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Part 173: POKEDEX #107: Hitmonchan

HP:50 Atk:105 Def:79 Spd:76 Spc:35 Total:345

For the other choice, it seems to have given some of its Attack and Speed to... Defense? Uh, okay, it's isn't very helpful, so now it has pretty average Speed, but Attack is still good. But its movepool is now pretty dire. It can learn the same TMs as Hitmonlee, so it's still got pretty good Normal moves along with Submission, but it learns the elemental punches via level up, which is understandable. Except they're Special moves for quite some time and Hitmonchan really cannot use them, annoyingly. So just ignore them and get destroyed by Psychics. As per usual. Still not too bad an option, but it's just not as good.