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by Crosspeice

Part 171: POKEDEX #105: Marowak

HP:60 Atk:80 Def:110 Spd:45 Spc:50 Total:345

Woooooooooo, it's an alright Pokemon, woooooooooo. Because this thing has such high Defense, everything else suffers, including Speed and Special, but at least we have a usable Attack. It's not perfect, but Ground is pretty good and it has all the tricks it needs to be useful, it just needs a bit of love. Bone Club will still be useful for a number of levels, but it could really use replacing. There's also plenty of TMs, including delicious Special moves it should stay clear of, unless you really REALLY need the coverage. Honestly, you'll be too slow to make a difference, but what do I care? Let's put some challenge back into this easy game for babies.