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by Crosspeice

Part 172: POKEDEX #106: Hitmonlee

HP:50 Atk:120 Def:53 Spd:87 Spc:35 Total:345

The thread decided on this krazy kicker and you can see it's a pretty good choice, with very high Attack and above average Speed. And for a nice change, it has a pretty good movepool, consisting of a number of kicking moves that only it can learn, including Hi Jump Kick, the strongest Fighting move, at a staggering 85 power. And if you miss, you only lose 1HP! It does make Jump Kick outclassed. You can also use Rolling Kick to flinch stuff, but yeah, otherwise there's just the usual Normal moves and unfortunately, it can't damage Ghost types at all, so you're really screwed. Add in the low Defenses and you've got something that hits hard, but not too fast and will probably die very quickly. You will look cool doing it though.