got really good Attack and the standard Normal moves, so what the hell do you do? You have laughably bad Special, so don't even bother. At least you can take all those physical hits. Just wonderful. You at least get all the standard Water moves and TMs, but you've got the comfort that Hyper Beam will do some damage even if it's not STAB. You get shit for level up moves, but since you don't get much STAB, does it matter? It's a strange state of affairs all around. Makes it a bit shit unfortunately.