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Part 169: POKEDEX #103: Exeggutor

HP:95 Atk:95 Def:85 Spd:55 Spc:125 Total:455

For a fairly random stone evolution, that's a stupidly good Special stat. With its two good types and just the moves it needs (though Solarbeam isn't much to write home about), this is a pretty good Pokemon. Though it is pretty slow, it can take some hits, since what it's weak aren't huge threats, though its Grass typing doesn't give it too much to work with. And it even have a vaguely usable Attack stat, so hey, let's use that Egg Bomb TM, why not? Overall, this thing is not a bad option and it's a bit of a shame we got around to it this late. Though it does need TMs to actually do anything.