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Part 17: Cyyyyycliiiiing Roooooaaaaad

Time to wake this tub o' lard.

Time to get up, granddad.

#143: Snorlax

Standard catching tactics apply, but this is a pretty strong Pokemon to face.

Especially when you have terrible Defense. Owwwwww.

"became healthy!"

And this is why this Pokemon is annoying to catch. Rest will fully heal the Pokemon, undoing all the work you did to catch it. You could try and catch it when it's asleep, but it's only asleep for one turn, technically, so you won't get the status bonus for catching if you're slow. Fun fact: Snorlax cured its Paralysis, but the Speed reduction still applies! This happens with Burn too, so Rest isn't too useful.

Though it being asleep means you have a good chance to catch it if you can knock it's health low enough.

Otherwise we don't have a great chance of catching it.

"greatly rose!"

And another reason why it's annoying to catch. Amnesia (Dowasure: Memory Lapse) basically doubles your Special, which is hilariously broken. This means Vegeta won't be too useful anymore. And the reason why Snorlax's low Special isn't really a problem.

Of course I catch it when it wasn't asleep. Damn my luck.

Before we go for a fun ride, let's get a better view.


First the Bicycle, then the bitches.

This might seem wrong, but since we can actually see Cycling Road, South is up, instead of North, like it usually is. But then this means we can see the Department Store even though it's behind us to the North West. Uh, don't actually think about it too hard.

So obviously you'll need your bike to come here (or you can just glitch by holding down the d-pad and walk past the guard) and you'll be riding it the whole time.

There's also a million trainers around.

It was a bit of an up and down battle...

Oh I will becauuuuuuuuse...

Our team is fully evolved again!

"what's it to you?"

Well, you know, the drugs, the sex, the bad language... Can I join in?

While it could never compare to Wukong or Two Face, mr skeltal will be a physical attacker of a different type. Literally.

RA- no wait. FIR- no, no. THIEF! There we go.

CUE BALL are different to BIKER in that they use Fighting types, instead of Poison. Which is not great for training mr skeltal.

But you can't tell until you battle them.

Alright, alright, just put the whip down.

I'm training well enough even without type advantage, but it does mean I'll run out of PP quicker.

"tear up enemies!"

Since I don't actually remember what you had, I'm sure you did.

4 Bone Clubs later...

"vicious POKEMON!"

I don't see no whip, so I'm not scared.

Hrm, damn defenses.

Thankfully you didn't do that. I might've lived it though.

And I'm looking forward to that fun update of endless trainers.

Well that's all the trainers there, so let's head onto the road proper. To emulate the downhill nature, you will keep moving down even if you're not pressing anything. You can press 'A' or 'B' to stop. It's also a hassle going back up, since you're really slow.

While searching for new Pokemon, accidentally got into a battle.


He was very, very difficult. Mmm, very.

While searching around, had a Fearow use Mirror Move (Ōmu Gaeshi: Parrot Mimicry), which causes the most recent move to be used against the opponent. It is VERY circumstantial, so don't really bother, unless you're crazy.

Pick up the hidden item and let's catch a new Pokemon.

It's the only new thing in the surrounding routes, so let's move onto the actual road of Cycling Road.

But there is money in fighting you.


There are some very good items lying around, but good luck finding them by yourself.

There are three lanes you can take, but they all end up at the same place anyway. For now, we'll take the left path.

FUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOU. Minimize (Chīsakunaru: Shrink) is the other of the two moves that raise Evasion. It suuuuucks. For you, since you shouldn't be using those moves unless you are the literal devil. It also replaces the sprite with a tiny generic thing. That's the only thing I like about the move.

Only took a million years...

Then keep cycling...?

But yeah, I could definitely feel my elemental pet's muscles getting bigger.

The middle path joins up with the left one here. We'll be using that for the way back up.

Just below that, we find another hidden item and just below THAT, we find a trainer.

Ran out of Antidote, but still have many Full Heal.

"BALLs instead!"

Maybe if there wasn't so much BULLSHIT HAX, I wouldn't need to (I may have done this a few times over my life. Well, threw on the bed... I didn't want to break my Gameboy. Because you can totally break those. Especially with these muscles. *flexes at u*)

And here we are at the end, but we're not done, so back up we go.

