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Part 176: POKEDEX #110: Weezing

HP:65 Atk:90 Def:120 Spd:60 Spc:85 Total:420

Weezing is high as fuck and is pretty alright. It's definitely defensive, but has fairly good attacking stats, at the expense of Speed and HP. This is useful, since this thing can blow up. You can use it for other things, but this is what it's good at. If you want to keep this thing alive, then I guess you could use Sludge, which it learns pretty early (well, late for Koffing, but shhhh) and then you have a choice of either Tackle or Hyper Beam as the other Physical moves it has, that don't kill it instantly. But, since it has a usable Special stat, you can roast or electrify things, it's surprisingly versatile. But... you know... you could always KABOOM!!!