Enjoy knowledge damn you! Now on to the right side.

Well it shouldn't be too bad.



I was actually quite surprised Ikue survived that, but anyway, Selfdestruct (Jibaku) is a very powerful Normal move that also HALVES your Defense, so it technically has 260BP instead of 130. That's why I was surprised Ikue lived. It's a pretty devastating move, but there's one that's even worse.


"STONEs to evolve."

I think you've cracked it. Maybe a Water Stone would do it? Makes sense if you think about it.

Quite a ways down from that guy is another hidden item. It's like 20 steps, but I didn't really count.

My mum says I can't.

Eh, I'll just listen to the voice in my head saying "Burn everything. Burn it to the ground."

And that was Cycling Road, though we're still on the slope.

Good battle.

When I was younger, I, uh, thought he was talking about catching Zubat. Pokemania had definitely gripped me by then.

One last item and then we're free. Past the ledge we have free movement again.

As an aside, you can fish while on Cycling Road, but not Surf on the water.


Good thing we have no reason to ever do that now.

Why is the screenshot where we spy on girls in bikinis numbered 169?

Sorry to say chef, Tangela's "noodles" aren't as tasty as you'd think, but we'll get back to you on that.

"for new POKEMON."

This is Route 18 and while we can just walk straight to Fushcia, might as well fight the trainers here. There's nothing new in the grass, though.

Well I won't be using mine anymore, you can have it.

Are the other two your cronies or something?

Boo! Yay!


There are quite a few birds to catch, but I kinda have them all.

"my bird call?"

Sounds like a certain bird's cry methinks.

Oh, uh, this is awkward.

Problem solved.


What? No, don't do that. You must have ONE type of Pokemon, okay? Y-Y-You don't just CHANGE that, alright? That-That's crazy, completely unheard of.


Fuschia City: Behold! It's Passion Pink!
(Fuschia is a purple-red colour)
Sekichiku City: Sekichiku is the color of pink flora.
(Sekichiku iro refers to the colour of the ornamental China pink flower.)

Ahh that's better. Let's have a look around.

Hmm, we could do this right now, but let's do it next update.

: Ha lof ha feef ee hafahi ho. Haff hee fwee?


Oh, then no.

Okay, sure. Just a crazy old man.

Nothing else we can really do, so let's head next door.


: I simply Looove fishing! Do you like to fish?

Haven't done it much since all I can get is a useless karp, but sure.

: Grand! I like your style! Take this and fish, young one!

Now we can catch better things!

There is a small pond we can use outside, but we'll do that in a minute.

Alright let's go to the Safari Zone-

-'s office.

You're just making fun of a crazy old man. Who's probably possessed by a ghost, let's be honest.

"meet her here."

Huh, an NPC with a name. Weird.

Before the actual Safari, there's a small zoo containing a few Pokemon. Some we can't even catch inside the Safari, like this one.



Aww, but I wanted to put it in my Bag and then the PC and then never use it.

Hmm, might be useful.

In the Mart, we have the best buyable ball as well as Hyper Potions, which restore 200HP. That's a bit excessive for the moment, so we'll get them later.

"from a fossil."

Looks like that nerd from Mt. Moon used his fossil for good use.

It's cute. But I'm happy with my choice. Eventually we'll get around to reviving it.

We would've seen this Pokemon already in RB, from Giovanni, but at least all of these are added as Seen in our dex.

And here's the actual Safari Zone.

But let's go fishing instead.

We can catch a couple new Pokemon, but it differs depending on the area. But since they're so low in level, best we can do is Paralyze them.

Ultra Balls aren't coloured differently, they spin towards the Pokemon pretty fast, so it's a bit awkward getting a good screenshot.

Oh come on.

Eventually we grab it.

And this is the other one we can get for now.

And we've caught another Pokemon. Whaddya think, buddy?

Damn straight. (Pikachu will do this every time we catch a Pokemon, but I just now remembered to show this)

Next time, we'll try (and fail) to catch some Pokemon.